Monday 31 December 2012

Day 260: I Think, therefore I Thought

“I think, therefore I am” – is some of the ‘Great’ Statements of the Philosophers, that should be Assessed Vigorously. So, let’s Expand the Statement a little – so that it is more according to Actual, Real, Practicality.
“I Think, therefore I am Thought” – this is the Natural, Commonsense, Expansion of the Statement. Removing the ‘Hocus-Pocus’ that has been Attributed to “I Think, therefore I am”, as being something ‘Profound’.

Now, Self Honesty will give one the Actual Answer of the I Am: “I Think, therefore I Am My Thoughts”. If you Write down your Thoughts, you will See Who you Are – according to your Total Awareness of yourself within this Life. If you’re Self-Honest – you will Notice, with Astonishment: How little of What you Think, you are Willing to Openly Share with everyone else, because Lots of it is Downright Abusive, Nasty, Egoistic. Every term that One Will use against people you Dislike – Actually Exist within you, As You, As your Thoughts.

The more the Human have Aligned itself with Thought: the More Humans have Started Speaking these Thoughts in Nasty, Abusive Ways – Directed Personally against Others. And seemingly, Derive some Pleasure from their Ability to be able to be Abusive and Nasty and Get Away with it.
You See – you can be as Nasty as you like in your Thoughts, nowhere do you See ‘God suddenly appearing’ to Remind you, that He may be Watching you.

What is More Astounding, is that: these Great Philosophers and Thinkers that Hold Dear the Statement “I Think, therefore I Am” – were not Able to Think, when they were Born. The Ability to Think Developed over many years, Depending on the Influences and Education the Person was Exposed to. Which means, Practically, Self Honestly that: Not a Single Thought you have – is Ever anything to do with the “I Am” that you Are. You do not even Understand How you Create, Mechanically, Energetically, a Single Thought. You Just Accept, because you Think – you Must be ‘somewhat Special’.

Yes – you are ‘Special’, you are Especially Stupid, Especially Ignorant, Especially Dumb, and everything that goes with it, to Fall for such an Obvious Misnomer.

For the Purposes of a World System, subject to Control – you are the One that is Controlled by What you Think. And therefore, as That which is Controlled: you Exist AS that Control, As your Thought. And within that context – you can come up with Thoughts, and State it as Words for instance: “I Am Happy”, “I Am Love” etc. But, In Fact: All the Thoughts you State as the “I Am” – are But the Result of What has been Programmed into you, during the Time when you were not yet Able to Think for yourself. Obviously, you were Not Thinking for Yourself, because the “Yourself” is the Product of That which makes-up the Mechanical Foundation of your Thought, which you do not have a Clue How it Functions. Therefore, the “Yourself” – is Purely the Result of Coincidence. The Coincidence of Family, of Environment, of Economic/Financial Position, of Family Position, of Religious Intolerance, because – your Family and Society you are Born into, will not Tolerate you if you do not Follow what they Follow. And therefore, this “I Think, therefore I Am” Consciousness Personality that the Human present as itself: will be Intolerant to Anything that is Not According to its Programmed, Brainwashed, Self.

If you were Able to be Free – you would be able to Assess, as Jesus suggested: All Things, and you would have been able to Realise what is Good, and you would have been Able to Create a World that is Best for All Life. But, this “I Think, therefore I Am” – is Not a Product that is Alive. It is a Machine that Functions with Energy, and it Only Exists as long as the Physical Body exist to Feed it Energy. Therefore, the “I Think, therefore I Am” – Ends with Death. BUMMER. Another Wasted Life.

As you Note, Best Not to get Stuck on Philosophy. Rather get down to the Practical Reality, and Study How Thought Actually Function. So that you can Establish whether you Want to be the Slave to your Thinking. And, so you can See – Who benefits, while you Struggle with Forces within you, that only Exist to Mislead you. There is Sufficient, Clear, Information Available Already – for Those that May Dare to Set themselves Free from the “I Think, therefore I Am Thought”.

But, Don’t Worry, Dear Soul - Souldier On. Because Death will Set you Free from “I Think, therefore I Am my Thoughts”. So Sad – that then, you will have to Start All Over Again and Face Exactly the Same Experience, ‘till you become Self-Honest and Life Aware. Until then, until Life Awareness Exist – for Practical Purposes: you are Just an Illusion. Existing at the Mercy of a Planet that Eventually will No Longer Tolerate you.

