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Day 242: Doomsday and God - ADC - Part 89

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Doomsday and God

Is it the Mood of God that Determines the Doom of Man?

For many, God is an Angry and Jealous God – if you Dare to not Love God Only. This rather sick Analogy is Imprinted Deeply in All Relationships where Jealousy and All types of Mood Determining Emotions function as a Guideline for Love.

So, if the person don’t Love you the Way you want them to Love you, and Act according to the Rules your Love Dictate – you Develop a Mood, which is an Emotion, a particular Energy, based in some form of Fear and Comparison. If Jealousy and Anger are Fear-based Emotion, and God becomes Jealous: that doesn’t say much about God. But, the Human is so Scared of Death – that any Promise about a Potential way to get away from the Impending Doom of Death, is Acceptable.

And Here we are at Doomsday again, not Realising that every Single Day, Doomsday occur for many on Planet Earth. Whether it be Trees being cut in the Rainforest to be replaced by Palm Trees for the Human Beauty Industry. Whether it be Cows being Slaughtered at the Meat Factory. Whether it be a Pedestrian run over by a Drunk Driver. Every Day – unexpectedly, many meet their Doom. And Doom implies a Death that occur BEFORE the Natural Lifetime, and Natural Death occur.

Certainly, for the Many Deaths every day that we can Prevent – we cannot Blame God. Because, these Deaths are either Deliberately Actioned and Sanctioned by us as Humanity, or as Interest Groups with a particular Agenda, or simply because we’ve Accepted and Allowed certain Behaviour-Patterns like the use of Alcohol for Recreation, without Realising that the Side-Effect could also Affect us suddenly, unexpectedly.

So many Claim that Death is God’s Will. But, if one start to Investigate Death one will Start to Notice that: Most Deaths on Earth, can be Prevented. They are in fact Direct-Results of our Way of Life, which Disrespects Life and Treat each other Unequal. And, nowhere in that Picture – do you See God, ever Interfering. That is to say if God Exists.
Natural Death, by Old Age – tend to be more related to Very Specific Measurable Parts within your Cell, like a Clock Winding Down, slowly but surely Approaching the End of Time. A Certainty – not a Doomsday.

Obviously what is at the Other Side of Death, there has Always been a Big Debate about. And, clearly – unless the Dead comes back to Explain what Happens, in Detail, which will be Significant Volumes of Information: we’ll probably Never Know, for sure.

So, Here we are again. In the Year 1000 – people gathered for Doomsday. You can check the History. This is a thousand years later, and many are Gathering for Doomsday. Attributing Amazing, Destructive Powers to God. A God that has Never Shown any Interest in the Lives of the Millions of Children that Suffer on Earth, the Billions of Animals that Suffer. A God that Never Showed Any Care for Any Being, in Any Way Whatsoever – becoming Involved in the Basic Education of Every Human, which has Proven to be the Foundation Criteria that Determines What and Who a Human Become. Many Claim it’s up to the Human. Not Really. Neither is it Up to God. Maybe it’s best if we just Do Nothing, because Inevitably as the Fossil Records Show: each Specie that becomes Dominant, like the Dinosaur did – ends up Destroying itself or being Destroyed. The Human being the Dominant Specie – inevitably at the Current Rate and Directive Experience, will Exterminate itself…eventually. Unfortunately not very fast or quick like in a Doomsday, but rather Excruciating, Slow, like the Dark Ages.

But, as you will Notice, once again - with this Doomsday: it will Come to Pass. And, the Human will Learn Nothing. There will be No Real Change on Earth in Any of the Relationships, the Laws, the Economics, the Basic Society Rules, which are the Criteria by which we Live and – the World will Continue. And every Death will Miraculously be Blamed on God. But, there’s no God Anywhere. There is no Doomsday anywhere either.

Human Perception is our Greatest Enemy. Because, it has Devolved into Complete Separation as Self-Interest where the Individual will do its Utmost, to Ensure its own Comfort, Luxury and Survival – No Matter What. That is Extremely Unpleasant – to Watch a World, where Not a Single Face Presented in any way, can be Trusted to be the Real Face. It is Disheartening, to be in a World where no-one really Care. No matter how much Doomsday we have every day, no matter how many Living Beings die – there is just Silence. Not even a Cry. And, no one Shed a Tear. All Accepted, and Allowed.

If Karma Existed – as a Real Law of Consequence and Man had to Pay for What has been Allowed on Earth: there would be No End to Suffering for All on Earth, Virtually for Eternity Now. Many Hope to Escape the Consequence, by Finding all kinds of Saviors. How can anyone Save you from yourself - If you are not Willing to do it for yourself? If you are not Willing to Change you, Why must someone else Change you? Because that is your Greatest Fear, that you Claim that anyone else that try and change you, is Brainwashing you…it is Such a Conundrum, the Perfect Trap.

For All Practical Purposes: Man is Doomed, and Death is a Mercy. Because at Death: Man meets its Doom…For Real. Too bad, no one will be able to come back to tell you, not even the Most Loved One’s – to come and Warn you about what Awaits after Death, because they Can’t. They don’t Remember you, because at the moment of Death: a Total Life is wiped out in a Single Breath and the Part of the Life that Remains – do not Remember you, Dear Love, Dear Child. Horror upon Horrors. “I Escaped Earth, let me run away to my Special Heaven –and forget all about those Suffering on Earth” – this has been going on for a Long Time. You did it many times yourself.
Remember – Death is not An Escape. Death is a Judgment. One of Significant Greater Proportions that you could ever Imagine.

What will be Man’s Doom?

We’ll continue with this in the next post…
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