Monday 8 July 2013

Day 446: Spiritual Evolution since 1984

5990081-human-genetics I was first Exposed to Spirituality in its Early forms in 1984 and my Interest was peaked when I met a man that was a Deep Trance Medium and once Exposed to it, I wanted to know More. So I started Investigating all kinds of Mediumship and started to read the Spiritual Stuff that was at that stage mostly available through Groups and through Books. I also went and Investigated Scientology and the Approach of Scientology at that Stage put me off, especially quite early when they started with the whole ‘Alien’ thing and I had no particular background or interest in Aliens.

During this time I visited many Psychics and Investigated Psychometry and Gold Readings and Trance Readings – all kinds of stuff – and the gentle approach of people involved in this . I also visited the Spiritualist Churches to look at the Platform Workers, met Psychics from the UK that were very Well Known and read many Books. The general Approach at this stage was that as these were Gifts from Spirit as it was called, the Work done by a Worker in the Service of Spirit should be Free and so the people Doing this kind of work were all Living on the brink of Poverty. To me that was quite Strange because inevitably there Had to be a Shift because: How are they going to Make a Living?

In approximately 1988-89 I went to Durban and started eventually in the Marketing of Educational Products and here I would meet more people in Spirituality and Joined various Groups and did Meditations with them, Exploring what this was all about. One of the interesting things was that your Average Psychic would be Charging Money, but they would be Doing it Indirectly Asking you to Leave a Donation, and they Wouldn’t Touch the Money, you had to Leave the money in some ashtray or under a lamp and they will only Touch the Money after You’ve Left because ‘It’s a Donation and they are Doing this for Free’ and obviously You were kind of Compelled to give them some Money because you could See their Situation was Not the Best of Situations. Here was also where I started seeing Lots of Books Appearing on the Market and when doing Educational Shows there were even stands dedicated to all these Books coming out and some of them were about Aliens, about Ascension, about Transformational Meditation, about Communication with all kinds of beings. At this stage before I went to Durban, there was an interesting Case where I went to a Circle that claimed they Communicate with the Aliens and they would for instance Call the Aliens and then Bind them in the body and so-called ‘Set them Free.’

Now at that stage being Exposed to Deep Trance Medium where I’ve been shown multiple different ways of Working with this I could Challenge the Point to see if it was Real or Not and none of these points Met the Criteria which I had Directly already Experienced at that stage. This was So Popular for instance this Alien thing and it was now 1986 approximately that they even had their own Magazine/Newspaper that they would distribute for Free about ‘the Aliens that were Coming and that were Observing us’ and all kinds of stuff. There was never any real pictures, it was always like somebody’s Interpretation of some spaceship visiting. And no matter How you looked for it , you couldn’t really Find any Particular Evidence of its existence. I was also already at that stage looking into the Early work of David Icke and was reading a lot about people on the internet later on that were Claiming that they were ‘The Second Coming of Jesus’ and this kind of Emerged especially from within the Mormons and the ones that have Left the Mormon Church. Now what was interesting about the Mormons was that their Educational level was a Lot Better than other people’s Education Level, and so their Debates would be Extreme and their Reference of Material would be Extensive. And for some years I followed these Debates and from time to time a New Person would arrive on the scene that will claim that they are ‘God’ or they are ‘the second coming of Christ’ and that ‘the End of the World is Here’ and that there’s going to be some Big Event that’s going to Change it all and that they know what is all going on. So this has been What you See Now in Spirituality has just been Amplified from the late 1980’s that I’ve been Part of this till now, which is more than 20 years it’s just Amplified and the Basic Movement has gone from ‘Doing Things for Free’ to Charging Money and Charging more and more and more Money without it Ever Producing Any Result.

In the 1990’s I was up to date with all the Channelings that were coming through, they were all sent through Newsletter on the Internet, they were saying Exactly the Same what the Channelings are Saying today. I went to the Meditation Circles or what they would call ‘Development Circles’ where these Psychics and Trance Mediums would Develop, and watched How it would Happen, how a Person would suddenly Start Speaking in Voices and Having Messages, How the Person in Charge of the group – which would normally be a Psychic or a Channeler, would Discard Anything that does not meet the Criteria which is the Specific Words that They’ve been Already Channeling. So Unless the Channeler would say Exactly the Same thing that was Said Before – which was all about Love and ‘the light of god is coming’ and ‘love is all there is’ all of this stuff and Unless that is said, the Channel was Contaminated and they had to Pray to Purify or the person is set to be Open to Negative Energies and can’t be a Channeler and all kinds of stuff like that.

