Tuesday 6 August 2013

Day 471: Sleep Therapy

Obviously under the Premise of Investigate All Things and Keep what is Good, one need to also look at Sleep Therapy because there are some Extreme Benefits possible through Sleep Therapy.

Now, our Starting Point is within the Process to find a Rhythm that is Effective Sleep Pattern so that one has got Sufficient Time in this life to Do Your Best in bringing about a World that is Best for All. But within this from Time to Time, I mean You may Need to consider Sleep Therapy.

Now during Deep Sleep as what has been proven through Medical Science, when you place a body in a Coma – which is a deep sleep – the Body comes up with Miraculous Cures, something Science does Not yet Understand. Understand from that perspective that All Sleep in a way, Deep Sleep is a form of Coma, You Can’t Remember a Thing; so if You’re Not Sleeping Effectively and you’re Not Reaching the Deep Sleep State and your Mind is Overactive and you have Dreams then Obviously you’re Not having the Effective Sleep Therapy you Need for the Body to Remain Effective in its Support, because the Body is Sleeping essentially Because of the Mind.

Because the Mind is Intensely Utilizing the body to Do its ‘Bidding.’ And for instance if you are an Emotional/Feeling Person, you’ve created a whole Weather System within you that is Energetically based and depending on the Type of Weather you will have All kinds of Events taking place In the Body. These events are based on your Programmed Reactions because you’ve Programmed a Weather System, whether This happens or whether That Happen you will have Different Reactions. So if you have a Reaction of Anger in the body you will have Essentially an Energy storm. Now you’ve noticed what happens when you have a High-Energy Storm in the Physical World, it Causes Destruction, it uproots trees, it Destroys all kinds of scenarios. The same thing is Happening in your Body.

The Sleep Process is what is used to Heal this so to speak, so your Greatest Healing is to Let the Body Do the Healing and is to Do it during Deep Sleep. From this perspective obviously, Sleeping Pills could be beneficial – here though the research is Not taken to the point of its Benefit from the perspective of the Deep Healing that Happens through the Physical Body while you are in Deep Sleep. So whatever Sleeping pill you are considering, you have to Not Do it as a Habit because then you are Training your Body to be Dependent on it and it becomes Less Effective in its Healing Process, You Do it as a Therapy when and as Needed. If you have Not Yet Transcended Your Mind and therefore Your Thoughts Interfere with your Sleeping Process, this will come up as Dreams and as Turning around in your Sleep and Not being able to have a Truly Deep Invigorating Sleep.

From this perspective, the Body Meditation – simply Relaxing the Body and Letting the Mind Go Completely so that you are Here Breathing – is Effective because that Type of Meditation is a form of Deep Sleep you enter and even if you Fall Asleep within that even Better because you have in Effect Removed the Influence of the Mind. The same with your Self-Forgiveness, if you have done your Self-Forgiveness in the day Effectively and Nothing of the Day Remains that Requires your Direction = You will be Able to Sleep Deeply. If there are Issues you haven’t Resolved, the Issues will be attempting to Resolve Themselves during your Sleep State and your Body will not have the Time to Recuperate Effectively after the Day’s Storms of Energy.

When you are using Sleeping Pills You Must Study the Side-effects and ensure that it has No other Side-effects that are Detrimental to you but that is simply Supporting you on one point: to have a Deep Sleep Session to Allow your Body to Heal-itself. The Better your Sleeping Pattern obviously the Better your Health.

Within this also remember Not to Eat for at least 2 to 3 hours Before you Go to Sleep and that you also Do Not Drink Water Right before you go to sleep, you do it at least One Hour Before so that you can Take a Wee and Not be Disturbed during the night because you May have a Dream in the Night that You want to Wee and then you will Wee in the Bed – that is simply How the Body will Handle the Process.

So, a Structured Existence understanding All Parts of Yourself is Essential. Within this the Optimum way to Deal with Deep Sleep is obviously to Ensure that Before you go to Bed, you have Handled All Issues of the day through Self-Forgiveness, you have Completely Let it go and you are at Peace with your Day, that you’ve done Everything You Can in that Day and that You Have been Effective in your Living. That way you will have Deep Sleep as well, then you Get in Bed, you Breathe Effectively, you Let Go and you will Enter Deep Sleep with Ease. If you Don’t, then the Mind is Still Active, you’re still Using the Mind.

The Mind remember is Purely a Mechanism that Helps you to Deal with the Bigger Picture of Life on Earth and if your Data in your Mind is Biased and Not According to the In-Fact Existence as it is on Earth, then you will have all kinds of Unbalanced Ideas about the World, and your Mind will be Unbalanced and you will Have Fear, you’ll be Unable to Live Effectively. The Desteni I Process can Assist you with this and as we Continue with the Process You will Learn Highly Effective Ways to Exist as a Living Being as the Flesh as Self.

So Sleep Therapy is of Great Benefit. But then also remember: You have One Life in which You have to Optimize Yourself to Assist within the Process of Bringing about a World that is Best for All and That You have to Do within the Context of a Group to Re-Establish the Human Race to Live in Freedom, Prosperity, Happiness, Balance, Harmony in ways that are Best for All, so that Every Being when Born will have a Life that is Secured, that is Not in Fear, that is Fulfilled, that has got Potential, that has got Opportunity and that is Developed to its Utmost. Through that, the World will become Truly in a way Heaven on Earth.
So, Enjoy and remember: Investigate All Things, Do Not Just Judge – First Investigate.

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