So, I Cannot say Even – “see you on the Other Side”. Because, what Remains…is Nothing of What you are Now. 
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Saturday 29 December 2012

Day 259: Give Happiness, Get Happiness

Happiness Play a Central Role in the Evaluation of Life Experience on Earth. In this, Money Plays a Significant Role, as anyone that’s been under Financial Pressure can Attest to.

The Vital Question then, would be: How can we Ensure Happiness for ourselves and our Loves Ones as a Constant Experience in Every Way Possible?

To Investigate this, there is a Way – to Ensure Happiness for Everyone on Earth as much as Physically Possible. This will also Ensure a Secure and Dignified Life for Every Child Born, and thus for One’s Own Family. This will be a Journey though, as Each One will have to Investigate their Current Version of Knowledge and Adjust their View of the World to not Only Include their own Self-Interest, but also to Include the Self-Interest of everyone else. It’s like taking the Jesus the Message of “Giving as you would like to Receive”, to its ULTIMATE Success, which Ensures Successful Living for yourself and Everyone Else on Earth. There are a Few Exceptions like for instance, Distorted Mental Health, Physical Disabilities and Unforeseen Events – but, for the most part: it is Possible to Ensure a Life of Happiness for Everyone.

What is Amazing is that: you do not Require the Law Of Attraction for instance, to Bring this to yourself. You have to Understand the Law of “Giving as you would like to Receive”, and in this – the First Step is, GIVE. And the Law Of Attraction – you want to First Receive before you Give. And therefore, it is Not an Effective Way to Ensure Happiness for yourself or Anyone Else, and only a Few will Hit the Jackpot with the Law Of Attraction.

With the Law of “Giving as you would like to Receive” –everyone will Hit the Jackpot Every Time, which Bring an End to Luck and Casting the Lot, as Happiness will no longer have an Element of Luck to it.

To Grasp How this is Possible: we Must Emphasize the Importance of Initially, Patiently, Studying the Economic Principles of Equal Money Capitalism. And Yes, it is Capitalism – Functioning in the Way it was Intended, to Produce Not Only Opportunity, but ACTUAL Success for Every Person on Earth. A Few Points about Equal Money Capitalism, just to Wet your Appetite:

- It will Bring an End to All Debt in the World
- Property Ownership will be a Basic Human Right
- Healthcare will be a Basic Human Right
- Happiness will be a Basic Human Right
- Employment will be a Basic Human Right
- Education will be a Basic Human Right
- Freedom of Choice will be a Basic Human Right

This is But a Few of the Results of the Law of “Giving as you would like to Receive”, Embodied in Capitalism that is Based On Equal Rights for Every Human Being on Earth.

Every Human Being Claim ‘the Right to Life’, yet there is no Protection of this Right – unless you, in the Current Capitalism, have the Benefit of Money; this Equal Money Capitalism (EMC), will Prevent. What will also be Prevented, is War. As War is Profit-Driven.

It is Time for a New World System. One Based on Prevention, instead of Reaction. One Based on Honouring the Right of Life, Equally for All.

Join the Journey to Life, and Become Part of a Solution. 
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Friday 28 December 2012

Day 258: Vampires in the Soul of Sacred Geometry - ADC - Part 105

This blog is part of the After Death Communication Series

The History with Life After Death – Part 88

Does God Exist in the Afterlife? – Part 39

Secret Geometry of Consciousness and God – Part 6

Vampires in the Soul of Sacred Geometry

Vampires are Portrayed as Eternal Beings that Live on the Blood of the Physical Body, the so-called ‘Common Human’.

This is not Unlike the Portrayal of the Relationship between the Soul and the Flesh. Erroneously – those that Profess to be ‘Souls’, will Claim that the Body of Flesh is a temporary Illusion. And they would base it on the Experience they Generate through Mind Systems, which Follows the Design of the System where: the Search for Meaning and Reason, would Follow through the Combination of Predesigned Platonic Solids as Key Parts to Systems that produce Energy and Visual Input which the Person Align with, So Intensely that they Believe that it is Real, and they Disregard the Simple Reality of a Breath and Food and Bodily Functions that Keeps them Alive.