So the Screening Process was Intense, the Primary Group that would be Involved in this was also quite small, so there was No great Exposure – most of it was happening hush-hush virtually like on the Fringe. The people that would go to Psychics for Readings and so on would also do it hush-hush, you’ll sit there waiting and you’ll watch the Wealthy come in, Get a Reading and go out – then you would go in and you’ll get a reading and All you really get is some form of Hope that things are Somehow going to Change, there is Never anything really Specific, you just have to ‘Keep on Going’ and once they attach to a point where They can Find that You Agree with them, they will Emphasize the point. And you’ll Leave without Really knowing anything More than what you did before. There was also a Rule that they may not Predict ‘Death’ for instance. So all kinds of Rules existed, but the interesting thing about the whole thing was that Initially, Money was Not so important in Spirituality. But the New Generations Arrived, the Younger people, and more and more of the Flea markets emerged where people that were of this New Consciousness ‘New Age‘ would Sell their Goods. And more and more of this would be about Money and more and more their Goods would Sell and they would Produce more Products.

It’s like fascinating As If with the whole Collapse of the Economic System already Starting – the Jobs becoming less, the Prices of Goods especially your Basic Consumer Goods Dropping, thus Less Money in Circulation that there was then like a Deliberate ‘Push’ to Move Consciousness into the Mainstream so that People could Create Money and create their Little Circles where they could Claim they’re doing something for Good and for Spirit, but in the meantime: they’re looking for Ways to Make Money. All this time I was involved in education and looking for Solutions for me, the solution from the very First Time I looked at the Education Scenario – which was about in 1984 – it was Very Clear that the Solution for the World is in Proper Education but, you could get Nobody to Listen, there was No Interest in giving Proper Education, everybody was just Following Orders , so no matter Who you Speak to, it’ll just go to the next one. And the First Question they’ll ask is ‘What’s your research?’ the Research was Already Done if you look at it because the Research was showing that the Current Education System wasn’t working and it Hasn’t Changed in fact, it has Deteriorated Extensively since the 1980s and the situation Globally has become really Untenable.

Now, I watched the Growth of people starting to Follow for instance David Icke I would read his books, I was never really Satisfied that he was Presenting any Conclusive Proof of for instance the Existence of Reptilians. And what was Fascinating obviously is that David Icke would Charge a Lot of Money for his Books, much more than anyone else he At Least had one thing straight: You Need to be Making Money if you want to Spread your Message. And That was the fascinating thing because in All the Books available, His was normally the Most Expensive; the next one that came in that was quite expensive was Kryon and I used to Invest a Massive Amount in Books, I was reading extensively, I had my own Library and so there emerged in the market suddenly a whole Explosion of different Tarot Cards, I mean I bought them all, testing them out – it was As If there was a Constant Supply of New Consciousness Products from All kinds of People you have Never Heard of before that Suddenly ‘became an Expert’ out of Nowhere! And each one claiming to have a Special Connection with Spirit, but if you start Checking the Connections besides of the Words that they’re Using that are Similar, there was Never Any Answer Given at all, No Solution, you were Still Required to Believe – just like it was in Christianity and any other Religion – that ‘There is something Unseen that You Cannot Understand and that You Shouldn’t Question.’ It was As If Christianity was Re-written just without All the Primary Names and given New Names and Every time one will come up with another form of Consciousness and with ‘New Gods’ and ‘New Angels’ and they will have Special Names and these ones with these ‘special names’ now suddenly will have a ‘Better Message, You should Listen to Them!’ but they’re saying Exactly the Same thing.

So if we have to look at the Primary Evolution of Spirituality/ of Light and love, it’s only moved from ‘Being in Service of Spirit for Free’ to ‘Being in Service of Spirit to make as Much Money as Possible’ and that is Where we are Today. It is now like a ‘Gadget Craze’ like 2012 was a Gadget Craze – I mean we Clearly stated from Desteni’s perspective that in 2012 Nothing would Happen, in fact it is Just as Scam – and the Scam is Just to Make Money and those Clever enough to Jump on the Bandwagon to come up with some Idea that could Entice People to Buy their Products were going to Make Some Money which is what happened: the guys that made the Most Money obviously are the Corporations, and the few people that created their Own Publishing Companies became Very Wealthy, because this Insecurity in the Human looking for Something Positive that could Give them some form of Attention, some form of Feedback that ‘there is some Good in them,’ that they can ‘Feel they are Recognized’ or they Recognized their Desires in the Words = those type of stuff Made a Lot of Money and is Still making a Lot of Money.

