Wednesday 7 August 2013

Day 472: Desteni and Cyberbullies & Trolls

From the time that the Desteni Message was Placed on the Internet we have been Attacked by Cyberbullies and Trolls, and as we have pointed out throughout the years – which is more than 7-8 years now – the Abuse in this World is Based on the so-called Idea of ‘Free Choice’ and that this Free Choice Idea is also Allowing the Abuse to take place. And as We Warned, the Consequences of This Abuse will Increase and this one can now see emerging from the news as more and more – especially Children – are Affected by this and Some even Commit Suicide.

Some of the Cyber-Trolls that Attack Desteni have Also been Linked to Suicides of people like for instance the Cult Forum and although We have Done everything Possible to take action, they’re Hidden in Internet Service Providers that Protect ‘Free Choice’ therefore, Protect Abuse.

We have been attacked by These Trolls and Through the Lies they spread, and the Misinformation they spread and the Fear they spread they’ve managed to get YouTube to Close our Channels. Interestingly enough the Message from YouTube said that “We will Not Explain Why we Closed it.” But at the same time have a Look, Internet Sites like which are Extremely Abusive are Allowed to Exist and Who makes it Possible but the Corporations and the Advertisers, and the same with Cyberbullies and Troll sites like the Cult Forum – they Get Funding through Advertising And probably Other Means because there are No Ways one can continue with a Constant Barrage of Lies and Deception to Create an Idea that Apparently what You’re doing has Value without Having some Funding.

Now, it is going to be Imperative that the Internet becomes a Facility, a Mechanism where People are Protected from Trolls and Cyberbullies, where there is Accountability – this is Inevitable: We have to Take this Step.

Free Choice is Not the Freedom to Abuse – Free Choice is the Ability to Make a Choice to Experience yourself in Different Ways Without Abusing Another, Without Generating Fear in the Life of another. This situation is Not going to Get Better until We actually get to a point where the Internet Becomes a Zone of Accountability. And therefore Join Us, as We will be Pushing for such Accountability because as long as the ‘Big Boys’ like Google and YouTube Allow Trolls and Cyberbullying, and They Do Not Stand Accountable = We will Have a Problem. There are Double Standards and it’s all about The Profit and the Money, there is No Consideration and No Actual Free Choice Unless there is Profit it seems.

So the Journey is going to be a little bit Difficult and there will be Consequences as there has Already Been, Unfortunate Consequences: people that will Lose their Loved ones that were Exposed to Cyberbullying simply because the Full Might of Technology which is something that can Actually Keep Track of everything and Ensure that No such Bullying is taking place is Not being Used under the Disguise of so called ‘Privacy Laws.’ There can be No Privacy as long as there are People that are Exposed to Cyberbullies and Trolls – they are the very Reason, the very Motivation that will Drive Humanity to Make the Internet Accountable. And Unfortunately Politicians, they Do Not Lead, they’ll only Act if they are Forced to Act by the Voters – so they claim – instead of Having Accountability and Taking Action, Bringing an End to things like Porn, Trolling, Cyberbullying even Bullying at Schools.

We will be Escalating our Exposure of Cyberbullying and Trolling and Our Commitment to Make the Internet a Safe Place for All so that the World can Become a Better Place.

So as You become Aware of Cyberbullies and Trolls: Expose them, Do Not Remain Silent, it is Your Silence that is Allowing this Abuse. Yes, they will Attack You like They’ve been Attacking Us because We Refused to Remain Silent, but We will Not Remain in Silence.

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