Saturday 13 July 2013

Day 451: The Tap Planned Obsolescence within Basic Income Guaranteed

old-cell-phone-bettery-sticker-lg We look at the journey of a tap. This particular tap is sold within hardware stores at a price that makes it affordable for those with less money. Now, this tap has a warranty of one year but! It lasts 2 years. Now the person that buys the tap is buying it because that is all they can afford. What is not realized is that 2 years later the tap breaks, it simply snaps, it was inferiorly designed with the intent to break and it forces the person – that already could barely afford the tap – to buy another tap, otherwise they simply cannot get the water for the pipes, they can’t afford another tap and obviously they’re in deep trouble and therefore prioritizing takes place. And some points must suffer so that this singular tap can be bought and the water can flow again.

This is one of the very strange things that is being accepted by the human race as ‘normal’ having Planned Obsolescence because at the economic level it is justified that this continuous process of replacing products after a short warranty is ‘creating jobs and employment’. But in fact it’s placing massive strain on the resources of the world because you have to keep on creating and/or bringing out more resources to keep on producing more obsolete-planned products and keep on replacing it where a product could have lasted for 30-40-50 years it now will last one to two years which means in a life cycle of a single family or a single person, the same product will be bought many times.
Some of the corporations and economists have come up with an even cleverer idea, they have taken the process of a product like the cellphone through a process of evolution. Although they already know what the next product and model is going to be, they do the same with cars – they will create the illusion that there is something better so in a way assisting the human to accept Planned Obsolescence “I will get the next gadget/ I will get the next car.” Instead of from the first point on creating a car of real value or a cellphone of real value that lasts and that will put less strain on the environment, less strain on the available income of a family to be spent more on a wider variety of things, thus creating jobs and employment.

Now within Basic Income Guaranteed one must understand that one cannot unconditionally accept the system and grant an unconditional basic income within a finite system. It is like the same point of Planned Obsolescence, you are going to cause the world system to become obsolete from the perspective of the fact that it will fail because it will be a never ending pit you have to fill. In a finite existence, the resources need to be very carefully measured and then distributed. Which is why within Basic Income Guaranteed, those with enough money do not qualify for an income; those that don’t have enough money qualify for an income unconditionally. Now the term ‘unconditional’ becomes relevant and specific.

Furthermore within a system of Basic Income Guaranteed, the products created must be within the context of preserving resources in the World and therefore it must be engineered to last as long as possible, because the added value to a product which is the basis of creating a sustainable economic system, is the labor point and that one equates mathematically; and by having all the information available about everyone and having what is available in the world within the planned model, one can plan exactly what needs to happen with every product, moving in the system to ensure that in the end, every person on Earth has got an effective Basic Income Guaranteed and those that want to earn more can do so and become wealthy, if they want to. This way capitalism survives, ingenuity becomes beneficial and the deception and illusion that is created through public relations and the public lie of obsolescence disappears and the world resources become sustainable, the use of energy becomes sustainable, the economy becomes sustainable and peace and harmony becomes sustainable because war is no longer necessary to keep capitalism going.

And in a way Planned Obsolescence is a war on the poor because it is the poor that end up buying the cheap products because they can’t afford anything else, but they are then forced to keep on buying it after every one or two years – nobody seems to notice. Planned obsolescence only diminishes the capacity of the poor to look after themselves and make them poorer. And because of the mechanization of product, creations and design = less people have got jobs, so there’s even less people that can buy and those that can buy are trapped through planned obsolescence in cycles of having to replace the products that are simply not designed to last in the first place, causing just cycles of more and more poverty; more and more people constantly under a psychological threat which obviously builds the whole other area of our psychology business model, where no one never knows exactly how to help anyone because: everyone is only ever willing to share an opinion. And the point of an opinion is that it allows you to be wrong and you don’t have to take responsibility – exactly the same as planned obsolescence. So our psychology also follows a model of planned obsolescence.

The right of the human to a life that is dignified and that is based on understanding how the mind functions and how relationships function = that’s just obsolete, we cannot solve those problems because that is what psychologists told me: “We cannot solve the problems of learning disabilities for instance, because then the psychologist would become Obsolete.” So planned obsolescence within psychology for instance is: to never cure anyone, the same in the medical profession you know: treat symptomatic means do not prevent the illness, because if you prevent the illness = the Big Pharma can no longer make money and even the few jobs that are still remaining the system will be lost.

So we have a system in complete desperation but we do not want to be Self-Honest about the situation we find ourselves in. And therefore, because at some level the human does understand that there is a mathematical problem and the fact that the accepted planned obsolescence is because they understand that at this stage it does create jobs and it also gives a form of satisfaction because you can go out and fulfill your preprogrammed brainwashing by feeling good when you buy something, I mean you’ve been programmed to do that, that is being the intent and the design and dedication of Public Relations, is to ensure that you have a ‘buying experience’ where you feel good, and they have achieved that because it’s very effectively working. But because people know that this is a mathematical point, they also know if one promise them an unconditional basic income grant where there are no checks and balances based on the basic economic flow of money, that it cannot work – so you’re not going to get support for that. You need to have a practical model that actually shows an understanding of the processes going on and how these processes economically are affecting everyone. And why we would for instance turn a blind eye to the effect of planned obsolescence and how it affects the poor – you need to show that you have some grasp of reality and we already know that our economists do not because they have invented things like Planned Obsolescence and they have justified it. They have invented things like an Economy based on debt and removing labor as a value, allowing the value of the human and the human right to be diminished – and they have justified it.

So the economists are just part of planned obsolesces and in a way their existence is obsolete as well because they are of no value to the future of the human race as they exist now. So their planned obsolescence is now in effect, you can’t trust what they’re saying because: they haven’t got a clue. They have just been following information that was written in books and they’ve never done the most basic mathematical calculations of actually assessing the nature of reality as it now exists, identifying the problems and solving them – this is what we do at the Equal Life Foundation, we get down to the root of it and we find out exactly what is causing the problem and then we present a solution.
So we are real people, is time you get real as well – join us.
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