Thursday 29 August 2013

Day 486: The End of Self-Awareness – Part 4

Continuing from the previous blog, Day 485: The End of Self-Awareness – Part 3:
And we’ve made of ‘love’ a definition, an idea, something that we’re attempting to express – but we do not within it consider that it exist in fact within each one as Life. And that Life in consideration of itself within all equally: Is what Love really is. It is within that – which we are One.
But that Love is not a ‘feeling’.

That Love is a Realisation of yourself. It’s an Acceptance. It’s an Embracing of yourself in every single breath and every point of your existence; whether you are in the physical, whether you are a dog, whether you are a horse, whether you are stone, whether you are the bed we sit on, whether you are an ‘angel’, whether you are in Heaven – doesn’t matter where you are:

You are an Equal as this Life.

And to dare to become or see yourself as more because of the form that flowed from it as your self-awareness: Is Deception and is a disHARMony that Harms each other.

That is what we say must be stopped.
We must stop that which we have become as, as ‘Self-Awareness’ in ALL its forms, because none of it is honouring Life equally as One Here.

Because incessantly we continued to define, define, define everything.
From what perspective: If we have to be Self-Honest, from the perspective of wanting to be better than another, more than another.

In fact, we are saying: We want to be more than Life.
And in that – we miss everything.

That is why at Desteni we say:
Self-Forgiveness, to forgive yourself that you have dared to deny Life. In every way that you have done that – you have to Forgive Yourself.

Because only you can do that, because you know where you do it in thought, word and deed. You know where you are denying another, Life, equally to you; where you are judging another, blaming another, where you regard yourself as more or less.

You know all the points where you are dishonest within yourself and denying you and everything else: Life.

You will not gain access to Life unless you are Equal to Life in every way, and you recognize Life in everything equally, and that is Proven as your Living Expression.
You will not gain access to Life at all.

You will simply live out your existence, die, forget everything and start again.
Which means in fact: That you have never existed.

That’s why, when you die: You forget everything.

Obviously before, when the soul-construct existed...what was the soul-construct?
It was an attempt to deceive oneself even further to try and remember your lives, because you apparently believed that your lives were real.

But, you had to record it, and place it in the Akashic Record – because you couldn’t remember it.
Which means what? Memory are part of a System.

We have manifested it as a Computer, and we’ve manifested it, memory-systems; why are we doing it? Because we can’t remember. We’re trying to remember what it is we are.

Life is not a Memory.

Life is in fact always HERE.

But Life will not give access to abusers, users of self-interest, users and abusers of self-awareness; where awareness has become more than what Life is.

Thus, Life-Awareness, in fact, has never existed.

We have investigated this back, through uncountable eons of time; Life-Awareness has never existed.
We have done the same thing over and over again. We found multiple universes, all doing exactly the same.

What is happening here on Earth, in various dimensions?

Earth, as a manifested dimension which brings together everything within the Principle of an actual experience in space and time – obviously is the foundation-phase of what one can call: The emergence of Life as Life-Awareness.

That is why Earth exist:
Earth is the Eye of the Needle where each one will move through it, to actually face what they have allowed themselves to become as Self-Awareness.

And where all Self-Awareness will be annihilated forevermore, until all that remain is Life Equally within each and that is recognized, proven, in every breath for eternity.
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