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Day 474: Blogging the Three in One

205191_165383780182412_100001323734497_322102_4112151_n The Three in One is one of the Primary Concepts that is used to Control Humanity, it is also called ‘The Trinity,’ it is also in Psychology the Conscious, the Subconscious and the Unconscious Mind, Three Parts that become One. In Religion it is Abused where it is Separated into Three Entities with Different Responsibilities. And within your 7 Year Journey to Life, here is a Mechanism, a practical way with How you can Address the 3 in One in One Go on Every Topic – you can either do it as 3 Parts to One blog or as 3 Separate Blogs.

And this is where I have already Indicated previously the point of the Personal, the Interpersonal and the Universal. So let’s Define them even more Specifically.
With the Personal you are dealing with your Personal Issues which is in your Conscious Mind, the Day to Day stuff, the stuff that requires Immediate Forgiveness in the Relationship with Yourself, Your Personal Relationship, Who You See Yourself to Be and Who you Think Yourself to be and Who you Feel Yourself to be; so that Also kind of Exists out of Three in One.

So when we take it to the next step, the Interpersonal, that is your Relationships with the People in your Direct World, your Family, your Friends, your Lovers, all the people that are Connected to your World whom You Know by Name, they are all Part of your Interpersonal. They’re also part of your Subconscious Mind because that is the Mind where your Automated Personalities function from and therefore you will always Attract Like to Like, you will always Attract Friends and Lovers to yourself according to your Subconscious Mind Points. And in that you will always try and Solve your Family Issues, that which has Not been Solved in the Family, you will Try and Solve through your Various Interpersonal Relationships. So the Second Stage of your Writing will be to Write about the Interpersonal – specifically again here the Same Structure: Self-Forgiveness and Self-Commitment Statements to Correct this.

Then we get to the Universal – now the Universal is Not the ‘Universe,’ it is the Universal System or the Unconscious Mind that Functions Automated within the world Due to How one Functions in Your Personal and Your Interpersonal World because through that, you create a World System that Functions and Manages the relationships that Direct the Way Humanity Exists. So the Universal is the Politics, the Education, Governmental, the Religious… it’s All the things that are Functioning in Groups, Groups that Affect All of Humanity. And what you will Notice if you take the Personal to the Interpersonal to the Universal, you will be able to Draw the Line and This is the Line You Want to Find within Your Blogging, How your Personal Issues Create the Universal World: the Way Humanity Exists Together, because That is the Line that Needs to be Corrected. And this is also to have a look at How Parenting specifically Plays a Role in creating the Personal and how the Personal from that will Go into the Interpersonal and from there into the Universal so that you can See that Humanity Exists the Way it Does because of Parenting, which is Why it is ‘the Sins of the Fathers will be Visited Upon the Children up to the Seventh Generation.’

Who we are Today as Humanity started at Home, it started in each one’s Personal Life, it started in Your Thoughts and How you made Those Thoughts Physical and How you have Taken that Into your Personal and Interpersonal-Relationships and How you Took that into the Universal Relationship of What is Acceptable in this World.

So: Do Thoughts Create Reality? No, but In a situation where Thought is Not Understood, Can One Create Reality with Thought? Certainly. The Problem is that If one takes the Personal into the Universal you will create the Same Issues You have Within-You in the Bigger System, but it is Not Reality, it is the Illusion because Thought is an Illusion. So: Can Thought Create an Illusion? Yes, certainly, that’s what it Really Does, it Doesn’t Create Reality.

Reality is that there are a Lot of Beings on Earth All Essentially from the Origin of Life with Equal Life within Each One, If one Applies that at the Personal, Interpersonal and Universal Level, you will have a World of Harmony and Peace because one will Care about Another and as much as You would Care about Yourself, You Will Give to Another as You Would Like to Receive Yourself. You would be Balanced Human and You Will Not have an Illusion that Controls Who You Are at a Personal Level, who you are in the Interpersonal Level and Who you Become within the Universal Level.

Understand that What Happens After-Death when you go to the Multi-Universal, that Who You are on Earth within the Three in One Determines What You Become Here-After. And if you’ve Only been an illusion, Just an Energy Without Being Able to Direct the Three in One on Earth as the Personal, the Interpersonal and the Universal = You will be What You have Become, an Illusion and Very Little Will Remain.
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