Thursday, 1 August 2013

Day 465: The Desteni Threat

Brainwashing_3,_acrílico_sobre_lienzo,_80_x_100_cms The Only Threat Desteni poses is toward Those that have been Able to Get Away with Using Fear to Manipulate People. Because the Desteni Principles, Mechanisms and Methodology Empower a person to No longer be Controlled by Abusers and by People that Require a Human to be in Fear so that they Lose Context and Common Sense and become Subjective, basing their Decisions on Information that is Biased and riddled with Emotional Instability.

So anyone Reacting to Abuse that is Directed to Create an idea of Fear About the Desteni Message is only already Confirming to be Weak-Minded and Easy to Manipulate. This is what is the foundation that causes the Problem in Society, so many people living in Fear without any Capacity to be Free Enough to Consider Information independently, Measuring it to See exactly what the Calculated Outcome is, especially when it comes to the Building Blocks of our Society which is Vocabulary, which are Words. Some people make a Vocation out of Living of the Fear of Others, and because So Many in society exist as Fear Only = the Problem is Quite Big.

So understand that if you study the Witness Statements of those that have Applied the Desteni Message and that have Applied the Mechanisms and Methodologies to Set themselves Free from Fear, if you Read that, you’ll See that the Desteni Message is truly a Message of Freedom, Self-Freedom – the Freedom to be able to make a Choice that is Best for All and thus Set Everyone Free, True Freedom.

If you react to Biased Information loaded with Words to specifically Activate Fear Within You = You are the Problem because your Reaction is Not Based on the Desteni Message, it is Based on Words You have been Brainwashed with that are Within Your Mind, that are Within Your Body, that have been Activated by Key Words that are used to Manipulate How you View Reality and How you Exist and You are thus a Product of Fear.

The Desteni Message can Do Nothing to You but Give you a Message and a Mechanism with which to Set Yourself Free from the Fear that is already Pre-Existing within you. So from that perspective Those that can induce Fear in you are In Fact to your Benefit, because They can Assist you to Show you Where within your own Individual Design you have Succumbed to Information that is Based in Fear. And they are purely Showing that You Do Not have the Freedom of Choice and the Freedom of Will and the Strength of Character yet to Investigate What is Best for Yourself and for the World, thus You are Part of the Problem Why the World is Not a place where Harmony Exists, because In You there is No Harmony – the Disharmony is Preexisting and Someone can by simply Using Words or Phrases or Making Statements, they are able to Induce Fear in you, meaning they are able to Activate Preprogrammed Words with Meanings that are Not to your Benefit, that are Pre-existent within you – they can activate that – and they are thus the ones that Show you that You are in fact Contaminated by Information that is Not to Your Benefit.

Some May be Able to Hear me and Some may Not. Those that are Able to Hear me, it is Time that You take Responsibility for What is going on in your Inner-World. By simply trying to ‘Focus on the Positive’ without Investigating All Things will Not Give you a Wholesome View of What is going on and will not Empower you to Ensure that You Do Not get Controlled by people that Thrive of the Reactions they can Activate within you as Fear. Understand that People that are Able to Do that get a Kick from Your Fear, they are Living of Your fear, they Need You to Be in Fear and therefore they will use Words that Induce Fear, instead of Words that will Assist you to Understand Why You are in the Condition You Are.

Investigate Desteni , investigate Where you are Reacting in Fear, Stabilize your Vocabulary, Stabilize the Foundation of Your Being and Consider the Basic Principle that is of the Utmost Importance: To Give as You would Like to Receive and to Do Onto Others as You would Like to have Done onto, to Ensure that Every Single Word that Exists Within you in Any Form is Always that which will be Best for All, that they are Words that You are Willing to Live by.

Fear is Hardly something that should exist within Any Human, you should be Free Enough to Investigate All Things, this message has been around for Thousands of Years – the Question is: How did it happen that You have Not Yet been able to Walk this Message like Walking in the Shoes of Jesus for instance, not as a ‘Savior’ but as One that is in Harmony, Understanding the Basic Principles that are Required with a Sound Vocabulary, a Wholesome Vocabulary, a Wholesome Living Word so that You as a human can be Somebody that Respects Yourself and do not just ‘Act’ on the Impulse of Fear. Fear as Impulsed by an External Event or External Words or the Views of another is Hardly something one needs to be Subject-to, you need to be That as a Human that are able to Assess and Investigate All Things, so that From All Things one can come to an Informed Conclusion What would be Best for Humanity, Best for your Children, Best for You – because once Best is Established as a Balanced Expression: the World can become a Place Worthy of Life Itself.
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