Saturday 10 August 2013

Day 475: Reflections and the Mind

altered.state_.of_.mind_ If you Slow Down and you Look at How you Use your Mind, especially within Communication and in establishing Relationships, you’ll notice that you Do something you call ‘Putting your Best Foot Forward’ where you Reflect a Particular Personality to Another Person through a series of Words that Tell a Story. With that you’ll use Body Language and Facial Language and you’ll use your Eyes as well to Communicate a Particular Reflection and say with it “This is Me.” Then you’ll Wait for the Other Person to Reflect Back upon the Image and Likeness they Received from You, if the Other Person responds Favorably to the Image and Likeness they Received from you, you will Engage in investigating the Possibility of a Relationship – short-term, medium-term or long-term. There are Obviously many, many, many Dimensions of Reflections that are Used in Many Different Associations – these Associations are also Stored within the Memory System where a Person will have a Record of their Successes and Failures with the Previous Use of Reflections and from that the Person will Develop and Evolve their Approach to Relationships and even have an Early Warning Detection System of Which people are probably Not within the Image and Likeness that They would Like to Connect with just Due to the way they Dress, the Colors they choose, the way they use their Facial Expressions, the way they use their Words or the length of time it takes to Respond to a Question for instance. There are a multitude of Mechanisms Used within this Game of Fakery where the Illusions are Reflected to each other and the Relationships are built on Complete illusions, while the Truth of the Person which is the Real Secrets of the Person, the Real Image and Likeness, the Real Evidence of the Person is Always Hidden from View.

You only find the True Nature of a person through Time and sometimes it may Take Years before you have All of the Truth Revealed which will come out under Pressured Situations. That is Why it’s so Important to go and actually Live with somebody because when you are for instance Listening to a ‘Great Speaker’ or a ‘Law of Attraction Guru,’ you’re Getting a Reflection which is deliberately Reflected towards your Image and Likeness and you are looking at creating a more Positive Image and Likeness because you have certain Goals that you would like to Achieve in terms of your Relationships either with People and/or with Money and/or with Success – all kinds of Image and Likenesses you are Attempting to ‘Make Real’ in your life you will use the Various Techniques that you are Learning.

If you obviously go and Live with the person for three months or six months you’re going to get a Complete Real Picture: is the Person Really Actually Living according to Principles or Not? That’s why it’s So Important that one does Not Take a Person on the Reflection they Give you, but that You Actually get to Know Somebody Before you Engage especially in Long-Term Relationships, so that You See what you’re Really Dealing with which is the whole point of the Agreement Course and the DIP Lite so that one can First Establish ‘Who the Person Really is’ BEFORE you Start the Relationship, you are Preventing all the Heartache when you have Engaged in a Relationship and you found out eventually that your Intimacy is going to be Abused because there was never actually a Real Person that you Connected with, you connected only with the Reflection that was Projected and you also only Projected the Reflection Back so the Total Relationship is an Illusion and you Only get to Know the person Later.

Our Whole Society functions like these Reflections in the Mind, which create virtually Multiple Personalities. Obviously we now have Psychology actually Feeding these Reflections and even teach people How to Reflect more Effectively without ever actually getting down to the Real Person. The Real Issues inside just get Suppressed and that Only Emerged under Conditions of Pressure, then the Truth Reveals, the Real Nature of the Being, that which is ‘Hidden from View’ because that is the Physical Truth of the Being while the Mind Reflection is used to Present an Image and Likeness that says ‘Please Like me, I’m so Alone!’

Now, this Image and Likeness thing is very Effectively used by the Public Relations Officers of the Corporations and Companies that Promote their Products, they Create Products in the Image and Likeness that they Research according to what the Latest Trend is Within the Reflections of the Mind of the masses and how they are Engaging within Relationships of ‘Like and Dislike.’ So if you are Able to Pin-point the specific Image and Likeness that is Currently being projected by the Mind you will have a Successful Product Launch and lots of people will Buy the Product because They can ‘Relate to the Product’ – but that’s Not Really that they are Relating to the Product, the Illusionary Image and Likeness they are Projecting through which they are Engaging Other Illusions in the Reality in Search of Happiness, Pleasure, Success and so on, the particular product Enhances the Image and Likeness they are Projecting so whether it’s Clothes or a Perfume or a particular Color they will now Use that to Enhance the Image and Likeness that’s being Projected to Find People with which to Associate-with and these Associations obviously are the result of Memory Mutations. And these Memory Mutations then eventually Influence the Vocabulary so that the Vocabulary is No Longer Reflecting a True Value of True Meaning but is Reflecting an Image and Likeness meaning that is Personality Based and that has got a particular Energetic Bias – Positive and Negative – which determines the way Relationships are Formed. It also Determines the way one will Protect What you Possess and you Believe you Possess a Certain Value through your Image and Likeness “I am an Image that I Must Protect” are the words used many times by Those that have Managed to create an Effective image – you’ll have these Images especially with your Celebrities and they will Create an Image and then even have ‘Image Consultants’ where they would for instance Present a Particular Image and Likeness and then Make Money out of it – Lady Gaga for instance is One of them that has Exploited this Extensively. And those Psychologists and Image Consultants that Assist on doing this are obviously Doing Humanity a Great Dishonor because deliberately, especially the Teens and the Young Children, are Sucked into this game of Image and Likeness Creation, which is a form of Consumerism because they’re Consumed by the whole Popularity Competition Without Understanding the Damage they’re doing to Themselves and How Difficult it will be to one Day Get out of the Lie when they Realize It’s all been a Lie because All they have Ever Known is a Lie. And they have Relied on this Lie, they’ve Relied on this Reflection through the Mind as the Mechanism through which to Get Ahead in Society and which to use to Make Money.

