Friday, 12 July 2013

Day 450: The Power of Now Illuminated

The Power of Cash The interesting thing about the word NOW is that if you reverse it, it changes into the word WON, the past tense of Win. And this is Very Relevant within a Reality where Competition is the Primary thing every Parent will Teach their Children, Competition is the Primary thing every Educator will Teach a Child, Competition is the Primary thing on which Politics is Based, is the Primary thing on which Consumerism is based, is the Primary thing on which Money is based which is the Resource which the Human Uses to Value Themselves within the System. And therefore ‘the Power of Now’ has become an interesting force as an extension of the Law of Attraction and the Ideology of Positive Thinking Used to Justify at an individual level by those that Follow this Ideology as to the Reason ‘Why’ They can Win while Others Lose and how This Winning is based on their ‘Advanced Enlightened Insight of Reality’ that explains why they apparently are ‘More Aware’ and can explain Why they’re Winning by Developing and Inventing Reasons Why their awareness is Justified and Established to Present and Produce a result Equal to Winning, thus Equal to having More than others in spite of the fact that They do not Look at the Reality of the Different Handicaps that exist.

You know in golf a Handicap is quite Handy for Those that Do Not have the Skill, and therefore the better you’re skilled in golf = the More Difficult your Handicap to create a form of Equality. Strange enough We Do Not Apply this in Our Reality; in our Reality we do the Reverse with the Handicap. We let Those that are Handicapped by not having the Same Access and Opportunity, we leave them to Wallow in their situation while we Invent Explanations and Justifications as to Why ‘We are Better off than They are’; and we Do that under the Disguise of for instance an ideology like The Power of Now. And you’ll see the Wealthy and Successful Embrace this ‘Power of Now’ because it makes them Feel Better about their Own Existence and it Allows them to Justify ‘Why’ They can Allow Suffering and Poverty and all that goes with it to Exist.

And, whenever you Question this they’re all going to Say to you “You Don’t Understand The Power of Now because it is All about Your Awareness! You are the one that is Responsible and thus in your Responsibility, you have Realized a Certain understanding of Awareness and therefore you have Used Your Reality Better” But that is in Complete Contradiction to the Fact that You are in this Reality Completely Interconnected and thus if a person is Handicapped by their Environment, an Environment that is the Result of everyone Participating in it, One Will be Handicapped to the Degree that You are Not able to In Fact Exist as an Equal in this Reality. And Yet those that Follow the Ideology of ‘Winning’ in Competition through ‘The Power of Won’ – which is the Power of Now – will justify their apparent awareness as ‘Benevolent’ Not that it is Actually just based on the Fact that they are Benefitting from their Advantage and they Take Advantage of other’s Handicap because that makes it Impossible for the others to Compete as Equals – those kind of stuff which is the Self Honest stuff, is simply Disregarded and Only the Nice Part of the ‘Power of Now’ is in fact Considered to Justify ‘Why Living Conditions for Those that Follow the Power of Now are Better.’

And the Power of Now has been around for some time on Earth now with quite a large Following and yet, where one would have Expected because All those that are involved in the Power of Now are Financially normally in a Much Stronger Position, you would have Expected that they would have Used their Power as Money to Influence Reality and to Make a Better World. Instead, the Evidence is Clear on a daily basis: Things are Getting Worse – You know Why it’s getting Worse? It’s because The Power of Now People are Creating it this way, they’re Justifying ‘Their Winnings’ in this Giant Casino and they are Taking their Winnings and they’re putting it away in Safe Places to Protect Themselves against the Environment where: If you Don’t Have Enough, You will be in a Position of Suffering. So they Understand that Without the Power of their Money = They would be Suffering – and therefore they Protect Themselves instead of Creating a New System, One that Works for Everyone, so that the Power of Now becomes actually the Power of Equality and Oneness from the perspective of Producing a World that is Best for All. But That would mean that those in the Power of Now will have to Give up their Control and Power, the Power they have over others because they Have Resources and they can thus Force Others into Wage Slavery and They can Claim they ‘Do something Good’ because “At Least I’m Helping them to Survive, but I will Not Create a System that will Ensure the Right to Life, the Human Right to Life of Everyone Equally, I will Only ever be the Slave Master because I AM after all The Winner, I have the Power of WON: the Winner, I am the Winner and because I AM The Winner: I Make the Rules” No you Don’t Make the Rules, You Enforce the rules, you’re using a form of Extreme Violence to Enforce the Rules of the Power of Now Protecting ‘Your Winnings,’ Creating a Reality where YOU are Safe and everybody else is Not.

So if you are a Follower of this Power of Now, Understand: You are in fact The One that Participates in Creating a Reality where You Remain the One with Power, You Remain the One with Money, You Remain the Slave Master, You Justify it, You Make it Sound Better than What it is, You Do Not sit down and take a piece of paper and Work out the Actual Mathematical Equations of the Relationships that Exist between All things on Earth and have a look at where the Imbalance and the Polarity exists and Why it is that you Truly have More than others and Why it is that You Do Not Share that with everyone and Why it is that the Resources that are Freely Given by the Earth and the Universe are Not Available Equally to Everyone – No! That would mean you have to be Self-Honest and such a thing simply Does Not Exist Within the Power of Now.

And therefore, You will React to me, You will Attack me in every way possible because I am a Danger and the Desteni message is a Danger to Your Reality where You have Power and Control. I will Reiterate: Your Power and Control is an Illusion, it will be taken away at the moment of your Last Breath and you Will Face in fact the Total Consequence of Everything that you have Accepted and Allowed and how you have Used and Abused your Justifications as ‘Power over Others’ and over other living beings on this planet, you are Confined in an At-Most-Fear in a Bubble in the Universe because You Cannot be Trusted with Life, because You Invent Reasons Why You Can have Power over others and Cause abuse and justify it by creating Ideologies based on forms of Spirituality, Claiming that to be ‘Inspirational,’ Dressing up Knowledge as Wisdom, creating through that a form of Bullshitting yourself.

Do the Actual Mathematics, this is a Reality of Science, this Reality follows Scientific Laws, Laws of Very Specific Outcomes that are the same measurable Regardless of Time. These Laws are your Foundation, the Mathematics are your Foundation to Assess whether your Consciousness is Conning you or whether You are in fact Aware.

The Power of Now is purely another step in the Deranged Justifications of those that Manage to have More than others by Abusing others through the Manipulation of The system and the Incorrect Use of the Physical Laws of this reality.

I suggest if you have it within you, a spark of Integrity, a spark of Care, to Take Care of yourself by joining Desteni and Establishing within yourself Self-Honesty, establishing within yourself a Sense of Awareness of Actual Reality, to End this Ludicrous Competition within which you have to Lie to Yourself as to Why it is that you are WON, You are a Winner, why you have to Justify it to yourself through the Power of WON, why You are the One that Can Have while Others Cannot.
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  1. Comment I wanted to share:

    About the handicap and golf, even in video games the more skilled you are, you pick the harder difficulty. Easier difficulties are designed into the game. That way more people are included and more people come to play the game. Unlike video games, money is something we all have to participate in and be our own experts to have anything.

    All people must have access to money: we wouldn't have anything we have now if it wasn't for money (write it all on paper!). When this game becomes a point that defines life or death - money - inclusiveness is of higher priority than anything else. We are currently worshipping an ideology of exclusiveness when something like money requires to be directed in an inclusive manner.