Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Day 447: Good Deeds as Deception

Hiding_Behind_a_Mask_by_SaerahHaytch This is quite a Fascinating thing Within our System at this Time because Those that have Acquired Capital through Mechanisms of Abusing the System, then Presenting that they Apparently were ‘Spiritually Progressive’ and that Apparently ‘God’ or some ‘Spirit’ gave them the Wealth and the Capital they have, they would then Try and Buy their Redemption through ‘Good Deeds’ because They Know they have Acquired their Wealth through Ill Gain, through Evil, through Lying and Cheating, through Deliberately Misdirecting.

Good Deeds are Always the Evidence that the Person in Essence is Evil and would like to Try and Pay in some way for What they’ve Done, but it is Never Enough – that’s why the World Suffers. But yet, the Wealthy will Create all kinds of Mechanisms through which they can try and Buy their Image to Present that their Image and Likeness is apparently of Benevolence and of ‘Higher Spiritual Value’ – That is Not True, it is Impossible to Acquire a ‘High Life’ in this world, a Wealthy Life, a Life where You have More than Others Without Being Evil: this is the Nature of the System. Yet the very ones that Do this will Use their Advantage to Buy off the Fools that Do Not Realize How Things Really Work and they will do ‘Good Deeds’ because apparently that ‘Buys you a Place in Heaven’… Come on! You Cannot Buy Anything with ‘Good Deeds,’ because Good Deeds are Not Good, Good Deeds are a Misdirection, it’s a Cognitive Disinformation Strategy to Direct those that are Foolish Enough to Not Realize how things Really Work into an Ideology that apparently You Acquire Wealth through being ‘Spiritual’ or ‘Good,’ or through ‘Serving God’ while the Actual Self-Honest Truth is that: it is Impossible. You can Only Ever acquire Wealth – and you can Check this throughout All Time, All Bloodlines, All People if you go into their Actual Mind, the Secret Mind, the Actual History you’ll see what was Acquired was Done through Evil.

If you look at the Establishment of the United States of America, it was Taken From the People Before them; if you look at Any Scenario in the World: the Wealth of America, the Wealth of Europe = same story.

But Those things have now Come to Pass, it will Not Continue. The System has Already Been Changed that’s Why Nothing Wants to Work, that’s Why it’s All Getting Worse and it will get Much Worse! You Better get to Self-Honesty about How things Really Work, you Better get to Self-Honesty and Not Allow yourself to be Part of this Evil.

Join Desteni and Learn about The Truth, the Truth about Money and Wealth, Spirituality and God, the Universal Mind – Why Some are Wealthy, Why All People that Have Wealth are In Fact Evil and would in Fact use Evil Means to Gain their Advantage, they would Do so and would Use Competition in Every Way possible but Never Tell the Truth, Never Share the Real Story.

It is Time for it To be Revealed.
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