Monday 26 August 2013

Day 484: The End of Self-Awareness – Part 2

Continuing from the previous blog, Day 483: The End of Self-Awareness – Part 1:
“It is our search to be “God” within a system that causes that. The fact that one actually still adheres to the basic seven-days of Creation as it is written in the Bible, obviously is not realized, because within that you are still within a system that is seven days, you are still within a system where are dominant or “more than” the animal, dominant or “more than” the plant, which is regarded as a system.”

chromosomes dna monkey chimp human self awareness programming bernardpoolman desteni What is a plant, a human and an animal? What are the similarities?

All of it is based on DNA which is based on thus, a particular set of chromosomes, a particular set of relationships that cause one to have particular skills that are programmable as language, as society, as expression and so on.

And therefore the difference between a chimpanzee and a man is but a few chromosomes. The rest is exactly the same. Those chromosomes give the chimpanzee a particular language and expression and social structure, and it gives to Man a particular language and expression and social structure.

But in essence, within the context of its existence, within the context of its program, it is what it is. And it can only “evolve” to a certain point.

The same with Man. Man can only evolve to a certain point, which is why most of our Spirituality has been projected as ideas ‘Beyond Death’, which is based in hope and assumption and conjecture and apparent experiences while in “divine inner communication”.

What are you really communicating with within yourself? You are communicating with that part that you hope to become.

That then creates an idea of divinity or “God” within which one then attempt to exist as an example to society what you perceive would be “God,” what you perceive you would want to be.

It is not considered that any of that, in fact, do not actually have any impact on improving the lives of beings on Earth that is less fortunate.

So, what has really happened? Let's start to consider it:

When you as a child are born, in your first seven years, you are getting your basic programming; your cognitive skills, your language skills, your social skills, your basic body functional skills, eating skills, sleeping, your relationship with your family and your immediate environment.

Then it expands to your education, where your education will move you into and integrate you into society so you could become an effective part of the manufacturing industry of our consumerism. Where you could create things to be consumed and be effective within it.

All of that, is part of what you can call your ‘Programmed Self’.

From that Programmed Self, you’re then attempting to become an individual. That attempt to become an individual, is done through what is called, “self-reflection”.

You reflect upon yourself in relationship to your society, in relationship to what all your knowledge that is available, and you make a decision who you are according to that.
That you call “choice” or “free choice”.

Obviously, the fact that it is within a limited construct and design that is programmed as well, kind of never enters the equation.

Because you do not consider, that within the context of you assessing you, you can only assess you according to the program language you've been programmed with, within the context of the program; the society, the religion and the education you have.

Your insight is no more than that.

So now, within that you develop what you would call, “Self-Awareness.”
That self-awareness is totally self-centered, based on the interest of yourself to be successful within a world system, and to prepare yourself for something that you know is inevitable:

You are going to leave this system to enter another system, which is the Heavenly system, and you want to prepare your place from this system into the next system.

And you have been programmed to believe that you can influence your placement in the next system, which is the system of Heaven.

And there are many, many different ‘options’ which are called basic religions, which you can follow that each has an idea about what apparently happens to you in the next system - which is Heaven. But you don't know that in fact.

You’re required to believe that.
But you have no other answer, therefore you believe it because you are quite scared what would happen if you get there and you don't have something that you can defend yourself with: Which is your religion.

Therefore Religion in itself is war. It’s a way that you actually put on armor, preparing yourself to defend yourself and who you have become as ‘self-awareness’. So that you can say,

“I had no other choice. This is all I had. This is thus, all I am. This is who I am, and therefore, I must be recognized as this.”
Even we attempt to control that, in the afterlife.

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  1. fascinating insights here, thanks for sharing!