Sunday 14 July 2013

Day 452: The Depression Scam

tumblr_lxftfcKKWS1qcflzio1_500 Here let me Reiterate: the Process of Self-Flagellation Starts in Thought and from Thought you take it to Talk and if you Talk a Lot about things, the claim exists that ‘You’re going to Feel Better’ = that’s Not really so because When you Talk a Lot about something, you’re just Discharging the inner Energy Build-up and therefore the Stress that has been placed on the body is Released for a Moment until you Build it up Again and then you Repeat the Same Pattern – rather Stupid because to Stop the Actual Tension and Stress on the Body means to just Stop; and the Ideology that you Stop by Talking About it over and over again is Not a Solution, it’s just an Outlet and inevitably if one does not Realize that you have to Stop when You Decide to Stop, you’ll End-up in a scenario where you will Talk a Lot and then Need some Medicine to Help you Stop or place you in another ‘Zone.’ That’s why your Psychotropic Medicine places you in Another Dimension, you Zone into Another Dimension, it creates a Chemical Dimension within which you will Presumably ‘Be Better,’ but it is in fact a form of Suppression because it takes you from One Dimension to the other and Eventually the Condition May Disappear – yes because if you look at How it Functions within your life, normally Something that you Haven’t Done for a day or two = you Forget, so you Didn’t Really Cure it, you just Forgot about it and it Ended-up as some form of Disease later in the future.

So, when you Walk your Process and you Talk about something: Forgive it and Stop it, if you don’t Stop it you know one thing: You Haven’t Really Made the Decision – that’s why it’s back, no other reason. There is Still Another Reason Why you want to Keep Talking About it and One of the Reasons is that You Get Attention when you talk about it Or that You Know fundamentally in your Design that by Talking About it You can ‘Keep it Alive’ – so you Don’t really want to Give it up, that’s just a Scam.

Remember: there’s going to be Many Scams that Exist, None of them Leading fundamentally structurally to What is Best for All Life. And because you fundamentally Believe that the Human Race is unable to be What is Best for All Life, you’ll even Call What is Best for All Life a ‘Scam’ – fascinating! It’s like a Catch-22 and then You can Never have a Better World and you are in fact Doomed. It is the same as the Doomsday Message just more ‘Psychologically Structured.’
So careful for Talk-a-lot, it’s the same as Thought-a-lot – therefore the Sound Structure it’s the same in its Design.

The Mind must be Darkness, Nothing Moving, any Light in the Mind means You Cannot See the Darkness Within You – unless there is No Thought Moving and Complete Darkness, Silence = You have Not gotten the Structure of Mastery of Self in the Physical Yet.

Join the Desteni Scam because we are the One Group that Actually will Show you How Light and Love is a Scam and therefore you have to Call us a ‘Scam,’ because You Do Not Believe it is Possible – Who’s the Problem? We’ve already Done it – you can Check the Evidence, We Publish the Journey Evidence, the Journals of Our Research are Published Every Single Day, something You haven’t Done. Once you have Walked a year or two or three and You have Published Your Journey Structurally in Direct Association with your Daily Application, Checking the Structure of your Living Words to Assess the Life you are Living = then, there May be a Possibility that You Can See Beyond the Veil, but Remember: the Veil is the Scam. That’s why Everything is Not aVEILable to you, and that is Why the Veil can be used so Easily to Mislead you into all kinds of Energy Formations that ‘Make you Feel Good’ that ‘Make you Feel Happy’ that ‘Make you Feel Joy’… but You are Not Joy In Fact. Joy would be when All Living Beings are Existing in Harmony and Peace Forever = that is a Reason for Joy – before That exists, Joy is Just a Scam.

Yes, this word Scam will come up a lot because it’s Cognitive Disinformation, it’s How the Corporation Makes sure You Do Not Question them, it’s how Religion Makes sure You Do Not Question them – they create ‘Fear words,’ Words you Fear, Words You Do Not Want to Hear because it means ‘Somebody Doesn’t Like you’… Let’s Use the Words We Fear as Much as Possible till the Fear No Longer Exists.


  1. I don't understand. If one hasn't stopped something, one has not made the decision to stop, but isn't part of writing about coming to the point of really making that decision? Understanding why the decision needs to be made and how to follow through (commitments)? Or do you mean specifically talking, not writing? I don't know how to stop depression, although I have questioned if it is really supportive for me to even use the word to describe myself or my experiences. And it would probably be more supportive to, for example, write about the "symptoms" themselves, ie how it manifests?

  2. The blog refers to 'talking about your experience' as is done in mainstream therapy sessions - where you just talk and 'get things off your chest' and for a moment feel better - but no actual change takes place. Writing from the perspective of investigating the origin of one's experience or depression is herein a different story, because it's not about trying to 'feel better', it's about facing the reality of self, gaining understanding into how self created this experience and herein seeing one's responsibility within it - to from there forgive oneself, let it go and make a directive decision on how to correct and align the points in self-honesty and change through practical living action.