Wednesday 3 July 2013

Day 441: Basic Nutrition, Basic Income, Basic Education


The Latest research into Basic Nutrition, the Medical Profession and the researches claim that Poverty cannot be Addressed until Basic Nutrition has been Addressed and that the amount of children that Die and/or Suffer from Malnutrition is much higher than Reported. What is Lacking in this understanding is that Basic Nutrition is subject to Basic Income, if There is No Basic Income = there is No Basic Nutrition, there is also No Basic Education because Basic Nutrition is dependent on Basic Education, and Basic Education is Dependent on Basic Income. This is Really Easy to Deduce and the Evidence – which is after all what Science is based on, the Repeated Evidence that is produced through the Cycles that Exist which is what a Scientist Measures, exists on Earth forever and yet in spite of our Claims of Basic Intelligence Evolving, Basic Common Sense seems to be going Nowhere.

So, if you want to End Poverty in the World, you’re going to have to sit down and work out for yourself on a piece of paper – because that you can trust, you can’t trust your mind, it’s brainwashed so you have to write it down so you can check the stuff for yourself on paper – and have a look What Basic Nutrition is subject-to: is it Just Existing or Do you Need ‘Something’ before you Get it? So write down what is Basic Nutrition and then you write down what you Need to Get it per Person, per Family. Then you look at ‘What is Basic Nutrition’ – meaning where do you get That from, you have to write down what is required for you as Basic Education to be able to understand what is Basic Nutrition and then, what you require to have both basic education and basic nutrition and How you achieve that when there are No Jobs available. If you look at the latest figures of for instance Croatia that is now becoming part of the European Union - 50% of the youth is Unemployed and there are No Jobs Available; and they have no possibility of any changes in their Future and they are the Next Generation of Parents which are going to have children which are going to be subject to Basic Nutrition, but they don’t have Basic Income. Now, will they Not have sex because they have No Basic Income or will they have sex and there will be children? Have a look at Africa, on average 50% and more of a country in Africa are without Jobs, Unemployment High – it doesn’t stop the fact that people will act within their basic nature and produce children, then they will have No Money, No Basic Income, there will be no Basic Nutrition and no basic education – then the children suffer.

Those with money DO Understand these problems but refuse to consider a system that can Resolve the Issue because once you have basic Education in place – which will produce an understanding of Basic Nutrition – you’re going to have a change in the Population Growth and it’s going to go down! You don’t have to cull the human to reduce population growth, you just need to Educate them and give them a Reason to Live: Basic Income. And, most of the Evils in the World will Go Away by a simple application, a consideration to Give to Others as You would Like to Receive – you would like to have enough money, to have a decent life, to be able to give yourself and your children basic nutrition, to give yourself and your children the Basic Education and to have a Basic Happy Lifestyle! Give that to Everyone with Basic Income Guaranteed, ensure that your Political Parties – or the ones that you Join and that you Vote for – Embrace a Basic Income Guaranteed and If you don’t have such a political party in your country: Start one! It’s time to care.

Capitalism has always in times of great uncertainty and where the system was in melt down, moved towards war – if we want to Prevent another World War, we need to sort out the Ills of Capitalism which are based on the fact that there is a Lack in Consumption – and this Lack in Consumption is causing a big Problem with Unemployment and is putting the Profits of Corporations under pressure, causing even More Unemployment, causing More people without Basic Nutrition and basic Education. This is all solved by one simple thing: Basic Income Guaranteed and we can Guarantee a society that is Living in Balance.

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