Wednesday 17 July 2013

Day 455: A Living Income Guaranteed is the BIG Issue

hr Yes, a Living Wage a Living Income for every human being is a Basic Human Right that has been violated throughout human history. It is justified through all our culture’s literature, education, religion by creating a model that apparently your life is a cast within which you have a position for which you must be grateful because ‘your life was given to you by some higher force’. Multiple ways have been found throughout time to justify the inequality that exists and to cast the elite as somehow more important, more endowed than those that have not – the elite obviously being the ones able to fund the propaganda that made this an acceptable way of life, creating from the old cast systems in the east today, the cast system of positive thinking claiming all the way that each one is individually responsible for what and where they find themselves in this world.

If we have to look at the facts of how the system functions, then we can clearly see that this is not true. If we have to look at the fact that the inability exists to use a democratic model to bring about change, where each person has one vote and thus the majority – if they were in fact able to assess what is best – would vote for what is best, and what is best will always create a result that is also best for the individual. Yes, those in power that manage the content of the human mind through media, through entertainment, through television, through education, through religion, through every means that now exist – because they are funding it and they are funding what protects their rights but do not protect Human Rights – those will be in a lesser position than where they are now but some of them own virtually the whole world! So: they’re going to have to share.

What is interesting in all the economic approaches and activism approaches to the problem of the world is that there is no actual substance in their approach. If you look at the economic models and how things are based on possible outcomes, opinions for instance are used which are statistics.
Statistics are the very clever design of the public relations industry through which people are manipulated and it is an accumulated effect of the atrocious education in mathematics, in reading and in basic vocabulary that exists in the world making it impossible for the human being even with a degree to make a value-assessment based on fact, because everything the person has been taught up to the doctoral level is all just opinion. And opinion is all just a matter of taking information, creating a statistical model within which you are creating the foundation of the so-called ‘freedom of expression’ ideology and then you can justify your own self-interest and why you benefit more from a system than others.

If we look at statistics and you build a model - let me give you an example: if half of your body is in a freezer and the other half is in the oven you can statistically prove that you are now ‘on average comfortable’ – that’s bizarre! But that is what statistics do, it is a way where you can model information to suit the answer you want.

Now understand that our educators and our scientists are all funded with Grants, they have Basic Grants which they then use to do ‘research’ – but they’re not really doing research, they are instructed to build models that will fit the public relations objective of the corporation or government that is giving the grant – they are not really scientists, they are not really educators, they are simply wage-slaves because it’s a form of slavery, they are forced by money to follow instructions and to build models that can be used to misdirect the populous so that they do not threaten the power and wealth that is situated in but a few family lines.

And everyone that benefits from this system as it now exists in some way ends up as a slave because you are virtually initially forced by money and wealth to change your principles and then to take your principles and your integrity to create a form of opinion, a form of statistical model to justify your decisions so that to yourself you sound ‘right’ and righteous. This is for instance a fascinating thing because if you look at the current Basic Income Grant models that are being presented in places like Europe and in Scandinavia specifically, there’s no real research being done about the Impact such a model would have in all the other countries in the world.

If you take a country like Switzerland and you introduce a Basic Income Grant Model, you will increase consumerism in Switzerland, there would be no other actual change but that would lead to an outcome that the Swiss will be consuming more of resources on Earth, which would lead to poverty in other countries. Obviously they haven’t considered or investigated such points because they don’t really care about anything else but their own pocket, they don’t want to consider the problem is within how information is moved, within how education functions, within how religious brainwashing functions, within how the economic model is based on statistics which means you can’t trust any of the information given out by any government because they only use statistics, they don’t use facts.

The fact that ideologies like ‘Anonymous’ are used to create fear so that ‘you do not share your data’ just underwriting the fact that the average human being has no conception of mathematics and the importance of mathematics within our physical world, spirituality has created all kinds of wonderful pictures about geometry and mathematics without any understanding of the implications if you do not use exact data in this world. So there is no exact data with which to create a system that is best for all where each one will be taken care of because nobody wants to share their data, you fear everyone else. There’s this complete conspiracy of fear that has been propagated over generations to ensure that you become in the end only a number – exactly what the Bible predicted – and that everything you do is always just about numbers, but never about mathematics. It’s always about how much money you can make, profit, numbers and statistics which is just numbers, numbers that don’t mean anything and you can make it look like anything: Public Relations Propaganda.

In the meantime, the situation in the world is getting worse; the value of your labor is now worthless. It is necessary to study the proposals of the Equal Life Foundation, we do Actual Research, we base it on fact, we show you how incorrect reasoning and self-interest will lead to problems, we show you that unless what you install on Earth, what you promote on Earth is based on fact, that means on the facts that are on the ground – with the feet on the ground – the facts of the lives of the people and unless we get to a point where we can realize that this mathematical fact is necessary to get the mathematical certainty of outcome to produce a system that is best for all and we keep on promoting the idea of Free Choice under the disguise of statistical models called opinions, creating a complete lack of ability for the human to do any reasoning, the world will continue to get worse – it is a fact.
You have to understand that the anatomy of facts in this world is based on Physical Certainty – not on mind models of opinions where you try and look clever with all kinds of models that you draw on paper, making little lines calling them ‘graphs’ and saying ‘that’s the movement, that’s the frequency, that’s the energy’. I mean, our whole society in terms of governance, education is all just a reflection of our spiritual model where you look at everything and you look at the frequency and the energy and the higher energy and the colors and out of that you make a conclusive assessment about what’s real, without realizing obviously that the mind which is the memory model that was installed in you in the first seven years of your life when you had no clue, is actually governing everything you know and that not a single thought you ever have is anything you originally understood, you have simply formed a survival model.

There is so much the average human does not understand. For practical purposes, the human is already doomed, it’s certain. If we continue down the path that is now laid out, Earth will come to an End and the Human Species will cease to exist and obviously there are those that base this on ‘It doesn’t matter because: another life begins’ – I would suggest you better investigate that directly because to have that as an opinion or a statistical model or an ideology or a feeling or an energy when you haven’t in fact investigated the anatomy of what happens after life, after death in fact, I should not share myself… we have investigated this, it is part of the Equal Life Foundation’s Process we investigate all things – Jesus was one of the people that created a model that can be used for a workable Earth, an Earth in Harmony and a model that can lead to your effectiveness even after death: do onto another what you would like to be done to, give as you would like to receive, investigate all things… but unfortunately even that has been misappropriated by creating opinions. And that is based in many, many of our preachers in the world on a realization for them that they need to survive in this world, so they built a model within themselves through which they can make money – and they get it from the masses, creating a strange form of Giving where they benefit and some of the projects they do seem to benefit others but it keeps the system in a downward spiral, because it is not a solution, it is in fact the opposite of a solution. The world is in reverse.

So do your research, join us in this process of a Living Income Guaranteed as a Human Right for Every Being from Birth to Death, that’s the very least you would like for your own children; you want to be sure that your generations have a future? This is the way to go which means: you’re going to have to begin with re-educating yourself which will take a minimum of 7 to 14 years, depending on your dedication and discipline – there is no quick way to solve this problem, because it’s been around for generations, it’s the sins of the fathers, it’s the designs of the fathers – it’s in the holy books.

Time to Wake Up.
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