Friday 5 July 2013

Day 443: Basic Income Guaranteed is the Future Capitalistic Revival

occupylsx_capitlaism-in-crisis_2000x1500_newsprint-effect_1 Take a piece of paper and work it out for yourself, there is nothing ever free. It takes time which is labor, it takes resource, it costs money, it costs production – so whatever you’re getting ‘for free’ you are in fact paying for, there is nothing ever free. And because we have given so much value to this free illusion, freedom has become an illusion and no longer exists. The human is not free because we are contaminated by free stuff.

I’ve been fortunate to be on planet Earth as the phenomena of ‘free stuff’ wreaked havoc with the economic system of the world, so I’ll walk you through the points. Some of the points you may react to, investigate it, write it down and do some basic math so you can see for yourself what I am sharing. So I grew up in a middle class home where my father was a capitalist in the true sense, somebody that runs a business for profit, but ensured that for instance his employees are well taken care of. During this time a new phenomena arrived on Earth, the phenomena that was promoted by the corporations based on the game of monopoly the ideology of a ‘free pass,’ the ideology of ‘buy one get one free’. This ideology is actually based on a spiritual idea that was completely misinterpreted. The message of Jesus ‘give as you would like to receive’ that was changed to ‘give for free so that you can receive for free’ – and obviously you can do the math for this, suddenly nobody’s got anything because all that moves is that which you give ‘for free’ and the accumulation of a form of resource like money with which you can establish some individual freedom of choice is removed.

That’s why for instance a Resource Based Economy based on no money which means ‘free giving to each other’ cannot work, because it requires extreme control because there are simply not enough people in each other’s environment to ensure that everyone will have enough of everything. This extreme control will remove individual freedom completely as your total survival will be dependent on absolute information control. Otherwise, the resources that you need to survive will not reach you because there’s not going to be enough people in your environment that can do the stuff that you need to do to have some form of a dignified life. If the resourced based people do their math and do their research and look at human nature and look at the physical relationships necessary to provide a dignified life where you are dependent on the actions of another to give to you for free and you have limited time = you have a problem.

Money is like sunlight, it accumulates time into a compressed form like sunlight accumulates energy through the trees into a compressed form and then eventually through time it becomes oil, and the oil becomes an energy that runs an economy. Money is like oil, it is the same type of phenomena, something quite amazing that the human invented without understanding its physical capacity or how to use it effectively. Instead it was valued in a way that only allows a few to benefit and those few that benefit haven’t got a clue with what power they’re really working with. But we can see in the world that the power of money can wreak havoc with the society if it is not used in a way that is based on the design that it truly functions as which is a form of compressed energy, a form of compressed labor, a form of energy that gives individual freedom and that in a way is understood by some. But the system does not support the money capacity to make it available for everyone – that is what Basic Income will do and that is why Basic Income will enhance individual freedom and yet at the same time ensure a dignified effective life for everyone and bring an end to poverty.

In the 70’s especially, this phenomena of free stuff escalated. And from the 70’s onwards, which was still a time where there were many individual businesses, these individual businesses started to slowly but surely disappear and the capacity for people to be able to provide services to their fellow man in a way that would allow them to also make a decent living started to disappear as they could not compete with the monopolizing globalization ideology of the corporation. These would produce the compressed time as product through cheap labor, making obviously the value of labor worth nothing, making it then available to the consumer – which is the person at the end of the chain – at such a cheap price that your basic individual businesses started closing down. And that is now happening even to some of the bigger corporations, people that in a way understood this concept but cannot compete with the single final monopolizing factor where one controls everything: all resources, all labor, all production, and then providing it at such a cheap price that they are believing they are doing something ‘benevolent’ giving it away for free.

And this was all because of a spiritual message, the message of Love. ‘Love is all there is’ yet the very same that claimed that, would charge money for their message – whether it is a book or a seminar or a song, whatever they are doing – they charged money for it, the root of all evil. If their message was true = they should be providing this for free and hope that they will get enough in return for what they’re giving for free. But people already know that is not going to happen, therefore they charge money. But the same message continues and you’ll see the same ideology of love in the corporations, they use this in color, in design to entice the human to spend the little they have available in an ever decreasing employment scenario where there is no actual increase in salaries, except for the few at the top. They entice that ever decreasing spending-power through presenting ideologies of love, and that is all done in conjunction with the government that is trying to prevent people from losing jobs, supporting the corporation, creating days where there are shopping sprees like Christmas, Valentine’s day, Father’s day and Mother’s day – all based on the idea of love where you have to ‘Give to someone a gift for free – but you have to buy it’. This love that you are giving costs you money, and if you don’t have the money to do it then you can’t give anything. In the meantime this is the root cause for massive unemployment worldwide.