Yet if you look at the Physical World, it certainly Does Not Reflect a Growth in Consciousness over the last 20-30 years which should have Brought about a Transformation in the world like we’ve never seen before and None of that is There and Still you’ll have Those that are Selling Products and Ideas and looking at making money, promoting, Marketing the same point claiming that ‘You Must have Faith’ Just confirming again that it is Just another form of Christianity, that there is Really being No Change – the Only Change is that people No Longer Go to Church, they have Created the Church in their Head and there’s now a Religion in the Head like the Policeman in the Head was Created if you look at The Century of The Self Documentaries, they’ve just gone one step Further and they’ve created ‘The Religion in the Head’ where you now have your Little Voice that Tells you What’s Right and Wrong and unless the Words Meet the Prescribed Laws of Spirituality/ of ‘Love and Light’ = then it’s ‘Bad’ and ‘Negative’ and ‘You Must Shun it, you Must Not Listen at All!’ – If you Can’t listen to a Negative Message, then certainly You Don’t Have any Positive Ability: you are Actually in Fear.

So the Negative is just being ‘The Devil’ and the Positive is being ‘Jesus’ – Nothing has Really Changed except the Names, it’s Still Just a Way to Make Money and only A Few make Money. Many tried, it was amazing to watch how many would Try to Set up their Own Consciousness Businesses, I’ve watched So Many of them Fail, I’ve watched So many People Lose Everything trying to set up these Businesses, Wealthy people Losing Everything because ‘They want to Do Something Good,’ but what they were doing was Not Practical, it was all Based on Seeking some form of ‘Fame’ through Consciousness.

So, if you had the Benefit like I had of Watching this Happen, watching how people would Waste their Lives on Ideologies and Beliefs that Can Never Solve the Problems in this world: You would Be in My Shoes – but Those that Do Make Money out of this, they need to Keep on Making Money.

This is Why we are looking for an Economic Solution so that people can at Last Have Enough Money so that they can be Honest with Themselves. At the moment They Can’t Afford to be Honest because they Need to Survive, and Honesty and Survival Do Not Go Together. We have a Whole World System where there is No Honesty at All, we have a Media System where there’s No Honesty, we have an Education System that Teaches History in a way that is Not Based on Honesty. We have a Legal System that is Not Based on Honesty, that Does Not Protect Human Rights, Nothing we have is Based on Honesty and Yet, as Humanity, we Continue and Present ourselves as being ‘At least in Our Hearts Wanting to Do Good.’

We need to really Investigate what is Behind this All because if the True History of Spirituality is to be Investigated, you’ll be Astounded to note that: What You saw in 2012 I saw in 1984, 85, 86… Nothing Changed. What you will see in 2013 and 2014 is exactly the same: Nothing Will Change. You need to Stop and Investigate Alternatives, Real Alternatives that can bring about a Change to Support People in this World, the System is busy Melting-down and This will Force Decisions on Governments that are Not going to be to Our Best Interest and Will Make the World a Very Difficult Place to Live in.

So investigate a Basic Income Guaranteed – an Equal Money System is Too Advanced for the Current Consciousness of Man. Consciousness in its True Form would be Equality, would be the Recognition of the God Within – if one want to call it that – the Creator Within. Namaste in its True Meaning is Equality, Equality In Its Creative Form, Creating a World that is Best for All because That is What Divinity Would Do.

Those that Claim Divinity, go and live with them, watch their lives and you will see There is No Divinity, it’s Just their Lips Moving, they’re Interested in Making Money and they’re Interested in You Following them so that They Can Make Money, they’re Not Interested in a solution and they will Give Noises that a Message of Equality and bringing about a World that is Best for All is a ‘Negative Message’ – How Can That Be? It is the Most Positive Message that Can Exist, it Incorporates Everyone, it Brings Relief for Everyone, it Gives Everyone a Chance of a Dignified Life. That’s the Only Positive Message that is Real.

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