Thursday 27 December 2012

Day 257: Reincarnation and Secret Geometry - ADC - Part 104

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Reincarnation and Secret Geometry

In my Previous Blog, those that like to Asses through Assumption without a Direct View of the Actual Geometry – both of the Physical World, and that of the Preprogrammed Reality: may Want to Interpret that I imply that Reincarnation Exist.
Please Note that: All the Sacred Geometry of All of the Heavens and other Existences that form part of the Soul System - No Longer Exist, as it Required Energy from the Human Slave and that Supply was Stopped which Caused the Passing of Heaven, and the Old Heaven is No More. And, None of you will be able to Recreate it, because you don’t even Understand How you Create a Single Thought. What a Conundrum.

On Earth, All your Scary Sacred Geometry that Hides you in a Bubble of Light and Love, while you Live like a Parasite on the Physical Reality: have been Inverted for you to Face your Dominion. And as the Fibonacci Expands and then Contracts, eventually – through Series’ of Events, Offering the Opportunity of Self-Honesty and to Birth One as Life: the Inversion will Eventually take one to Nothing. Either as the Birth, or as the Next-to-Nothing, which will have to do it All Over Again.
This is Not Reincarnation, you will Not Enter another Body, you will Not Gather Dust – you will have to Embody the Physical from your Point of Next-to-Nothing, After Death. That is the Most Difficult Journey that could Ever Exist. Because, Unless you Birth yourself as Equal as Life, by Giving yourself Life as you Give Life to All Others – and that be Measurable as Life-Geometry through the Relationships that Form: you Will Not Enter Life.

But, you Really Actually Know this, that’s Why you Look for Saviours and for Angels, and for Magic – but, the Labour of Life, which Results in a World that is Best for All: you Deliberately Ignore. Life will Ignore you, ‘till you are Equal. And there is More than enough Time, because you See: Your Preprogrammed Life is Limited - Life just Waits for you to Die, and then: “HELLO, Next-to-Nothing”. And then, the Process Starts.

It’s Best if you Start it While in the Body. Not to Waste Time, so to speak. Because, it is Easier in the Body and the Process already is Extremely Difficult in the Body. Now Imagine that: without the Body, the Process is Immeasurably more Difficult.

So, again – I say: “Don’t Wait. Realise your Responsibility - Not only to yourself, but to All Other Life, and Here, Specifically, on Earth.”

The Word EARTH with the H in front becomes HEART. The Earth is the Heart of Life. It Offers you an Opportunity: The Opportunity of Equality as Life. But, you have to Be It. You See: even what my Words imply Here, is that the Mind, Love and Light, Thoughts and Feelings, Intellect and Reason – is All Irrelevant. Because, it’s Not Real – it was Created by the Scary Sacred Geometry that Follows the Rules of Hiding the Truth. That’s why you can’t Find the Truth, because you are a Product of the Big Lie. And, it should be Commonsense that: Unless you Completely Disengage All the Mechanics that Created the Lie as the Mind – you Will Never Get to the Real Truth. And, as Long as you are a Product of the Mechanics of the Big Lie as Love and Light, as Thought and Feeling, as Emotion and Soul, as Projection and Experience: you haven’t Started the Journey YET, of Disengaging yourself from That which created you as an Illusion - to Feed like a Parasite on Life. Life Allows this Only for a Moment longer – and then, NO MORE.

Throughout the Ages you had enough Opportunities to Stop and Realise yourself. You Chose Self-Interest. And Yet: you will Get Another Chance. But, the End of these Chances is Near. It’s Now only One Life, as Reincarnation is No More.

One Chance. Make the Most of it.
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