Sunday 4 August 2013

Day 469: Self Realization, Writing and Time

change-by-matti_thumb In this 7 Year Journey to Life the following Guideline is Essential to Grasp. You are Writing to Place down into the Physical a Time-Measurement, an Objective, a Goal, a Commitment, a Principle, a Code by which You Want to Live. Then during the Day you are Walking that at the Cutting-Edge of Time, you are either going to Correct Yourself and thus Change by Applying the Principles that you have placed as your Guide in Writing – it’s like Writing your Corrective Code – or you’re Just going to ‘Feel Better’ because ‘You did the writing’ which means You are Not Walking the Process for Real Change, you’re only doing it for Release. That’s why the word ‘Release’ and the word ‘Real’ is in fact the same word with some letters that are changed – it’s Real-Ease or Release, isn’t it?

So – the point here is Self-Honesty, you’re either Writing to Actually Change which means you Fundamentally Change your Nature and your Preprogramming or you’re Writing to Release.

The Difficulty with change is obviously that there will be Resistance, it will be Difficult because you are busy Transforming that which is Within you as your Memory, your Thought, your Personality, your Past Into a Living Being that Lives at the Cutting-Edge of Time with such Vigorous Principle that You can be Trusted with Life; when you are Functioning as Consciousness: You can’t be Trusted with Life, just look at the Planet Earth and What is Done to it by the Human Race and you know That is the Evidence that Time is Showing us, that’s Our Writing on Earth, How we are Living, that is the Story, the Life-Book that is the Reality of the Truth.

The Truth is not an Energy, or an Idea or an Ideology – it is the Evidence that Time Provides and the 7 Year Journey to Life is the Evidence you Give to Yourself whether You are In Fact Changing – if You are Not: You will Write to Release and you will Not Write to Correct Yourself and therefore, your Living will Not be What you are Writing – and You’ll be able to See it and thus know that your Writing Process is Not Yet at the Level of the 7 Year Journey to Life, it is still Just a form of Justification and thus: Not Effective.

Make Sure you Understand Time and Writing within the context of Principled Living within the 7 Year Journey to Life.
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