Thursday 8 August 2013

Day 473: What is Self?

self mind body afterlife death life bernardpoolman desteni In Investigating this at Desteni We have Looked at All Dimensions – Physical, Metaphysical – the Here As the Physical and the Here-After as the Non-Physical, although the two are Interconnected and the Best way to Understand Self is to Look at What Happens at Death and What Remains After Death.

The Self that is Existent as Consciousness is a Product of a Mechanism called the Mind. The Mind is a Mechanism that uses Information and Knowledge in Relationships Generating Energy, Functioning primarily at this stage as a Memory System that through Interconnecting Biased Values within the Memories into a Polarized Energetic Entity that ends up as Various forms of Personalities that then Function within a Positive-Negative Relationship, attempting to present itself as ‘Something’ that Resembles Self. And those that Do Not Understand How the Mind Functions will very easily end up within this Idea that this Energy, this Consciousness is Self.

Fascinatingly enough through the Movement of Language we’ve Reached a point about a 1000 years ago within the English Language where the word ‘Self’ and the word ‘Flesh’ are Exactly the Same Symbols – but: No Understanding Emerged.

So within the Flesh you have Automation. Now Automation is basically Memory that Becomes so Accepted that is Accepted as ‘Self’ and That for instance is Demonstrated with how one Speaks a Language, how one Drives a Car or one will say ‘Self is Driving the Car’ but that’s Not really so, what is Really happening is that Your Memory that is Automated is Driving the Car, Directing the Physical Body to Do some actions Automatically within a Stimulus-Response Environment – very much Similar to what One will See Emerging Now with Software being able to Drive a Car instead of the Human Directing it simply by Interacting with the Environment and taking you from one point to another – this is where Technology is going which is just a Reflection of the Technology that Represents the Mind.

When a Person Dies What Remains as Self is that which was Realized in Relation to the Existence of Life, Life is the One Gift that Exists for a Moment for Each One During this Life, and This Life is Equal – the ‘Life Force’ so to speak.

Now, the Part that is Realized of That which is Not Based on perceived ‘Knowledge and Information’ or ‘Energy’ or ‘Love’ or ‘Light’ or ‘Automation’ but that which is Realized Fundamentally within the Context of its Equality, that Little-bit – and at this stage Hear my Words is Very Little – Will Continue. The Rest is just Information, Information that Follows a Preprogrammed Design.

So, the Self that Exists on Earth Currently is by its very Design of No Value, it Ends at Death. That’s why throughout the Ages you have No Clear Communication coming from the Dead to the Living because They Really Actually Forget Everything virtually at the Moment of Death. This Forgetfulness is because the Memories, the Consciousness Design is Dependent on the Physical Body and without the Physical Body it Cannot Exist, so at the Moment of Death of the Physical Body, yes the Information Remains within the Consciousness Electromagnetic Field so to speak of the Earth for a while but even that Eventually kind of Disappears because it is Forgotten.

The Soul Memories Used to be Recorded, that is No Longer so because the Point of Responsibility is of the Utmost Importance, Responsibility Towards All Life Equally, Realizing that No Matter ‘What Form’ Life takes that the Actual Life Within the Form is in Essence Equal. And the Perceived ‘Intellect’ for instance of the Human Does Not make the Human as a Life Form MORE than for instance the Cockroach, the Life Force In Both is the Same and therefore a Cockroach relationship with Self within the Context of Life could bring Real Self-Realization Equally as it could Happen at the Level of the Human. The Fact that the Human or the Cockroach Do Not Communicate Directly because of Barriers within the Ideas or Design of its various Interactive Models – which one can call a Mind – Should be Noted because the Human is Not Necessarily Superior to the Cockroach, for instance it simply has a Different Mechanism, a Different Reality, a Different Dimension. Thus there are Many Dimensions, Dimensions Relevant to the Relationships that Exist, All of it Relevant to One point: Realizing Self as Life, this Life is Self – without This Realization, Self as Self is Not Existent as such. That is the Principle and the Point of Equality and Oneness and what needs to be Fundamentally Realized.

Therefore, the Problem is for Those that Receive the Gift of Life and then End up Abusing it in Self-Interest, that means where One Accumulates Value like Interest in a Banking System where you then Claim ‘You have Value’ just because You’re existing from the perspective of Your Experience where that is in itself a Massive Compromise, where You Compromise the Very Existence, the Very Gift that you Received at the Beginning you see, because You’re Not Life Per Se, you are in a Temporary System where You May Realize Yourself as Life but if You Don’t, Your Life Ends – check out the Graveyards.

And you can Go and try and Contact any of those beings in the Graveyard and you’ll Find a Peculiar thing: You’re Not Going to Be Able to Do that, and whomsoever Claims that they are Communicating with those, please… The desire to Hope that ‘There is Something More’ is So Great that You Will Believe Anything, but You will Not Investigate All things to Get to the Bottom of the Problem. The Bottom of the Problem is You have Not In Fact Realized the Value of Life and to What Extent you are Dependent on this Life and What Happens If You Do Not Honor this Life Equally Within All and You Do Not Show this within The Systems, within The Vocabulary, within The Mind, within Your Relationships, within Your Connectedness – If you Do Not Show this: that Gift of Life is Lost and in some cases, More than One Would Like it to be Forever.

It is thus of Great Importance for Those that Could Hear the Message to Study the Desteni Material and Not to be Distracted by Bullies, Cyber-Bullies and Trolls which Deliberately Seek Ways to Invalidate Others just for the Sake of an Energetic Boost, just because the System Allows them to Abuse. It is Important to Study the Message – If you do not: you Remain Responsible.

There is No Way Out but Being Able to Create Yourself Out of Nothingness. Understanding this one should Study the 7 year Journey to Nothingness, Understanding Why one can Only Find Self Through Nothingness, where One stands Equal as One as the Mind in Every Way Understanding its Total Mechanical Automated Structure, How it Functions, Where Every Thought Comes From, Every Feeling, the Relationships, the Outcomes, the Beginnings, the Ends. Form is Mathematics and You are In a World of In-Formation, a World of Mathematics – Not Realizing this and trying to Divert your Attention through Energy-Feeling and claiming that That is apparently ‘Important’ is Only showing How Little one has Actually Done your Research, How Little you have Really looked at What’s going on.

So, What is Self? Self as Eternal, as Real Does Not Exist until You are in fact Life and that is Evidenced in All of Everything that You are a part-of, where you completely Understand All Form, All Mechanisms, All Relationships – Until then, Self is just Potential and May Never Exist for Real – but in this Temporary Consciousness for a Moment, you’ll be Able to Look in a Mirror and Ask the QuestionMirror, Mirror on the Wall: What is the Self in it All?” and Unless that Stands Clear Eternally that This is Life: There will be No Self For Real.
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