As the money system is collapsing more and more, it’s becoming more and more Difficult to Find good Employment, People are Forced into more Reflections on What’s Really Going on. And the First Step that is busy Happening is that obviously people will Enhance their Image and Likeness they’re Reflecting to try and Get the Best Position, try and Win the Competition for the Ever Decreasing Job Market to Have an Income and Have a Better Life because Everyone Understands one thing: In this world, Money determines Lifestyle. This situation is going to Progressively get Worse and therefore if you can Hear me it is time to study your mind so you can Master your Mind so you don’t get Sucked into these Games. Obviously the problem is that the Whole Economic System is Collapsing at the same time, so we also Need a New Economic System therefore we are not only presenting a Solution in terms of Your Own Image and Likeness as Life but also the Support Systems Necessary which is for instance an Economic System where we are Showing how a Living Income is Necessary for Each One, so that You Do Not have to Compete through this game of Image and Likeness Reflections and Cause More Harm to the World.

The Harmony is rather what one Strives for. Unfortunately it will still be Slow-going for some years because the Desperation to Find the Next Product that will be In-Tune with the Current Trend of Image and Likeness Projections within the Mind and the Group of Humanity will be using in their Social Interaction, in their Competition for jobs which is heating up. It’s Not so Easy to Always have a ‘Winner’ that will become the Next Trend, the Next Gadget, the next ‘In’-thing that Everybody Buys simply because it Enhances their Image and Likeness Projections. Obviously the people Buying it Don’t Understand what they’re doing, they’re just the End Result of a Reflection of the Mind, a Complete Illusion, a Complete Lie.
Realize that Life does not Need to be this and that obviously in Separating Yourself from this World and That which truly Gives life, you will Cause More Harm by using Image and Likenesses in your Reflections that are Not Based on the Integrity Necessary to preserve Life and to Give to Another as You would like to Receive or to Do Onto Another as You would like to be Done Onto.

Unfortunately these things are Still Used but under the illusionary concept of Reflections where it is thus Useless because it’s just based in Self-Interest. It’s just based on trying to Acquire a Predetermined Feeling within which you would say: “If I Feel that -- then = I am Successful” so you have Preprogrammed yourself to have only Certain things that you Accept as Valid because Those Points or Feelings Confirm that your Image and Likeness is getting some form of Result and you are Reaching a point where you have some Followers of your Excellent Image and Likeness Projection so you’re kind of for a moment a Movie Star in your own Small World. The fact that there is just like maybe one or two or three people that Fall for your Image and Likeness Projection seems to Not Bother one As Long as you have the Attention of at least One or Two People ‘You are Not Alone.’ But Understand that You are In Fact Alone because the Reflection of those Images and Likenesses that you are Using to Engage people within this world are Just Illusions, the Real Self Does Not Actually Exist yet, the Real Self as Life would Never do such Stupid things to Exist just as a Projection, Basing it on a Feeling to have that as your Mechanism of Integrity.

Feelings are Never Valid as an Integrity Assessment, Feelings are Always Dishonest because they are Done from the perspective of Enhancing one’s illusionary Reflections of the mind. Obviously those that are Using it still within their Engagement within How they are Getting Ahead in this world will Defend Feelings because they’re still Making Money, they’re still Able to Mislead People because that’s Really what you’re doing, you are Misleading Others to Believe that you are Good, to Believe that you are Trustworthy, to Believe all kinds of stuff that Makes Sure that You have some form of Income. We see a lot of that on Facebook and Twitter where all kinds of Reflections are Used. In Spirituality this has become the Fundamental Disease Why Spirituality Failed in its Initial Objective to Bring About a World that is Best for All. And now it’s just about Creating ‘Happiness’ and ‘You’re Finding Your Own Place’ and ‘Restoring your Inner Child’ – all kinds of things but Really what you’re busy with is Enhancing your Reflection Mechanism and the Image and Likenesses that You are Using to Project and Engage and Control Others in your world so that You can Survive. It’s Really Just a Survival Mechanism, it’s Taught at Home, that’s How the Child learned to eventually Handle the Parent because the Parent is quite a Threat in a Child’s Life, the Parent is trying to Impose Their Image and Likeness Reflections on the Child, the Child realizes that it’s just a Fake but then in the End they Don’t Learn How to Do it Correctly so they end up Copying the Parent and so the Child ends up doing exactly What the Parent Did and therefore, the Child ends up as Being the Parent inevitably, because the Parent Becomes the Evidence that the Image and Likeness ‘kind of works’ because they have a House and a Car and a Job and some Money, At Least – that is At Least – ‘They could Make a Life’ and so the Child will End up Accepting the Fake Projections of Image and Likeness of the Parent – such a Strange World we’re Living in, an Illusion Created through the Mind.
Now obviously some of it You End up actually Creating in the World as Physical Reality because You’re Enhancing a Particular Point which You use within Your Reflection in the Mind, that means you’ll for instance have a Particular Product that You Buy and that has Created the World and you will Spend your Money and Your Labor to Buy it, so you’ll Create the Illusion even into the Physical. But the Original Illusion started in the Mind and is the Feelings you Have, the Actual Fear you have in the back of it all that: If You Don’t Succeed in the Projection of your Image and Likeness = You’re going to be Alone, you’re Not going to be Able to Survive because Nobody’s going to Like you and thus You’re going to be a Failures And Being a Failure Will Mean that You have No Support in this Reality – so the Fear behind it all is Extensive. These are the things that Should have been Taught at School so that the Mind could be Understood so that one does not End up Making up your World as a Series of Lies, of Projections – but We are Not There yet, One Day We Will.

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