Wednesday 17 April 2013

Day 358: Pricing and Labeling in Equal Money Capitalism Profit-Share

This will Fundamentally be the Important part of a New System and will Address the Economic Inequalities, the Distribution Problems and the Fairness of Support to All Humans Equally based on the Constitutional Right of Life as Equal, that is Proposed to be the Fundamental Rule of Law in the World - where Each Being Born is Supported Unconditionally, Equally, from Birth to Death. In this, one must realize that Each Child is, in essence, the Product of the Environment, Parenting and Education and therefore - there will be Substantial Investment to be made in Education, specifically starting with Educating Parents to be Prepared to be Functionally Effective with Decent Integrity, as they are currently Not Adequate in/as the Support for a New Life Form to Enter this World.

So, Labeling will be fundamental, because the Label will Clearly Place the Level of Research done, the Science behind the Content, Manufacture and Production of the Article in question, the Purpose of the article, How to Use it Effectively, How the Parts of it must be Recycled and what Provisions for Recycling have been made. Obviously, to Produce a Product that Cannot be Recycled purely because it’s Cheaper - is ludicrous, because it will become More Expensive in the long run. Therefore, Products - in Every way Possible, will be Made to be Recycled and it will be a Condition of Replacement as you will Not be Able to Replace a Product unless the Evidence is Clear that you have in fact Correctly Recycled it. This will ensure that there will be No Unnecessary Wastage or Dumping of Waste Products Anywhere in the World, as the Total System will be Engineered to Take Care of the Recycling and place the Resources Recycled Back into Circulation, to Become a New Product or Article.

Also, the content specifics of Where the Product Comes From, in terms of the various Resources and Items as part of it (meaning, the Resources that were Used in Making the Product) will be Sourced at its Nearest Location to Reduce the Use of Energy, in terms of having to Move the Product. Thus, Resource will be based not on a Market Force that determines Price, Price will be Determined as to What is Needed to particularly Sustain a Community that is in the Immediate Environment of the Resource. All of this will be on the Label and will be Part of the Pricing Structure. So, Accounting, Auditing and all the Functionalities of the Mathematics Involved in working out a Balance like an Actuary, will all be working specifically in establishing Pricing specifically - so that Once the Price Reach the Consumer, the Price will Clearly state, in Detail, specifically: ‘Who’ Gets ‘What’ Part of the Price you Pay.
This will Ensure that, for instance, you Exactly know where Your Contribution to the System goes, where your Money goes and you can thus Decide on one thing: is the Quality, Durability and Integrity of the Product such that it is a Valid Contribution that you are making in your Choice to Specifically Utilize the Particular Product? And if you’re not satisfied, obviously there will be a means and a way with which you can Contribute in the Perfecting of the Product, making it more Durable, Better. As you will be Part, not only as an ‘User’, but part as user in the Production of the Product - because Your total existence will be Dependent on a Similar System, where your Participation in it is measured as to the Quality and Durability of the Product, and that your Income Depends on Effective Pricing, Labeling and the Effective Working out of How to Price the Product, so that All participants Receive Enough Income from the Process of Production and Sale, so that the Total Community – Every Human Being – is in Fact Supported.

This Interconnectedness between Resource, Price and eventual Support is critical, because it brings about the Balance Necessary to Sustain a Society, to Sustain the Economic System, which is an ECO-System more than anything else. It is Not a System of Individual Profit, but a System where Everyone Profits Effectively and where the Specific Contribution of Each one is of great importance so as to Understand the Essence of where things come from - How things are Interconnected, how Humans are Interconnected, Understanding the Interconnectedness with each other and Why Profit is in fact the Parts that are Added on specifically to Support those that are Part of the Process of Producing, Resourcing and Putting Together the End Product. In this, the Label and the Price will be Essential and for instance Accountancy, Auditors and so on will Function in the Process of Verifying that Information and Making Sure that the Profit is Sufficient to Sustain the Total Economy of any Particular Environment that is Involved in its Production.

There will also be a Part within the pricing that will specifically be used to Assist Those areas on Earth that Do Not necessarily have the Natural Resources that are needed to Sustain them. This is to Prevent people from Creating Massive Cities where they place Massive Pressure on the Environment, and to ensure that people remain and can find a Sustainable Life Everywhere in the world. And therefore, there is a Fair Distribution of People Across the World and this Fairness is not so much about being ‘Fair to the human’, but being Fair to the Planet Earth and to Nature so that there is Not Too Much Pressure placed on Any Part of Nature that cause it to Deteriorate in its Existence.

We’ll continue with Pricing and Labeling in Equal Money Capitalism Profit-Share (Part Two) in the Next Post

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