In this, these ‘Souls’ End-up Acting like Vampires in the Physical Reality, Seeking to Consume everything in their Path for the Self-Interest of the ‘Feeling’ that Produce, according to them, the ‘Experience of Happiness’. The fact that this ‘Happiness’ is Produced at the Cost of the Suffering of Uncountable Living Beings – Simply is Ignored or Seen as ‘Collateral Damage’ of an Illusion that will ‘Suddenly, Magically’ Disappear.
Strange Enough – all is in Reverse, and it is the Soul that Suddenly Disappear upon Death. The Body would remain as Part of the Physical World, to again gather Dust in another Life Form – not necessarily Human. Like a Maggot, where the Life Form will Breathe and Eat and be in a Relationship and have their Being.

Apparently, the Consciousness as Personality is a ‘Higher Form’ of Being, because – it can ‘Reason’. But, in fact – it has No Reason. Reason would be the Ability to Directively, Always, Manage All Existence in a Cooperative Way with Respect, Understanding the Inherent Equality as the Life Force that Animates the Form. But the Consciousness Refuse to Consider this. Because that would mean, it Must Give-Up its Self-Interest which is Focused on the Continuous Systematic Production of Energy and Feelings by Systems that the End-Result as Consciousness Never Sees, Never Understands, Never Considers.
Frankly, to be the End-Product as Energy and Feeling – without Understanding the Mechanics of Production: is the Height of Ignorance, and is the CORE Cause where All Life Forms and Life itself is Ignored.

As Above, So Below Dictates – that: what Happens on Earth as How Consciousness Ignores Life = Also Happen in Heaven. And that we Found as you can Explore in for instance, Journeys into the Afterlife and other Recordings that is Available for those that Dare to Consider that: If you Ignore Life, Life Will Ignore you. You Decide your Future, your Existence by what you Allow yourself to Be and Become.

In this, the Family virtually Act like a Vampire Coven that protects Self-Interest – No Matter What, and will Destroy Anything that Stands in the Way of its Survival. While, there is Another Way: the Co-Existence of All Form in a Harmonious Way – Giving to Each Life, as one would like to Receive Life. And to manage that within the Laws of Physics so that Each Life, from Birth to Death – could be the Optimum, Actual, Experience of Being on Earth. Where, in fact – All Needs are Sufficiently Fulfilled. Unless some would Take the Resources like Water, Control it, Put a Price Tag on it and Allow a Billion People No Access – simply because they have No Money. In this, the Real Illusion…is Money.

Yet, Those that Dare to Claim themselves to be ‘Souls’: are only able to do so, because they have Money as a Weapon to Protect them and Keep their Lifestyle so Designed, that they can Claim, Erroneously, that: their Success is Based on their ‘Spirituality’. Their Spirituality, in fact, is the Result of Deliberate Designed Systems that Purely Emphasize the Evil Nature of the Soul and the Spirit, which would Dare to Exist without Considering What is Best for All Life, Always. That Alone, Determines All Futures and All Lives.

May you Wake Up, before it is Too Late. 
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Thursday 27 December 2012

Day 257: Reincarnation and Secret Geometry - ADC - Part 104

This blog is part of the After Death Communication Series

The History with Life After Death – Part 87

Does God Exist in the Afterlife? – Part 38

Secret Geometry of Consciousness and God – Part 5

Reincarnation and Secret Geometry

In my Previous Blog, those that like to Asses through Assumption without a Direct View of the Actual Geometry – both of the Physical World, and that of the Preprogrammed Reality: may Want to Interpret that I imply that Reincarnation Exist.
Please Note that: All the Sacred Geometry of All of the Heavens and other Existences that form part of the Soul System - No Longer Exist, as it Required Energy from the Human Slave and that Supply was Stopped which Caused the Passing of Heaven, and the Old Heaven is No More. And, None of you will be able to Recreate it, because you don’t even Understand How you Create a Single Thought. What a Conundrum.

