Friday 2 August 2013

Day 467: The Cutting Edge of Time

Time functions like a knife-edge, it functions at the very Edge of Breath, it is the Very Moment that You are Here, it is the Only Point where you are In Fact Alive, sometimes.

This Edge of Time is the Measurement, the Point that Gives the Actual Feedback of Who You Are, you are either Allowing and Accepting what Happens or you are in Awareness, Challenging that and Directing it.

At this stage Humanity as a Whole is simply Functioning within the Acceptance and Allowance point, Allowing things to Happen, then planning How to Use this Cutting-Edge of time to Improve Self-Interest, instead of Looking at the Cutting-Edge of Time, at the Equation of all the Relationships and their Outcomes and establishing What can be Done to Improve the Cutting-Edge of Time, which in Essence should be the Cutting-Edge of Science to be What is Best for All. Yet this is Not Happening at all, instead Ideologies are created that Give the Impression that apparently Things are ‘Preordained,’ ‘Things are the Way they Are and You have to Make the Best of it,’ instead of realizing that at the Cutting Edge of Time, You are the One that Must Change what is Happening and that you have Only one Measure as Who you Are, what are you Allowing to Exist and Accepting without Doing Anything about it. The Cutting-Edge of Time is the Measurement of Integrity. Integrity is the Expressed Action and Realization and Living Breath that is Measured as you, as Part of what is Best for All – if that is Non-Existent and you are purely Trying to ‘Make the Best of Things’ = You have No Integrity, your Integrity is Determined by Events. You are Not with Integrity, you are just Responding to Events in a way that Makes you ‘Feel Good’ so you have Transformed Integrity into an Energetic Feeling, it is No Different to a Mother giving a Child a Sweet to Shut-up. Anything that You are Doing to ‘Feel Good’ is in the same vein, in the same Vile Parenting Process where the Living is turned into the Death by an Energetic or a Sweetness Response, it is a form of Manipulation and Very Effective Brainwashing because the Body is Taught to Respond to the Sweetness, while the Body is Also the Mechanism where the Memories and Information is Stored that will become the Thoughts. So it becomes an Extremely Effective Way to Control a person’s thought, just what You Like and Dislike at a Physical Level in terms of Food.

And if you have a Look this has Escalated to be Virtually the ‘Method of Choice’ to Keep the Human Thought-Directed in a very specific Controlled Way. Even ‘Feeling Good’ when you are Doing something that you Believe is Necessary within Anarchism or Activism is Still Exactly Just the Same, it is Just the result of your Already Programmed Memories which Base and Form the Basis of your Reasoning.

So on the Cutting-Edge of Time one can truly become Aware as Breath, Functioning eventually at the Physical Level you’re Supposed to Function which is a Real-Time Direct Natural Learning ability, developing a Direct Memory System where the Mind is No Longer based on Past, Present and Future but it is in Real Time. Without a Mind in Real Time = You are Lost in Consciousness and you will be Lost in Feeling, you will thus Base everything you Do on the ‘Feel good’ point and you cannot even Begin to Analyze What is Causing the ‘Feel Good’ point because You are at the End of the Equation, an Equation that is Unequal, that is Imbalanced and therefore You are the Resultant Consequence which is Imbalanced for instance, on the Positive-Scale or the Negative-Scale.

We have Glorified the Positive Side of this Imbalance as If that is ‘The Meaning of Life,’ but that Only Confirms that you have Lost the Cutting-Edge of Time and you have Fallen off the cliff.

Getting Back up – obviously Back to the Cutting-Edge of Time – means that you have to Deprogram your Brainwashing, you have to Get to Real Time. The Only point where Brainwashing which is a Form of control Does Not Exist is at the Cutting-Edge of Time and at this stage there are virtually no Groups in the World that are in fact able to explain what this is all about, because once you’re Brainwashed, once you’re off the cliff, once you have Become the Consequence of what happens, You have Lost all Power, You have Lost Life.

At the Cutting-Edge of Time as Breath in the Real Moment – and Here I am very specifically specifying points with Very Specific Words so that there is no Misunderstanding, because otherwise you Miss the Edge of Time and when you Miss the Edge of Time, you’re already Lost in Time and there are Two Forms of time: there is Real-Time and then there is Illusion-Time. The Illusion Time is Past, Present and Future. This Cutting-Edge of Time is what becomes the Story. If the Story is Not Real, it becomes His-Story or Her-Story then you start to Base your life on His-Story or Her-Story. Once you start Doing That and you Base Your Decisions on His-Story and Her-Story, you No are No longer Working with Data, you are now Working with Biased Information, You are now Working with a Consequence Data that is Not Based on Real Time and therefore You cannot Sustain an Ecology like an Economy Effectively because the Data you’re Working-with is Not True and is Biased.

Obviously those that Find Ways to Benefit from Abusing The Cutting-Edge of Time by using for instance Propaganda or Public Relations to Manipulate People according to Feelings, creating a form of ‘Feel Good Sweetness’ in their lives, Do so Without Understanding the Consequences of Doing this. They do so out of Pure Self-Interest, and! They are Able to Do it because they’re Allowed to do it. All of these Mechanisms that End-up as Controlling Constructs within the World as it Now Exists are Directly Coming from Parenting. It is a Parenting Problem over Generations and In Spite of some of the Holy Books Explaining that the Sins of the Fathers will be Visited Upon the Children up to the Sixth and the Seventh Generation and obviously now Much Further than that, there is still No Real awareness within Those that are Following these Teachings as to What Degree this is In Fact taking place.

It is thus Necessary to Investigate your Life until you get to The Cutting-Edge of Time to establish Very Clearly What it is that You are Actually Accepting and Allowing in this World Not Only for You but for Everyone else because ‘No Man is an Island’ and Unfortunately, the whole Concept of Capitalism and Consumerism as it Now Exists are Disregarding The Cutting-Edge of Time, Disregarding Proper Science and is in fact utilizing History to Try and Control the Outcomes to Benefit just a Few and this forms Competition. And Competition is where you have The Cutting-Edge of Time placed into a Win-Lose scenario, and a Win-Lose scenario is Never Balanced – You only have One Winner and then you have 99% Losers. So a Win-Lose Scenario is Never a Point that Benefits, it’s also Never Democratic. Democracy is where the Majority Wins, Win-Lose is when Only One Wins - so there is this seeming Lack of Understanding of the Practical Implication of Competition.

Effective Competition is a Win-Win Solution, It is Democracy functioning in a Balanced Way where the End Result is a Win-Win, the Majority Wins, not the Minority. Unfortunately at this Stage even the Majority has Accepted just Based on the Possible ‘Hope’ that they Also may become the One that Wins, even if it’s just Once in a Lifetime, they’ve Accepted that the Win-Lose concept of the 1% Against the 99% is Valid, when that is an Obvious Problem that is Causing a Complete Imbalance in society.

So Study the Living Income Guaranteed and the Desteni message, we are at The Cutting-Edge of Time and If you are Not Yet There, You will find the Message rather Challenging, because it will Challenge your ‘Feel Good’ Brainwashing.

It is going to Require some Self-Honesty, Discipline and a Realization that the World is Not Getting Better, in spite of Many Utilizing the Positive Feel Good Aspect of Brainwashing to Try and Change the World – it will Not Change the World, we have said this over years, we are Reiterating it again: It Will Get Worse because You are Not at The Cutting-Edge of Time, You are Lost in Time – and those ‘Lost in Time’ are just that: Lost, thus Powerless.

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