Friday 30 August 2013

Day 487: The End of Self-Awareness – Part 5

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Equality-is-our-Desteni self awareness bernardpoolman Darryl: I would say that people really...I caught myself existing through my point of view, my perspective and then acting that know, I don’t believe in Politics, ‘cause Politics is crap – so, I don’t participate.

You’re going to have to participate in everything, because you cannot direct anything that is separate from you. You have to take responsibility for everything that is here: The Money-System, the Political-System, the War-System, the Education-System –

You have to stand up within it, as it, direct it. Make sure that the starting-point of it becomes Life-Awareness; Not self-awareness, not programmed-reality – but actuality of Life in Expression.

Considering, considering all expressions as a starting-point within it as Life:
Animal, plant, everything will have to be considered – Equal and One.
Otherwise Life will not give you access to what is Really Here.

Remember that the here that is here is ‘the here Consciousness’. It is ‘the here’ of the programmed-reality. You first have to stand equal as it in self-honesty to be able to let it go. It will not just go away because you stop.

You have to stop you as what you have become as an entity called ‘consciousness’. Because consciousness is where you have created you within a system, it’s a reflection of yourself.

The world is a reflection of what is going on inside each human being as who you believe yourself to be. None of it is real – all of it will END.

This is not ‘bad’ that it’s ending. It does not require fear. It is simply the END of our ILLUSION, our delusion as an idea, which is called ‘self-awareness’, which is called ‘consciousness’.

Here, Common Sense is required, to consider the simplicity of the Principle: That Life is Equally in Everything. And therefore – Life is One.
And that all and everything we do, must have that as the starting-point Principle.

If that is the Principle that each one is Living by, our reality, everything we’ve ever done: Change.

In doing that, Consciousness will disappear. Our reality as it exist now will change and Life will give us Access to what Life really is: We have no idea what is possible.

And we will not be shown, unless we are proven to be expressing Life Self-Honestly as every breath Here, in consideration of all Life, equally, everywhere, in all of existence, Heaven and Earth.

Therefore Heaven, is now, on Earth. In actuality, within Consciousness, trapped equally, as every human is trapped. To consider this singular point:
What is Life Equally?
And why am I abusing myself, as each other?

Understand, because Life is Equal within each being – you are me as I am you. We are responsible for each other.
That responsibility must be recognized.

You cannot allow one to die in a War, or in famine, or in a system just because they have not adhered to the rules of Consciousness, or the rules of self-interest and self-awareness. You have to stop that as well, because it is you doing it, there is no excuse...

And accordingly, HELL is Here.

What is Hell?
Hell is those points that we have allowed to become real from our experience-perspective, because we have denied the Principle that Life is Equal within All.

We have abused Oneness in the name of Consciousness, and in the name of ‘success’, and in the name of our ‘self-awareness’, our greater ‘ascending-self’. Where the fuck are you going to send your ass to?

Wherever you are going to go, you are going to face one thing: You have denied the realisation, the Principle that Life is equal within all, and you have denied yourself from standing up, and standing up as Life for Everyone.

There is NO EXCUSE.

I suggest, that one consider, forgiving yourself for every single point where you have denied yourself the insight, the realisation, the common sense that Life is Equal within everyone.

For that, Forgiveness is a tool, because in that you give yourself freedom from your delusion.

Only you are responsible for yourself.

Within that, you can test yourself in your actions that you are self-honest and that you are actually, recognizing Life Equally in Everything, in every single breath.
That is the point of Self-Honesty.
That requires Common-Sense, I mean:

‘Am I willing to exist as every single form, equally in expression as Life? No matter where it exist. Am I willing to be the slaughter-animal that is kept in a factory-farm. Am I willing to recognize myself equally as that expression as Life? Is that who I am?

Am I willing to accept that as my expression as Life?
Or do I stop, this abuse, of myself in other forms?

Do we know where it will take us? Obviously not! We’ve never walked this path, otherwise we wouldn’t have been where we are now.
That’s Common Sense.

So therefore, we, one must, develop Common Sense and walk the Path of Hell; the Hell of what we have already created. It’s not going to go away, we’re going to have to stop it as ourselves, equal and one as Life.

There is no other way. There is no way but to face what we have allowed.

So that we may remember, for eternity, what it means to deny Life.

And in the depth of our pain and despair, as Hell emerges, let’s remember: We did this to ourselves.

And unless we stand in every breath, Equally as Life, for all, on behalf of those that cannot stand for themselves yet, until they can stand...if we don’t do that, we will simply never be real.

Everything we will ever do, will not be real. Our self-awareness will simply disappear at death.

This is self-realisation:
To realise what it is to be real as Life, Equally within All as One.
This is Equality and Oneness. This is the Destiny of the Universe.

This is the end of money as we know it, it’s the end of education as we know it, it’s the end of government as we know it, it’s the end of war, the end of religion, the end of domination, the end of manipulation, the end of abuse...

...because all of that was done in our self-awareness as our attempt to control each other and protect each other from each other.
But none of that is even real, because none of that is based in Life.

All of that is based in programmed-realities, based on ideas and concepts of personality.
All of that, cannot even transcend death. It is useless.

I think that’s sufficient for now.

Darryl: Okay, brilliant.

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