Monday 12 August 2013

Day 476: Yoga, Tesco and the Living Income Guaranteed

The following blog was the last one Bernard made before he passed away. 
From this blog onwards we will continue publishing Writings he has done throughout the years – some of it already published, some of it published for the first time online – so stay tuned as we keep sharing the message Bernard stood for.

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It is important to Study especially the Progression of the Corporations since the 1970’s, it’s now 40 to 50 years of the very Specific scenario that has slowly but surely Increased the Size of the Corporations and Decreased the Amount of Small Businesses that’s Available in the World. This obviously has had a Major Impact on Wealth because the Small Businesses that were normally Producing quite well and thus Ensuring a Strong Middle Class have all but totally Disappeared. Then within that the Middle Class had to come up with New Ideas to Make Money. This spawned a whole Revolution around ‘New Age Spirituality’ for instance where all kinds of spiritual activities like Yoga and so on were all Commercialized Extensively – the Health Industry came out of it. And slowly but surely, the Corporation crept up on all of these Ventures of the People trying to Make a Living.
The latest one for instance is Tesco, creeping into ‘The world of Yoga’ which will obviously Result in many People that now Make a Living out of Yoga being Unable to Do So and they will end up as Wage-Workers with Tesco being paid Per Hour – from being Independent Businesses to Wage Slaves, simply by an Interesting Principle. The Corporation has got one Advantage that Small Businesses do not have: they have Lots of Cash, Lots of Inventory and thus Access to Cash which means They can Get More Money, while the Small Business Cannot. The Banks Do Not Treat Small Businesses in an Effective Supportive Way, it is regarded as ‘Big risk.’

So, Centralizing All the activities of a Community around a Shopping Mall and within that Big Corporate Stores that Provide All Kinds of things now that used to be in Small Businesses by having it all Warehoused at Central Points and Buying in Bulk – Reducing the Price and thus Reducing the Profit made on the Individual Item – Causing obviously a Major Problem in terms of Employment in the World. This is one of The Reasons Why Capitalism has been Failing.

Now interestingly enough Those Capitalists With Money, Like this Corporate point because They Take the Money and they Invest it in the Shares of the Corporation, the Corporation Pays Dividends and so they Make Some Money and there’s also Capital Gain on the Share Investments. So from Their perspective, They now Do Not have to Work because ‘Their Money is Working for Them’ they are the really Lazy People in this world that want to Protect their Personal Wealth and that Ride on the Back of the Corporation.

There’s also for instance here in South Africa what Used to be a Very good Individual Business was a Bottle Store where people would have in the Community a Liquor Store that would make a Very Good Income for Families, the Licenses for Liquor Stores were very hard to come by because they were so Sought after, because they were So Profitable – and What Do You Know what Happens Next? The Corporations Open Another Division right next to the Food Section for Liquor and soon what happened in South Africa, Many Bottle Stores had to Close, Many People Lost their Income and were Reduced from Business Owners to Wage Slaves working for the Corporation Again. And even in some cases they were Reduced to Packing Food at the Stores or being a Car-guard in the Parking Area – People that used to have Dignity, they use to Have a Business, Pushed out by what is Claimed to be ‘Economic Reality’ which is The Way of the Capitalist – but it’s Not Really because it’s The Way of Monopoly: the One with More Money and Property – that is what Monopoly Teaches us when you Play the game as a Child – They End up With Everything, and that’s what the Corporations are Doing and the People Behind the Corporations are Human Beings that simply looked at ways to Destroy the Competition, just like in the Game of Monopoly, claiming that ‘They are Doing a Service’ because they are Having the Goods Available at Cheaper Prices.

For instance when we do Shopping for the Farm, there are So Many of the Foods that we are Busy Producing on the Farm that we Cannot Produce at a More Cost Effective Rate than What we can Buy it, the Price of the Goods are so Cheap because there are No Labor Costs anymore and there are No Longer Many Families being Supported that we can Get some of the Food at Prices that we Simply Cannot Produce it. Just the water and Electricity Charge, nevermind the Labor Charges – it all is already Too Much and makes Self-Production of Food Expensive.

Now this Problem of Unemployment is going to Escalate even more. Here we now have got the Corporations moving in on the Yoga Fraternity – More of this kind of Incursions will Occur, More and More Jobs will be Lost. All the Bookstores that there used to be in the 1970’s when Families were Running a Bookstore have all moved to Corporations and Now are all Centralized, Monopolized scenarios that Control and Decide What Information You Get, Which Books Get Published, How to Direct the Information Stream so that They can make More Profit, Promoting all kinds of Feel Good Ideas simply because That Benefits them as a Business as well.

This type of scenario obviously Inevitably is going to come to an End because it simply is Not Sustainable and because the Amount of Money that is in Circulation is Reduced through the Actions of the Corporations – although it Looks like ‘More’ in the beginning because People seem to Be Able to Buy – the fact that the Labor is Reduced to Nothing, that whole Value Structure within an Economic System is Lost and Disappears. This Affects the Money Supply in the World, then Inevitably it Affects the Money Supply to the Banks which then end up in Trouble because they simply Do Not have the Amount of Money they would’ve had that Comes into their Money Supply through which they can Expand their Business. And so they Change the Business-Model at the banks with 0% Interest but Now You Pay on Every Transaction, so your Banking Charges work out More than Before when you were Paying Interest. And the Bank seems to be Benevolent because they are Giving you 0% Interest or Very Low Interest Rates but that’s Not the Real Story.

The Real Story is You are Paying More, the Bank they have just Changed their Business Model and Now they have a More Direct form of Profit, they’re Not so Dependent on the Money Supply to be able to Have Money to Lend Out to for instance Small Business Owners, the Small Business Owners Aren’t There anymore. So what happened next was that the Personal Loan Scenario Increased Significantly – now You can get Personal Loans at All the Banks for Significant Amounts, Amounts that normally would have been available for Small Businesses but due to them Not being There anymore, now the Banks are Funding the Individual that wants to Increase or ‘Better their Lifestyle’ through Personal Loans.

Now with the Living Income Guaranteed these kind of scenarios will be Addressed, we can still Continue then If we must with the Centralization of Production and Producing things More Cost Effective. But having for instance the scenario where you have more Spending Power, you’ll Also inevitably End up Creating Jobs again and we May even have the Re-Emergence of the Small Businesses where Ideas could become Valuable again when we Restore the Understanding that Labor Should have Value and it Should Not be Disappearing just because the Corporation is Taking Over the Production and is Depending on Wage-Slaves to Increase their Profit.

It is Suggested that you investigate a Living Income Guaranteed and that One Considers How to bring that to bear within the Political and Economic System in your Country. Action must be Taken because the Situation is Not going to Improve, it’s going to bring More and More Unemployment, faster and faster. It is Necessary to Investigate what happened the last 30-40 years in terms of Employment and you’ll Notice the Massive Loss of Jobs with the Rise of Monopoly: from Game to Reality.
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