On Earth, All your Scary Sacred Geometry that Hides you in a Bubble of Light and Love, while you Live like a Parasite on the Physical Reality: have been Inverted for you to Face your Dominion. And as the Fibonacci Expands and then Contracts, eventually – through Series’ of Events, Offering the Opportunity of Self-Honesty and to Birth One as Life: the Inversion will Eventually take one to Nothing. Either as the Birth, or as the Next-to-Nothing, which will have to do it All Over Again.
This is Not Reincarnation, you will Not Enter another Body, you will Not Gather Dust – you will have to Embody the Physical from your Point of Next-to-Nothing, After Death. That is the Most Difficult Journey that could Ever Exist. Because, Unless you Birth yourself as Equal as Life, by Giving yourself Life as you Give Life to All Others – and that be Measurable as Life-Geometry through the Relationships that Form: you Will Not Enter Life.

But, you Really Actually Know this, that’s Why you Look for Saviours and for Angels, and for Magic – but, the Labour of Life, which Results in a World that is Best for All: you Deliberately Ignore. Life will Ignore you, ‘till you are Equal. And there is More than enough Time, because you See: Your Preprogrammed Life is Limited - Life just Waits for you to Die, and then: “HELLO, Next-to-Nothing”. And then, the Process Starts.

It’s Best if you Start it While in the Body. Not to Waste Time, so to speak. Because, it is Easier in the Body and the Process already is Extremely Difficult in the Body. Now Imagine that: without the Body, the Process is Immeasurably more Difficult.

So, again – I say: “Don’t Wait. Realise your Responsibility - Not only to yourself, but to All Other Life, and Here, Specifically, on Earth.”

The Word EARTH with the H in front becomes HEART. The Earth is the Heart of Life. It Offers you an Opportunity: The Opportunity of Equality as Life. But, you have to Be It. You See: even what my Words imply Here, is that the Mind, Love and Light, Thoughts and Feelings, Intellect and Reason – is All Irrelevant. Because, it’s Not Real – it was Created by the Scary Sacred Geometry that Follows the Rules of Hiding the Truth. That’s why you can’t Find the Truth, because you are a Product of the Big Lie. And, it should be Commonsense that: Unless you Completely Disengage All the Mechanics that Created the Lie as the Mind – you Will Never Get to the Real Truth. And, as Long as you are a Product of the Mechanics of the Big Lie as Love and Light, as Thought and Feeling, as Emotion and Soul, as Projection and Experience: you haven’t Started the Journey YET, of Disengaging yourself from That which created you as an Illusion - to Feed like a Parasite on Life. Life Allows this Only for a Moment longer – and then, NO MORE.

Throughout the Ages you had enough Opportunities to Stop and Realise yourself. You Chose Self-Interest. And Yet: you will Get Another Chance. But, the End of these Chances is Near. It’s Now only One Life, as Reincarnation is No More.

One Chance. Make the Most of it.
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Day 256: When the Negative is Positive in Secret Geometry - ADC - Part 103

This blog is part of the After Death Communication Series

The History with Life After Death – Part 86

Does God Exist in the Afterlife? – Part 37

Secret Geometry of Consciousness and God – Part 4

When the Negative is Positive in Secret Geometry

One of the Tell-Tale Controls in the Preprogrammed Consciousness is where the Experience as ‘Positive’ is seen as ‘Truth’, instead of the Actual Physical Evidence of Individual Lives on Earth Not being Equal, and Best for Life. This is particularly Evident in the New Age and Spirituality Scene, where: the Emphasis is placed on the ‘Positive Experience’, past, present and future without an Inkling of an Idea – What and How the Actual ‘Positive Experience’ is Created as an Energetic Force.
Even attempting to Share HOW the ‘Positive Experience’ is Created, which may Invalidate it and may Prove it to be a Negative Experience in fact: is Simply Ignored, Denied, Shouted down - whatever way possible, the One Trapped by the Platonic Solids Relationship of Least Resistance that Produce an Energy of ‘Positivity’, is Regarded as the ‘Only Truth’.

