Monday 31 December 2012

Day 260: I Think, therefore I Thought

“I think, therefore I am” – is some of the ‘Great’ Statements of the Philosophers, that should be Assessed Vigorously. So, let’s Expand the Statement a little – so that it is more according to Actual, Real, Practicality.
“I Think, therefore I am Thought” – this is the Natural, Commonsense, Expansion of the Statement. Removing the ‘Hocus-Pocus’ that has been Attributed to “I Think, therefore I am”, as being something ‘Profound’.

Now, Self Honesty will give one the Actual Answer of the I Am: “I Think, therefore I Am My Thoughts”. If you Write down your Thoughts, you will See Who you Are – according to your Total Awareness of yourself within this Life. If you’re Self-Honest – you will Notice, with Astonishment: How little of What you Think, you are Willing to Openly Share with everyone else, because Lots of it is Downright Abusive, Nasty, Egoistic. Every term that One Will use against people you Dislike – Actually Exist within you, As You, As your Thoughts.

The more the Human have Aligned itself with Thought: the More Humans have Started Speaking these Thoughts in Nasty, Abusive Ways – Directed Personally against Others. And seemingly, Derive some Pleasure from their Ability to be able to be Abusive and Nasty and Get Away with it.
You See – you can be as Nasty as you like in your Thoughts, nowhere do you See ‘God suddenly appearing’ to Remind you, that He may be Watching you.

What is More Astounding, is that: these Great Philosophers and Thinkers that Hold Dear the Statement “I Think, therefore I Am” – were not Able to Think, when they were Born. The Ability to Think Developed over many years, Depending on the Influences and Education the Person was Exposed to. Which means, Practically, Self Honestly that: Not a Single Thought you have – is Ever anything to do with the “I Am” that you Are. You do not even Understand How you Create, Mechanically, Energetically, a Single Thought. You Just Accept, because you Think – you Must be ‘somewhat Special’.

Yes – you are ‘Special’, you are Especially Stupid, Especially Ignorant, Especially Dumb, and everything that goes with it, to Fall for such an Obvious Misnomer.

For the Purposes of a World System, subject to Control – you are the One that is Controlled by What you Think. And therefore, as That which is Controlled: you Exist AS that Control, As your Thought. And within that context – you can come up with Thoughts, and State it as Words for instance: “I Am Happy”, “I Am Love” etc. But, In Fact: All the Thoughts you State as the “I Am” – are But the Result of What has been Programmed into you, during the Time when you were not yet Able to Think for yourself. Obviously, you were Not Thinking for Yourself, because the “Yourself” is the Product of That which makes-up the Mechanical Foundation of your Thought, which you do not have a Clue How it Functions. Therefore, the “Yourself” – is Purely the Result of Coincidence. The Coincidence of Family, of Environment, of Economic/Financial Position, of Family Position, of Religious Intolerance, because – your Family and Society you are Born into, will not Tolerate you if you do not Follow what they Follow. And therefore, this “I Think, therefore I Am” Consciousness Personality that the Human present as itself: will be Intolerant to Anything that is Not According to its Programmed, Brainwashed, Self.

If you were Able to be Free – you would be able to Assess, as Jesus suggested: All Things, and you would have been able to Realise what is Good, and you would have been Able to Create a World that is Best for All Life. But, this “I Think, therefore I Am” – is Not a Product that is Alive. It is a Machine that Functions with Energy, and it Only Exists as long as the Physical Body exist to Feed it Energy. Therefore, the “I Think, therefore I Am” – Ends with Death. BUMMER. Another Wasted Life.

As you Note, Best Not to get Stuck on Philosophy. Rather get down to the Practical Reality, and Study How Thought Actually Function. So that you can Establish whether you Want to be the Slave to your Thinking. And, so you can See – Who benefits, while you Struggle with Forces within you, that only Exist to Mislead you. There is Sufficient, Clear, Information Available Already – for Those that May Dare to Set themselves Free from the “I Think, therefore I Am Thought”.

But, Don’t Worry, Dear Soul - Souldier On. Because Death will Set you Free from “I Think, therefore I Am my Thoughts”. So Sad – that then, you will have to Start All Over Again and Face Exactly the Same Experience, ‘till you become Self-Honest and Life Aware. Until then, until Life Awareness Exist – for Practical Purposes: you are Just an Illusion. Existing at the Mercy of a Planet that Eventually will No Longer Tolerate you.

So, I Cannot say Even – “see you on the Other Side”. Because, what Remains…is Nothing of What you are Now. 
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