Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Day 463: Can Animals be Brainwashed?

This should be a rather Obvious Scenario: How to Find out how Brainwashing works practically with Animals?

You go to the Pet shop, you Buy yourself a Puppy. Then you Give the Puppy a Name and very soon the Puppy will be Brainwashed and Respond to the Name – the Puppy wasn’t Born with that Name, You had to Brainwash the Puppy to Get that Name; then, the Puppy will start Protecting you as it grows up and starts Believing that ‘You are the Owner,’ ‘You are the one that Takes Care of it,’ and as the Puppy grows Bigger, it will become more and more Brainwashed and your Personal Protector – and Without Noticing, Without Realizing you have been Part of the Action and the Practice of Brainwashing.

Now you can take that point through to for instance: Having a Child – have a look at your own life, What Are You? You are the Product of your Parents, the Product of your Education, the Product of your Environment, the Name you have was Given to you just like You gave a Name to the Puppy, it’s Not really ‘Your Name,’ you were Made to Believe It’s Your Name, you ended up Accepting it – just like the Puppy. We had recently an interesting scenario with a New Horse that arrived at the Farm, the Horse has been for years only in the Environment of One other Horse – that means the Social Structure of the Horse was Only One other horse. Then the other horse Died and the Horse was Lonely. When we got the Horse we had to Integrate him into the Herd on the Farm – what was the Immediate Scenario? The Horse had No Idea How to Socially Interact, it Didn’t Have Any form of Brainwashing yet, it didn’t automatically know How to do it, it Had to be Taken through a Process of Integration and even at This stage that Process is Not done yet – slowly but surely, Creating Relationships, Becoming Accepted by Each other – It is exactly the same with the human. As you Enter this World you will become Socially Integrated with your Parents’ Beliefs and you will become whatever Your Parents are and so Many Fear the one thing: to become Like their Parents which Inevitably Will Be What You will Become, because You are in fact Brainwashed.

You should look at the Definition of Brainwashing and How Those that Want you to Not Consider that You could Actually Program Yourself to be Best for Yourself and thus Best for All and thus the Best Human for Nature, the Best Human for Earth, the Best Human for Other Humans, the Best Human for your Children – those that want You Not to be the Best, because If You are the Best that means you are in a Win-Win Scenario, because as long as You’re Not the Best = it’s Easier for Them to Win and you have More for you to be the Loser that has got Less, because You have in some way Accepted some form of Fear to be Controlled.

You should look at the Research of John Gatto around Education, and you should Make Sure that Nobody that ever uses the word ‘Brainwashed’ can Control you, because Anybody that can be Controlled through the Fear that is Produced by the word ‘Brainwash,’ Do Not Understand that Word, Do Not Realize that they are By their Very Response Confirming that they are Brainwashed by the Word ‘Brainwashed’ and if one is Brainwashed by the word ‘Brainwashed’: Are you In Trouble or What? Get a Puppy, Brainwash the Puppy and Wake up from your Dream-world of Fear.

Realize that the World is the Result Of Your Fear and therefore, You are In Fact the Reason Why the World is the Way it is by the Facts that You Accept within yourself as Reality without Ensuring that That which is You, which are the Words you have Built your Life on, the Words you are Living and because These Words are based on Fear, they are Your Vocabulary, that which you are Voicing, that which is your Vocation, you are the one that In Fact Creates everything the Way it is By your Participation, by your Brainwashing. Isn’t it Time You Stop and Realize that it is really a Simple Process to Become What is Best, Not from a Winner’s Perspective but from a Win-Win Perspective. Desteni is about Win-Win. Those that Manage to get away with Winning by Creating Losers, Do Not want Desteni to Exist because We are going to Take Away through our Education Process Their Ability to Control Others, their Ability to Abuse and therefore Abusers Attack Desteni from One perspective only: to Abuse and to Use their Control that they have Developed through the Ability to Induce Fear in others, to Use that to Remain in a Position where they can Claim ‘They’re a Winner’ – but they Do Not Want You to Win because: if you are Equal, if You are in a Position of Win-Win: there are No More Losers and the current scenario of Abuse in the World Does Not Want a Win-Win, it wants a Win-Lose.

Make sure You Understand Brainwashing so that one can Stop the Win-Lose relationship that is Existing in this World, so that one can Stop the Scenario that is causing the Abuse which is Competition based on a Win-Lose Scenario.

Become a Win-Win Solution – I mean Stephen R. Covey in The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People shows Very Clearly as well that a Win-Win Solution is the Answer. The Win-Win Solution is Equality you see? Be Equals, Ensure that ‘You Give as You would Like to Receive’ – that’s the Win-Win Solution – ‘Do onto Others as You would Like to be Done onto’ – that’s the Win-Win Solution. If you Cannot explain this Practically, Effectively: You are Brainwashed with Fear – that is Not an Acceptable way to Exist.

The Acceptable Way to Exist is to Exist in a way that is Best for All, if you exist like that and you Ensure that to be the World System, that to be the Foundation of your Relationships, that to be the Foundation of All your Actions – to Give as you would Like to Receive, then You are Truly a being of Love. At Desteni you will meet True Beings of Love and Those that Attack us, What do you Know? They’re doing it from Fear, so They are Not Love, but they will Claim ‘Love,’ because They Do Not Understand and they are Not Willing to Investigate Themselves for Real, to Investigate What is going on Inside Themselves, to Understand Where a Thought comes from, Where a Feeling comes from… They are Brainwashed – such a Funny Business this is.

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