Unfortunately, the World is in Reverse and Every Positive Experience that is Separate from the Actual Physical Reality, were Designed Specifically to Cover-Up the Negativity of the Actual Life on Earth with a Shiny Energy Veneer. Because, it was Imperative for the Production of Energy on Earth that the Slave must be Appropriately Conditioned to Never Move from its Position within which it would Produce the Optimum Amount of Energy through the Mind to Feed the Dimensions of the Afterlife.
This has now been Inverted, which means: these Energies now will Follow a Geometric Expansion in the relationship of Pi, which is called the Fibonacci Spiral; and it will Stretch the One Trapped within the Preprogrammed Design of Positivity to the Point of Final Breakdown. Not only in their own Lives, but within All Connecting Lives that Support this Atrocity and Abuse of Life through Positivity. This is a really Sad Story, because: Breaking Free from this Positivity through Experience is not the Recommended Method. As this would be a Most Daunting Experience, Stretching over Many Years, which will Eventually bring some Commonsense and Self-Honesty; to those Unwilling to Investigate the Mechanics of Positive Thinking and Thought in general and the Feeling-Experience specific.

So many of the Positive Thinkers Claim that “one must have an Open Mind” or “the Mind only Functions when it’s Open”; one should rather adjust this to: “a Mind is Only Open, when you Can Openly Investigate the Mechanics of the Mind. And you only have an Open Mind, when you In Fact Understanding the Exact Mechanics of Every Thought, Feeling and Emotion you have Ever had in your Life - to Understand How you have become who you are now.” This place into Question All Those who Claim to have ‘Open Minds’, because: they haven’t got a clue, and here I have to use it again – how Even One Single Thought is generated, through the Quantum Mind and the Quantum Physical.

We are just a Product of a Program, but Act all ‘Holy and Mighty’ – throwing around Grand Ideas of Life after Death, Ascension, Spiritual Guides, Angels; WOW – Soldiers of Light, this is a War you can’t Win. Because, it’s an Illusion and you will Always Lose in the End, because All the Energy, All the Thoughts, All the Emotions and All the Feelings, and All the Connections, and All the Love, and All the Light: will End with your Last Breath. And, what will Remain: is something very close to Nothing. Because, NOTHING that you have Lived were Real, and that which were Real, making it Possible for your self to Live, the Physical World: you have Disregarded, you have even Claimed that it is an Illusion. Here again, I must Remind you: try and Hold your Breath and See whether Love and Light will keep you Alive. Try and Hold your Breath and see if you’ll Ascend.

Self-Honesty, Self-Honesty, Self-Honesty.

We of Life, do not Mind Waiting. And on the Other Side of Death – even this Nearly Nothing of you that will Remain, we will Assist you and Prepare you to Once Again Enter the Physical and Face your Illusions and Delusions. But, you will have to do it in the Physical World, in the Physical Realm by the Laws of Physics. Unless you Transcend this, you will Repeat the same stuff and the Horror will Grow, as it is Growing Already – if you DARE to LOOK. 

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Tuesday 25 December 2012

Day 255: The Answer is Given and Thus Received - Secret Geometry of Consciousness and God - Part 3 - ADC - Part 102

This blog is part of the After Death Communication Series

The History with Life After Death – Part 85

Does God Exist in the Afterlife? – Part 36

Secret Geometry of Consciousness and God - Part 3

When an Answer is Given and Received, there is No Living Force that can Give and Receive - because, what has been Received is Accepted and Allowed to be the ‘Only Answer’.
What Answers have you been Given, that you Received so Completely – that you Became it? Your Religion, your Thoughts, your Feelings, your Culture, your Economic System, Education…See the Perversion of the Message of Jesus: “Give as you would like to Receive”, has been Adapted to: “the Answer Given, is the Answer Received”. And because the Answer is Given, you’re Rewarded when you Receive it. This is the Key of the Sacred Geometry Preprogrammed Design. The Program is the Answer – all you have to do is Receive it. And when the Platonic Solids go into Equilibrium as a System, you have Received the Answer and you have Become the Answer – Complete Acceptance and Allowance.

