Tuesday 27 August 2013

Day 485: The End of Self-Awareness – Part 3

Continuing from the previous blog, Day 484: The End of Self-Awareness – Part 2:
“Therefore Religion in itself is war. It’s a way that you actually put on armor, preparing yourself to defend yourself and who you have become as ‘self-awareness’. So that you can say,

“I had no other choice. This is all I had. This is thus, all I am. This is
who I am, and therefore, I must be recognized as this.”
Even we attempt to
control that, in the afterlife.”

grass_sun Unfortunately, we miss a fascinating point.

If you observe; when a Baby is born, when a Seed opens up and grows, it is following a Pattern, it’s following a Program.
When a Animal is born, it follows a Program according to its design, according to its DNA. But there is something in it that is Equal in everything.

It is Equal in the Grass, it is Equal in the Air you breathe. It is Equal in the Animal. It is Equal in the Human. It is Equal in the Being that is Dead in the afterlife.

That Equality is Life.

That Equality does not form or follow a Program.
That Equality is the Essence of what is Here.
That Equality, that Life-Awareness does not exist within the context of those that are in form, are in spreading the information about what is going on.
That is what is the Oneness that exists between everything.

Not the “oneness” that has been proliferated as that within Spirituality or within a world-system, or within meditation, or within a particular expression of consciousness.
Consciousness is simply the attempt of the system to understand itself. It‘s the attempt of the Organic Robot as the human trying to understand its point and its purpose within a system. A system within a system attempting to “evolve” into something. It knows there is something. It knows there must be something more, but it can't find it. Because, it's never really looked.
It’s because the point that you know that is “more” is the point that you don't want to look at. It is the point that takes away all your specialness, it takes away all your fear. It takes away all what you regard you to be, so that what remains; is that which is Equal in Everyone.

That is where real Oneness exist.
That is not being considered.
That has never been considered, for eons of time, as each being attempts, to make itself more special – without actually considering, what it is, that is in essence: Behind everything.

By definition, the fact that this exists in everyone – means Everyone is Equal in Everything.
Obviously the form you take on is a temporary expression, which has only emerged: Because of our division into an attempt to understand each other, from the perspective of understanding ourselves as form.
So therefore we started defining everything.
In that definition, we became trapped as the definition.
And in that we lost the awareness.
And we did not consider the awareness of what is really, in essence – our Equality.
What is it that makes it possible for all of us to exist together, what is the ‘binding force’?
It’s not ‘God’. It’s not a ‘Spirit’.
It is Life itself.
It is existent within everything.
But it is not ‘aware’.

Darryl: Could you say that Life is what people might be looking for?

Life is that which you are looking for, but in looking for it, you’ll keep on missing it – because you are it in fact already.
What you have to do is let go of your Programmed Self. Let go of your Self-Interest. Let go of everything that you have ever allowed yourself to be as ‘fact’, as ‘knowledge’.
Because all of that; is ‘Self-Awareness’. All of that is Self-Interest. All of that is your attempt to make yourself ‘more’ than What you Are, as Each Other in the Essence of your Origin, your Genesis, your Real Truth.

When we entered heaven through the Portal, or when the Portal opened, the Portal entered heaven through the Portal: I was already in Heaven – because heaven is Here as Life.
But not from the perspective that Heaven understood itself.
The same point was everywhere; I saw it in Earth, in everything, in every stone, every grass, every being. Same in Heaven – every being there - the same point: We are all the same.

Not only as a Program are we all the same, following the same desires, hopes and needs and wants; we are the same in Essence, as the Life-force from which we emanate.
But that Life-force we deny, because we can only actually access or recognize that Life-force, if we recognize that as Equal in All of Us – and it emanates, it expresses from us as what we are as form.

What have we done:
In the forms and the systems and our expressions we have taken on – we have disregarded Life, and we have made the system, the personality, the ‘spirit-idea’ of everything more than what Life is.
We have in fact become ‘larger than Life’, and in that has been our demise.
We have lost our humbleness. We have lost our consideration of each other. We have lost ‘love’ in fact.

And we’ve made of ‘love’ a definition, an idea, something that we’re attempting to express – but we do not within it consider that it exist in fact within each one as Life. And that Life in consideration of itself within all equally: Is what Love really is. It is within that – which we are One.

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