I challenge those that present ‘Love and Light’ to from this moment forth: give everything they do for free. You publish a book: give it for free, if you do readings as a psychic: give it for free – everything you must do for free because that is the nature of this love you’re professing and ‘money is an illusion’ so refuse all money and let’s see how long you can survive on love and light and how far your delusion will go.

Obviously with the Second World War a bizarre phenomena opened up is if you focus a whole country on the production of War Machinery, the War industry, a few people make a lot of money! That’s quite bizarre I mean if there is war nobody should be making money out of it because everybody is actually in fact busy with the war effort and they do it for their country and patriotism… no that’s not what happened. Some became very wealthy and they noticed how easy it is to make money this way and therefore, they’ve been just keeping the whole war thing going because that way: they can have it all. It’s like a bizarre psychology where a few would benefit and they justify it and they will even justify it spiritually that they are producing things cheaper and therefore they’re doing something good. But now as the world is reaching the stage where unemployment – which is when you don’t have enough to have a decent living is already more that 50% of the world’s population – the situation is again moving towards the only way those in power know how to generate money which is war. And those in the land of the brave have been perpetrating these atrocities for more than 50 years now since the Second World War ended and the people that benefit from it – which is only a part of one society – is supporting this because Power gives you a bizarre idea of happiness. This needs to be changed.

We need to realize that those that profess love for instance, are STILL using money and that they are doing exactly what the corporations are doing. They don’t have a solution that will provide an answer for everyone – all they have is to write on the back of the corporate promotion of free stuff, love stuff, happiness stuff and to make money on that to try and keep the human psychologically stable because apparently ‘the human is irrational’. No, the human is not irrational, it’s the system that’s irrational and then survival becomes irrational and what the human must do to lie and cheat to survive becomes irrational. To have a society based on love that is not a practical insurance of all human rights are taken care of = that’s irrational! So the irrationality is the total system.

And all of that based on this ideology of ‘free stuff’ which is actually based on greed because those that produce things at the cheapest possible price, removing the value of labor within the product price – they do this by selling to everyone the same product with different brands, names, same company, making a small profit on each one but because Billions are buying it, they’re making Billions! But that cannot support all the people in society so slowly but surely, the money supply is drying up because the value of labor has been lost. And yet, this continues, all in the name of spirituality, all in the name of religion at the end of the day.

And strange enough those that were supposed to be able to change the world that are now trapped in this whole spirituality of love and light, are so stuck in their illusion of ‘love and light’ that they even will claim that money is an illusion, while they use it themselves and they sell their truth for money! We cannot separate the spiritual from the economical because: it’s the same thing repeating itself.
This whole free stuff thing has increased and again you can watch all this. I’m watching South Africa and how this is playing out in for instance in the cellphone industry. You can see it also play out in the cellphone industry with companies like RIM (Blackberry) and Apple. In South Africa you’ll notice more and more stuff is given free, the competition is ‘Free cellphone, we sell you the air time’.

So they give you the real thing for free which is a cellphone and the thing that you cannot see which is the air time = that you pay for. Quite bizarre isn’t it? And forever the competition is arising and many of the businesses that started when this new phenomena came out are simply disappearing, because: it’s all moving towards a monopoly. Inevitably there will be only one ‘There can be only one’ will be the theme, and that is the oneness that everybody is desiring: absolute greed in the name of giving you a product at a price that nobody else can compete with, destroying all the employment in the world = that benevolence is greed, it is that greed that is destroying the economies of the world.
Now Basic Income Guaranteed provides at last a solution to this problem. It will help capitalism revive itself, you can say that Basic Income Guaranteed is the future capitalistic revival, a system that will be realizing that labor is like oil, labor is like sunlight. It creates compressed time as money producing the ability and capacity of individual freedom, which enables one’s choice. And within this context we have to revisit how we produce products and ensure that production again becomes a system that provides employment and that allows all of humanity to benefit and we have to ensure that resources are where they belong as property of the citizens of a country. Then we have to design a way in which we can coexist between countries and support each other because some will have unique products that others don’t have and through this, we must ensure that there is dignity for all and that Human Rights are in fact ensured and guaranteed, just like your Basic Income is Guaranteed so that there is again freedom on Earth.

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