At No Point, During a Human Being’s Life – there is Any True Living, Any True Living Interaction of Giving and Receiving Life. Because Life is Not Given as the Answer…Happiness is, Love is, Positivity is.
Investigate How Many things you have been Given as Answers that you have Received as the ‘Truth’. Then, Notice that: Given Answers will Generate Thoughts, to Confirm the Answer – constantly telling you, that: “you already Have the Answer”. And therefore, you’ll Disregard the Message: “Investigate All Things and Keep what is Good”, because you Believe that you have Already Received the “Good Answer”, it works on your Life. And if it doesn’t: you just have to Become like Those whose Life seems to be “The Answer”. So, when you speak to the Poor, the Beggar: they will Give you the Answer they Expect they must Give – so that you can have “Compassion” for them. We have Spoken to many Beggars and asked them for instance: “What is More Important, Money or God?” The answer they Expect to give is: “God”, and therefore they all say: “it’s God”. But, they expect you to Give them Money. And even those that get this Answer from the Beggar then Feel Good, because even the Beggar Accept the Answer that is Given and there is Simply No, True, Analysis or Investigation when the Answer that is Given is Accepted and Allowed – there is Never an Investigation as to the Exact Technology that Produce the Answer. The Technology that Forms the Thought, the Technology that Forms the Feeling, the Technology that Forms the Emotion – because the Answer is Given, there is Not Even a Question that Arise about the Mind Technology that Produce the Confirmation of the Answer that’s been Accepted and Allowed.

From the very Moment a Child is Born, the Child is Given Answers – “you’re a Christian”, “you’re a Muslin”, “you’re a German”, “you’re a Jew”, “Respect what you Are”, “you’re rich”, “you’re poor”, “you’re a genius”, “you’re mediocre” – But, neither the Genius nor the Mediocrity, Understands the Mind Technology that Produce, Repeatedly, like a Frequency-Pattern, the Same Answer – so that No Change Ever Occur. Change, is only Ever Directed to Confirm the Answer already Given. So, whenever someone Investigate – they do Not Investigate the Mind-Technology, they Investigate the Answer Given, and Find All the Reasons Why they Must Accept the Answer Given as “the Only Answer Possible”.
Therefore, All Research of Science for instance, will be in the Context of “the Answer Given”, which is for instance, Profit. If the Science will not Produce Profit: it is not an Answer to be Received. And therefore, Science is Valued according to Profit.

Because Life is Not the Answer Given – Life has no Value on Earth. And therefore, Machines, Food, Medicine in Varied Different Ways – are Produced to Kill Life Forms, through the Justification that they are Not Willing to Adhere to the Answer Given. At the Moment, one of the CONS of Consciousness, is Democracy. And Whole Peoples, Whole Nations – are Decimated and Destroyed to Force them to Accept a New Answer, one Aligned to a particular Motive. The People don’t Realise that: it is Possible to Take a Whole Country and to Torture it, using Methods that has been Studied to Produce a Change in the Answer. Then the Country Subjected, to Massive Trauma and Torture, until: the Citizens Change their Answer to be Aligned with the Biggest Bully on the Block. You can watch this happen in front of your Eyes, but you Will Not Question it, you Will Not Rise up and say: “STOP, NO MORE!” You will not use the Means of Democracy of “One Man, One Vote” to Stand together as a Group to bring an End to the Horrendous Methods being used to Subdue any Individuality or Uniqueness. And so, More and More the Evidence is Clear as Christmas once again Show: “The answer is Given, go out and Shop”, and it is Received. And, the Populace Cannot Help themselves, because they have Accepted it as their Reward for being ‘Good’, by sticking to the Answer and Keeping the Answer going – Never Questioning the Answer.

In every Moment one Must be Life – and in that Moment, Give Life as you would like to Receive Life. And make sure, that: on your Way, as you Walk this Life – you Correct Everything that Presents Answers that Do Not Honour All Life in Ways that is Best. That way – we’ll Change the Answer, we’ll be the Answer. And, we’ll Receive what we Give.
But, because we Give a Given Answer – we Receive a Given Answer. And if that Answer is Inequality, Torture, Abuse, Addiction, Reward, Competition, Control, a Lifeless Love, Self Interest – we’ll do everything to Preserve it. Because, the very moment you step out of Line from the Answer Given as Demonstrated by so many Families, where one Child will Rebel against the Answer Given – the Parents will use every means of Torture and Manipulation, mostly Psychological, to Subdue the Errant Child to Step Back and Accept the Answer Given. And so many Children give up, eventually, because the Forces that Force them to Accept the Answer Given – Simply Overwhelms them. And there is No Support.

