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Day 240: Apocalypse in Heaven - ADC - Part 87

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Apocalypse in Heaven

“One Day is a Thousand Years” – this, the Bible states. A similar Statement can be Found as to the Relationship between Earth Time and Dimensional Time. This is in the Sumerian Tablets.
This Relationship gives one an idea of How much Time the Creator Gods can Spend on Programming, a Single Day on Earth and to what Level of Specificity that can go. Imagine, a Thousand Years – to Program One Day on Earth. That also gives one the Relation between Earth Time and Quantum Time. Things Beyond the Physical World, Moves Substantially faster.

With the Creation of Heaven, that was Slowed-down – using Energy Harvested on Earth, Produced by the Mind Mechanics. So, when we Initially Entered Heaven through the Portal, one could Move in Heaven quite similarly to Earth. Although Obviously – in Heaven, no food was required, no sleep was required. The Only Thing Required was Energy. But that was so ‘Normal’ for everyone, that no one Suspected that they were Subject to Energy. Or even that they were Subject to Energy Created from Earth.
Even the Soul that developed through Time was in fact an Energy Body - the Container of Memories, which would Confine one to a Path of Memory within a Goal and Objective to Achieve a certain State of Memory, which would have a particular Meaning, for instance as ‘Ascended Master’. The word ‘Ascended Master’, thus – is an Energy Container, with a particular Series of Memories that exist at a particular Frequency. But for those Trapped in the Energy-Construct, it seemed ‘Amazing’.
This is quite similar to a person living a Mundane Life on Earth, and then takes a Drug which gives them a ‘High Energy Experience’. To become Addicted to this Drug – is very Easy, because it seem so ‘Real’ due to the Experience. But the Mechanism – either the Drug or the Energy or the Memory that Produce the ‘Experience’: is not Understood at all, and very easily a Drug is taken without Any Consideration for the Side-Effects. One can View the Side-Effects of Drugs through time, and it is Extensive. Similarly we can View the Side-Effects of our Addiction to Energy and Consciousness as the History of the Living Earth, as Human History, and our Level of Destruction that we Allow and Exert on other Living Species on Earth.

Now, again – let’s look at Apocalypse. Apocalypse is something that is such a Profound Change, that Nothing is the same again after it.
The Opening of the Desteni Portal was not an Apocalypse; it was only an Apocalypse for the Demon Dimension, because that Changed Forever. Then the Apocalypse of Heaven happened. It was with One Question: “Why is Heaven doing Nothing to Help Life on Earth?”

With the Disengaging of the Energy-Resource to The White Light and All that the White Light Produced as an Interconnected Network of Consciousness, which also Produced the Heavens: brought the Apocalypse to Heaven. And Suddenly – all Projected Images, all that was based on the Self-Interest of Energy: came to an End and could Never be Restored again, because it was Created through Time, accumulating Energy. And even in a Reality that Existed in Quantum Time compared to Earth – it would take the same Amount of Time and Energy it took to Create in the first place, to be Recreated.
Similarly, on Earth – if one Create Apocalypse, and you Bomb Libya or Iraq or Afghanistan to the Stone Age: it’ll take the same amount of Resources and Time and Labour, to Recreate what has been Destroyed.

The Apocalypse in Heaven brought an End to the Cycles of Rebirth, the Soul Construct and All that was Beyond Death – related to Consciousness. And what was on Earth, was Inverted so that it could Mirror upon itself to Slowly, but Surely – through Repeating Patterns: Enforce a Realisation that “No Man is an Island”. And if you Dare to Live in Self-Interest, without Considering All Other Life as Equal: there will be a Consequence. That Consequence will come, and be Visited upon each one According to what has been Allowed throughout All Time. Man tend to very easily Forget to what Extent he Participate in Disharmony, and will use All Kinds of Ways to Achieve a Higher Consciousness without doing any Restitution to Correct the Harm Accepted and Allowed and Done in his Past Life on Earth.

Understand that: Every Building and Every Road and Every Construct on Earth Created by Man’s Labour – is in fact the Constructed Memories of our Forbearers. We are Living within their Created Memories. We could continue, ‘till we have Apocalypse on Earth – which will bring these Memories Down to Rubble, to Nothing and we can Start again which will take us a Very Long Time to Develop any form of Comfort, that is Now Possible. Or we can take these Memories, these Buildings, our Physical Society and we can Change our Relationship to it, and to Each Other to be What is Best for All Life and we can Prevent Apocalypse. We can Change who we are, what we are, how we are, why we are - and a New World will be Born. This Way: the Old World will Pass Away and we’ll Create a New World. Then, we can Create a New Heaven because the Old One has already Passed Away.
Will we do so? Unfortunately, at this stage – it will still take Quite a While.

See, Apocalypse – always has a consequence. Can we Produce a Consciousness Apocalypse, and not affect the Physical Reality? That is Certain, we can. A Consciousness Apocalypse will not Kill the Physical Body – but if we Continue with our Level of Separation Produced through our Self-Interest as Consciousness: Inevitably, we will – like we did before, Produce a Physical Apocalypse as well. Whether it be through Changing the Balance of our Biosphere to a point of Implosion, which is the most likely – or whether we Assist other Life Forms, like Bacteria and Viruses to Develop to a Genetic Level, where they Wipe us Out in a Blink of an Eye. It certainly won’t be through Nuclear Power – because, what we have available is Insignificant and will Not Cause Apocalypse. Apocalypse is something Caused due to a Side-Effect, and is the Result of the Movement of the Global Consciousness, and not Produced by the Single Act of Any Person on Earth.

If in Any Way, you Value Life – if not your own, maybe your Dog’s life, or your Children’s life, or their Children’s lives: you would Heed my Words, while we still can make a Change. Because, unfortunately – like in All things: there is such a Point where it is Too Late. For that, you can check the Fossil Records on Earth: it shows points in History when a Cycle Ended, and it was Too Late for Change.

Join us at Desteni DIP Lite. The Journey to Change is Not Easy. If it was easy to Change, everybody would have. But because it is the most Difficult thing you’ll Ever Face, Real Change: very Few are Willing to Give Up their Lives as it exist now, to Give Up this One Life - to Produce on Earth a New World For All. That is the Great Service anyone can Give: Give up Self-Interest, to Serve the Interest of All, as what is Best for All Life. 

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