Saturday 24 August 2013

Day 483: The End of Self-Awareness – Part 1

human robot information program survival parents desteni bernardpoolmanLet's start at the beginning. What are the definable points within our awareness that are quantifiable? We are born, we then exist within this reality within a particular experience, and we die.

When we are born, we are born within a family, within a culture, within a country, within a language, within a particular social design. When you are born, all you have is that which you get from your mother and your father through DNA.

That is what we are, we have explained already at Desteni as your “Structural Resonance.”

According to your DNA placement, that means the design, within that which is in your bloodline, you will have particular abilities, you will have particular paths that are more dominant and paths that are less apparent.

So therefore out of that, you will have particular features, particular abilities which will be either a sharper mental ability, a more effective physical ability – various different points that will be DNA based coming from your parents, from your bloodline.

Within that obviously is, that is your Structural Resonance – that is, the ‘sound frequency’ which defines who you are as a physical being and what will be your ‘programmable abilities’ and in what field you will be ‘more effective’.

This gets then enhanced and is dependent upon; where you are born and what your social support is, your money support you have within this reality, your education support and obviously what your religious upbringing is.

All of that within the context of the family will have an effect on ‘who you will become as a personality’, ‘as a person’ that will participate within a system – which is the world as society.

If for instance, you were abused as a child, that will have an effect on that perception of yourself, that experience of yourself, based on what you've been programmed.

So what is the principle here? The principle is that you are programmed according to the experiences of those that were before you; your parents, your society. It is following no other principle but experience which is fear and survival based.

Accordingly, you will end up following exactly what you've been programmed to follow.

Which in essence would be the definition of a robot within a system which is a manufacturing system that manufacture facts, and according to these facts, which is information – you are in a formation [that] will be formed and the form of you, will be projected into the world according to that information.

Which is why we are now, we have moved from an industrial age to an information age, where everyone is controlled by information completely.

You are thus only a number.

And if you do not have that number – and that number do not equate to the system, and the value the system has given you and that you are actually following the system and the rules of the system, you are kicked out by the system and you become null and void, and you are unable to survive in the system.

Darryl: ah, “The Mark of the Beast.”

(Various references of the Mark of the Beast is contained in the Book of Revelations, where it is stated that in the end times that the “Antichrist” will appear and dupe humanity into enslaving themselves. The relevant passage:
“He causes all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and slave, to receive a mark on their right hand or on their foreheads, and that no one may buy or sell except one who has the mark or the name of the beast, or the number of his name.” Revelation 13:16-17)

The Mark of the Beast. The Number. And as that continues, obviously, everyone participating within that, is doing it from a perspective of what is called, “self-awareness.”

You are aware of the system, you are aware of yourself within the system, you are aware what you as yourself must do to survive in the system, and accordingly, you participate.

We look back at history; we have been “evolving” as this self-awareness within a system.

And as we move and evolve within our experience in self-awareness, the system evolves and accordingly we have a system that seemingly evolves into more and more stuff we are manufacturing as the way we are showing that we are in fact actually, apparently, existing.

So it's like you look at something and says, “Okay, I'm a human. I created this. So therefore, I must exist!”

Darryl: Ah, Manufacture. Man is a Sure Fact.

Absolutely. So in your manufacturing, you are as Man attempting to make yourself real in fact, through a process of how you are aware of yourself within that which you have placed as your creation: which is a system and everything made within the system and of the system.

Now, if we look at the primary point where self-awareness is so easily used and abused, which is your New Age Spirituality scene, you'll notice a fascinating thing:

Everyone within that system of self-awareness, will use particular definitions, which according to them, makes them better than others, for instance, “Love.” They'll say, “I am love!” “I am God.” “I am ascending.” “I am becoming better, I am becoming more.”

What you are saying as a system, “I am becoming aware of myself within the context of the system within a definition that I like more, which makes me more acceptable as something that resembles something that I would call 'Divine.'”

It is our search to be “God” within a system that causes that. The fact that one actually still adheres to the basic seven-days of Creation as it is written in the Bible, obviously is not realized, because within that you are still within a system that is seven days, you are still within a system where you are dominant or “more than” the animal, dominant or “more than” the plant, which is regarded as a system.

More to follow

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