If you are a True Rebel for Life – Join us at Desteni. We Rebel against the Answer Given, because this Answer is Not What is Best for All Life, and therefore Produce Discord, Disease, Disharmony and Inequality in every Way Possible. And this is Hidden by a Divided, Partitioned, Mind - Seeking Rewards and Self-Interest. But, because the Mind-Technology and the Systemization is Not Understood – one has No Power, because you Believe the only Power Possible is in the Answer Given. 
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Monday 24 December 2012

Day 254: Secret Geometry of Consciousness and God - Part 2 - ADC - Part 101

This blog is part of the After Death Communication Series

The History with Life After Death – Part 84

Does God Exist in the Afterlife? – Part 35

Secret Geometry of Consciousness and God - Part 2

The Secret isn’t really a ‘Secret’, because – all of the so-called Enlightened ‘claim’ to Understand this. But, they Refuse to Investigate How they got Lost as the End-Product of Sacred Geometry, which is just the Reward of ‘Love and Light’. Imagine, Selling Eternal Light for a Reward of ‘Love and Light’…

In the Design of the Physical, we have to Look at some of the Results that eventually came forth from the Mind, externalized as Technology. If you look at the Combustion Engine for instance, and you Study its Parts – you’ll Notice that: the Critical, Functioning Parts of the Combustion Engine necessary to Produce Energy, Follows and Functions as Platonic Solid Variations, in various Sequences; Creating a Force that eventually Drive the Engine.
These All first Existed, in the Mind as the Mind and was Preprogrammed. No-one Invented this. Each Inventor has been Selected and Programmed to Deliver an Object that would, in the end, Engage the Human Race in a Process of Seeking Rewards - Forever staying out of the Present Reality, Never Understanding the Physics of it.
This was Necessary, so that the Interdimensional Systems of the Mind – could follow a Timeline of Production, as it Consumes Substance, for the sake of Generating Different Frequencies, Formats, of Energy – necessary for Creating Universal Control throughout the Universe, through a Similar Reward System as the Consumer System on Earth. The Consumer-System in Heaven, was Simply just going by a Different Name: the Soul System.
Fascinatingly enough, Indicating the Sole Purpose for the Human Existence, being that: as a Slave – Producing the Energy Necessary for the Multi-Dimensions Existence, in Form.

Now, this has been a Process that Required the Complete Submission of the Physical Vehicle, into the Acceptance of the Process, which was termed “Evolution” - so that the Human would Never Question what would Develop on Earth. Therefore, the Systems would be Designed in Pieces and the Human has got to Piece it together, and once a System is Effectively Constructed – the Human would Receive a Reward as a Feeling. For instance, a Feeling of Achievement, or a Feeling of Accomplishment, or a Feeling of Purpose – for a Little While, the Feeling would be Dominant and then, again, the Human will Feel there is ‘Something More’…the Next Feeling. And start Searching for the Pieces to Piece together another System, which would Lead the Human to Believe that they are In Fact the Mind, that their Thoughts and Feelings are In Fact ‘Real’, and that this is Confirmed through their Experience and Accomplishment. As they would Convince themselves that they are becoming ‘More’ through each Evolutionary Step. Ascension for instance, being One of the Steps.
But, in Reality – All they’ve Done: is Taken Preprogrammed Pieces from Forces with a Hidden Intent – Piece it Together, until they Become the Experience of the Feeling Produced by the New System. They would then Feed this System, and Keep it Running for as long as its Designed Life. Producing Energy that then would be Harvested, for something Quite Different to what Everyone Believe.

It was Obviously Imperative that No Human Ever Gain Access, to the Real Intent – because that would Cause the Eventual Understanding of All the Systems, which will Cause, eventually: the Human to Wake Up, which will Cause, eventually: the Human to Gain the Ability to Set themselves Free from Enslavement. And that would Cause the End of a Mechanical Existence, where All Emotions and Feelings are Produced by Interdimensional Systems, Presented as Feelings and Thoughts – to Keep the Human Entertained and Engaged in a Faith of Purpose and Meaning, which would Never be Anything that is Best for All Life. But, the Human would Not Notice that, because: they’re Existing, continuously, in Fear – Attempting to Complete their Task by Piecing together a System, which will Result in the Experience of ‘Love’ and which they would then See as ‘Light’. This ‘Light’ and ‘Love’ will Shine and become Brighter if they Focus on it, because – then, the Machine/System Produced, would Function and Produce MORE Energy. And the Energy, will Give the Human the Illusion of ‘Power’. A Power they Never want to Give Up, because they believe it’s ‘Them’. They even call it ‘Divinity’.

