Wednesday 31 July 2013

Day 464: Looking for Purpose

It is interesting that Every Human in a way is Looking for Purpose. I had an interesting Discussion with a New Arrival at the Desteni Farm where this point is so Clearly shown as to the Effect of the Win-Lose Competition Paradigm, the idea that a Person would have an Objection to for instance, ‘Money’ in the System, an objection to ‘Property Ownership,’ an Objection to ‘The Way the system Functions’ – but then at the End would say: “I’m Really Interested in Researching Science to find a way that can Benefit Humanity and then I can Make a Lot of Money” such a Contradiction that comes out and One Cannot See one is Doing this. So really Look at this Point because: If you have Money in your Pocket, you have a Device that currently Determines Purpose.

Purpose Practically would mean the Ability to Buy Food, the Ability to Participate in this Reality and Money Gives you that Ability, so your Primary Purpose within the Current System is Money. If you have No Money, then your Purpose is Poverty - If you have Lots of Money, then your Purpose is going to be Happiness.
What is really True Purpose?

True Purpose would be to for instance to Understand exactly How this Reality Functions so that you can Establish a Mechanism and a Methodology through which you could Create a Reality that Allows Everyone to Fulfill a Purpose of Value, where the Purpose is No Longer Just ‘Survival,’ just ‘Feeding yourself’ but that the Purpose is to Understand that If You Feed Everyone by Giving as You would Like to Receive = You will be Fed as well. If You Do onto Others as You would like to be Done onto and Ensure that the Laws of the Land are based on that, then you are Fulfilling the Purpose of Creating Harmony – that is a Higher Sense of Being, but first the Practical points need to be Sorted out.

So identifying the Practical Points in the World and Making it Your Purpose to bring about a Solution in this world that Harmonizes the Coexistence, the Interdependence of the Human and Nature and the Animals and the Earth in such a way that it is Sustainable = that would be a Purpose, a Purpose that is Relevant. Many People Give themselves Purpose and say “I want to be a Doctor,” “I want to be Rich,” “I want to be Happy,” “I want to Find a Partner.” Now these Types of Purposes are purposes that Tacitly Presuppose and Accept through Implication the Current Nature of the System. So if Your Purpose for instance is ‘To Do Good in this World’ without considering that That is Dependent on the System that Governs the World, you are in fact Accepting the System and thus Becoming part of the Purpose of the System, a System that Very Clearly shows that it Only benefits a few and that Most are in a Position of Lack which is By the Very Existence of the ‘Position of Lack,’ fulfilling the Purpose of the System.

So you have to Investigate Purpose Very Carefully because: If you Accept the System as it Exists and you look at the Result in the World Mathematically, you can Establish the Purpose of the System as it exists now, Protecting the Property Rights of the Wealthy for instance, Protecting the Right to become Wealthy, Protecting the Right to be Happy for instance, then you have to understand – if you take Happiness for instance – What will Make you Happy? And Here you have to Be Self-Honest: will you Be Happy Without Money? Without being able to Feed your Children? Have a House? Have a car? Have a Warm Bed to Sleep in? Would you be Happy? So what is the First Purpose Before you can Get to Happiness? The First Purpose is Going to be Money. If You Don’t Have that Money = You Can’t Fulfill your Purpose of Happiness.

So your Structural Design Practically in this World that Fulfills your Purpose needs to be Investigated and Understood, so that You Do Not Mislead yourself as to Your Purpose and whether Your Purpose is truly Fulfilling, because you may have an Individual Fulfilling Purpose in ‘How you Live your Life’ – But, the Underlying way that You Achieved Your Purpose Caused Abuse in this World, so thus your Purpose in fact would then be the Abuse you are Causing in this world and Not the Action you are taking in your Finite Confined World. You are Not Confined to Your Life Only, You are Part of a World System, You are Part of Globalization – the World has Always been a Global Entity.
Globalization is What You Are In Fact a Part-of. To Scream “Look at How Everything Moves with Globalization!” Really have a look at the Purpose of Globalization, it Actually Shows the Nature of your Oneness and Interconnectedness, that is Why Globalization is taking place – Now you must look at the Relationships and the Purposes of All Things that Exist. Within this Globalization Process you’re going to Start Seeing Massive Inequality – now if this Inequality Exists, understand that You are Part of it, Your Life Purpose Caused it. So now You Must Investigate your Life Purpose to see Why and How did you Cause this Massive Inequality and Poverty in the World. It’s very easy to Stay in Your Own Mind and to Pretend it’s Not Happening, but let me tell you: this is Really Happening and You are Really the Reason Why it’s happening and You are Already Globalized.

There is Nobody that’s trying to ‘Get you to be Part of a Great Global Society,’ You’ve Always been Part of that, it’s just like a Family and it’s called ‘The Human Race’ – it’s a ‘One Family’ thing. And all the Siblings of this family are Fighting about the Spoils of the Earth, I mean there’s Really some Problem in the ‘Purpose’ thing.

Find your Life Purpose, have a look at whether that Life Purpose is In Fact Aligned to the ‘Oneness’ that it is part-of, so that such Oneness can Produce an Equality, an Equality that is Best for All because: as long as You are Not part of a Solution of Oneness and Equality as What is Best for All you will have Anxiety, you’ll Need your Pills to Keep you Happy, because You Know at a very Fundamental Level that what You are Doing is Causing Harm and therefore You Fear Others will Cause Harm to you and Live in Constant Anxiety, Constant Fear, because at Any Moment you know Things can go Horribly Wrong! Like it’s Happening all Around you to Other People and yet! You will Not Give-up the fact that you Believe that Somehow ‘You could End-up with the Jackpot’ – you’ll Take the Risk, because maybe ‘You will Win.’

In the meantime, understand: in Any Group of 100 people only One can Win – that’s the 1% and 99 will Lose and as you can see the One that Wins, the Bloodlines confirm One thing: they Remain the Winner because once they Got the Spoils, once they Got the Power They Don’t Give it up. So a 100% sure if You are Not Part of the 1%: you’re Never going to Win, and to keep on Believing that it may Happen to you, That is rather Uninformed.
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