Tuesday 20 August 2013

Day 480: Meeting your Maker

Continuing from: Day 477: Man as Demon
Day 478: Change and Evolution
Day 479: In the Image and Likeness of God

bernardpoolman desteni thoughts creator maker Have a look at Christians it’s fascinating because they are some of the best examples in the world. They theorize their religions.

“Love thy neighbour like thyself, but if my neighbour is Muslim, he’s in shit.” So, now you are disregarding the base laws of your belief system.

You’re invalidating your own existence, but you’re still doing it. You’re still believing that you’re standing up. Why are you then believing? Why is a Christian a Christian?

Not because of love, because of fear – you are fearing your ass off – what is going to happen to you for all the shit that you have already done and all the lies that you told and all the people that you hurt?

And you hope by Jesus’ forgiveness you would be clear from your apparent dishonesty and your apparent inability to be disciplined and honoring life.

So, I have some sad news for you, you know, we did meet Jesus – he is a real fucker. Unfortunately I didn’t always know that, I wasn’t always certain, until I met the fucker, and he’s a normal being like everyone else.

I have sad news for you: your sins will not be washed away.

Synchronistically – which is a chronicle sin, when sin is chronicle, it’s sin-chronicity – so, in Synchronicity you will Equal and One become what you have done to another, I mean, which is the law of Jesus explained simply:

“Don’t do unto another what you don’t want them done to you” – which implies in it’s every nature that what you do to another, you will experience. So, that is Synchronicity, that is, Equality and Oneness is Synchronicity.

Be careful of Synchronicity because it traps you, which is actually you trapping yourself into your beliefs, you trapping yourself Equal and One to what you allow. So, therefore if you fear your neighbor, what does that mean if your neighbor fears you?

Eventually you’re going to end up in a war, killing each other, destroying each other, deceiving each other, hurting each other.

But we don’t notice as long as we have money obviously, that is the nice thing. The best medicine for not feeling shit in this world: is money.

Because when you have money, you feel good, you can buy shit as much as you like, I mean, make sure you take the shit to heaven because in heaven you have a little problem.

In heaven your problem is: you don’t have money anymore, you don’t have status anymore.

You have nowhere to hide. I mean, your first fucking meeting in heaven and I mean, there where the shit hits the fan – the shit hits the fan in heaven, because the moment you fucking die, you meet your maker. What is your maker? All your thoughts.

So, immediately the first thing you have to take care of and face is all the thoughts you have ever had because from that you have made yourself. So, you meet your maker.

Obviously you have those stupid enough to say: “Oh bullshit, come on, you can’t really be serious”.

No, I am not serious, Sirius is a star somewhere, it even gets hijacked here as a ship – but a serious star, no, I am not serious. It’s obvious common sense, I mean, you don’t have to be fucking Einstein to work this one out.

Your thoughts – have a look, it’s constructed, your belief system – before you make a decision you think about it, you come to a conclusion, you decide how to construct it, what you’re going to believe.

Look at your personalities, they’re all thought-based, look at your actions, look at all the decisions that you have made though out your life. Everything you’ve done throughout your life is thought-based.

So, thought is your maker, and if you look at the sound of the word ‘though’t it sounds like ‘got-god’, you know like ‘Thor’ in the old days, but it’s ‘thought’. So, the first thing you do when you die is meet your maker.

And all I suggest is that it is possible to meet your maker right now, right this life, and actually have a look at how you have created yourself. And stop blaming others for it, and stop hoping that somebody is going to save your ass from it.

And for that you need a thing that nobody really wants, because apparently that is what makes you weak. You need a thing called self-honesty, you have to be self-honest in what is going on in your thoughts.

Because if you are not self honest in that you are fucked for this life, I mean, it’s that simple – you will never become real, you will never be able to see what is real.

If you have to make up your mind based on thoughts about what is real in creation, I mean, isn’t that already questionable, you are unable to even direct your thoughts and you believe your thoughts to be that which tell you what is real… Come on!

Your thoughts are stuck in your head. What the fuck does it know about Pleaidians? “Oh there’s a voice in my head”… that’s a serious fucking thing. I mean, telepathy, “tell me a path”.

Is that apathy? No sorry, tele-pathy is a form of apathy isn’t it? No, it’s ‘tell me a path’. What is the apathy? “I don’t want to take responsibly of my own thoughts, someone must tell me what it is, so I create that entity”.

Communication with ‘other aliens’, channels, shit like that, that is not real – these people practice for years through meditation to do this shit properly.

In that time they construct the entity through thoughts, because they have all the good thoughts all the time until the good thoughts become a real being which is an entity that speaks.

After all, your thoughts are your maker. Don’t you think you can make other things as well, that possess you? That is how you make them. Then it speaks to you.

Those that really do some research must go back many years now, with all the channels from aliens and from angels and shit like that – they all speak the same shit…

But they never give you a practical solution on how to live and you never change your ways and you never make a difference in this world to live practically for all right here, right now.

It’s all about what will come one day and you believe those angles to be real and you will see them! I mean, you have created them, they’re in your mind! You are seeing with your mind! You’re not seeing with anything else.

It’s going to speak to you because, I mean, you listen to your thoughts and you even speak to yourself in your mind, I mean, that’s different personalities speaking to each other – so, you’ll say:

“I wonder – what should I do?”

and then a thought will come up: “ Do this”,

and you say: “Yes, I’ll do that”.

What does that mean! There is more than one in you! Hohoho… spooky… You’re pretty fucked. So, that means, when you die you are going to have to meet several of your makers, not just one.

Oh I have 5 minds, 20 personalities and now I have to deal with all of that to find out ‘who the fuck am I?’

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