One should Ask, Why have you Never been Allowed Access to the Actual Multi-Dimensions of the Universe as the Afterlife? And Why, Those that Claim to have had Access, would Only Ever Enter Controlled Dimensions – where they Interact with Just a Few Beings that Feed them the same Information that is Already on Earth? One Should Ask, Why we Find it Virtually Impossible – to Change the Patterns of the Thoughts and Feelings, the Life Patterns? And Why, one can Feel No Compassion, this is Real Compassion, for Other Living Beings? And Why we Justify Only for our own Self-Interest this Purpose-Seeking, this Feeling – many cases, without a Name; but, it’s Like – one tend to call it a ‘Higher Purpose’: “There must be something More”…?

We’ll continue with this in the next Post
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Sunday 23 December 2012

Day 253: Secret Geometry of Consciousness and God - ADC - Part 100

This blog is part of the After Death Communication Series

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Secret Geometry of Consciousness and God

This is the Secret BEHIND Sacred Geometry, for those Still Willing to be Free from Eternal Enslavement. So, what is going to be Revealed in this, is – Quite Shockingly, and as I have indicated before: the Reverse of What You Think and Believe it is.

The Platonic Solids, Play a Vital Role in the Control and Enslavement of Beings at All Levels - whether it be Particle, or whether it be Heavenly; as the Platonic Solid, in its Motion – Presents Mechanical Equilibrium and the Illusion of Perpetual Motion.
Most of the Machines involved in Reality are Invisible to the Human Being as it’s outside the Frequency Range of Human Perception. For instance, the Feelings you Experience – are a Direct Result of Geometrical Designs that Enforce on you a Particular type of Submission; when the Platonic Solids are Moving in Equilibrium, and here they can Obviously be in Multiple Different Relationships with each other: it Will Be the Position of Least Stress, and would be Experience as for instance, “Love” or “Joy” or “Gratefulness” - whatever the particular Design Mechanism that was Imposed upon the Separated Parts of the Physical, Forced into Geometrical Alignments – are Controlled by Response Patterns, rather than Directive Patterns.
The Human Being, being Sensitive to Discord, Disharmony, Disease – are very easily Motivated to Seek Out the Harmony within themselves as the Equilibrium of Multiple Systems, Interacting within Relationship of a Closed System, as a Balanced Perfection for the Sole Purpose of Keeping the being Engaged at All Times; to Seek the Equilibrium and to Keep the Equilibrium going, and where Mastery will be to become a Master of Love, and Stay within the Geometrical Equilibrium.

This is In Fact, Quite Fascinating – the Sacred Geometry, as the Word Sacred so clearly Demonstrate as a Relationship between Scare and Care, that: Sacred Geometry is in fact the Mechanics of Fear. And when you go out of the Equilibrium relationship of the Platonic Solids, where there is Least Resistance: you will Experience multiple-dimensions of Fear, which now has Many Names. And you will Experience “Love”, when you go into Equilibrium.

This Principle has been Very Cleverly used to Keep the Physical Reality in a Form of Stable Control. With None of the Beings in Multiple Forms Realising How their Existence has been Systemized to be Followers of Reaction and Instinct. Followers of Pre-Planned Preprogrammed Designs, with Rewards along the Way when Equilibrium Spots are Hit within the Map of the Book of Life.
None has Realise, that: even “Spirit” you Experience, the Aura you See - are but the Result of Systems that Move either In or Out of Equilibrium. And that, “White Light” is what is used when one is in Equilibrium with ALL your Systems and you Receive the Reward of being Completely Enslaved. And in that State – you are in the “Heavenly Mental Institute” where you have your Daily Drug, so effectively Administered that you are Allowed to Walk around “Free” in a way. “Free”, because you are Trusted that you WILL make Sure, you Take your Daily Medication and that you Will make Sure that you NEVER try and Find Out what is Actually Real.

So, in the next few blogs, we’re going to EXPLORE theses Secrets a little more.

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