Tuesday 25 December 2012

Day 255: The Answer is Given and Thus Received - Secret Geometry of Consciousness and God - Part 3 - ADC - Part 102

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Secret Geometry of Consciousness and God - Part 3

When an Answer is Given and Received, there is No Living Force that can Give and Receive - because, what has been Received is Accepted and Allowed to be the ‘Only Answer’.
What Answers have you been Given, that you Received so Completely – that you Became it? Your Religion, your Thoughts, your Feelings, your Culture, your Economic System, Education…See the Perversion of the Message of Jesus: “Give as you would like to Receive”, has been Adapted to: “the Answer Given, is the Answer Received”. And because the Answer is Given, you’re Rewarded when you Receive it. This is the Key of the Sacred Geometry Preprogrammed Design. The Program is the Answer – all you have to do is Receive it. And when the Platonic Solids go into Equilibrium as a System, you have Received the Answer and you have Become the Answer – Complete Acceptance and Allowance.

At No Point, During a Human Being’s Life – there is Any True Living, Any True Living Interaction of Giving and Receiving Life. Because Life is Not Given as the Answer…Happiness is, Love is, Positivity is.
Investigate How Many things you have been Given as Answers that you have Received as the ‘Truth’. Then, Notice that: Given Answers will Generate Thoughts, to Confirm the Answer – constantly telling you, that: “you already Have the Answer”. And therefore, you’ll Disregard the Message: “Investigate All Things and Keep what is Good”, because you Believe that you have Already Received the “Good Answer”, it works on your Life. And if it doesn’t: you just have to Become like Those whose Life seems to be “The Answer”. So, when you speak to the Poor, the Beggar: they will Give you the Answer they Expect they must Give – so that you can have “Compassion” for them. We have Spoken to many Beggars and asked them for instance: “What is More Important, Money or God?” The answer they Expect to give is: “God”, and therefore they all say: “it’s God”. But, they expect you to Give them Money. And even those that get this Answer from the Beggar then Feel Good, because even the Beggar Accept the Answer that is Given and there is Simply No, True, Analysis or Investigation when the Answer that is Given is Accepted and Allowed – there is Never an Investigation as to the Exact Technology that Produce the Answer. The Technology that Forms the Thought, the Technology that Forms the Feeling, the Technology that Forms the Emotion – because the Answer is Given, there is Not Even a Question that Arise about the Mind Technology that Produce the Confirmation of the Answer that’s been Accepted and Allowed.

From the very Moment a Child is Born, the Child is Given Answers – “you’re a Christian”, “you’re a Muslin”, “you’re a German”, “you’re a Jew”, “Respect what you Are”, “you’re rich”, “you’re poor”, “you’re a genius”, “you’re mediocre” – But, neither the Genius nor the Mediocrity, Understands the Mind Technology that Produce, Repeatedly, like a Frequency-Pattern, the Same Answer – so that No Change Ever Occur. Change, is only Ever Directed to Confirm the Answer already Given. So, whenever someone Investigate – they do Not Investigate the Mind-Technology, they Investigate the Answer Given, and Find All the Reasons Why they Must Accept the Answer Given as “the Only Answer Possible”.
Therefore, All Research of Science for instance, will be in the Context of “the Answer Given”, which is for instance, Profit. If the Science will not Produce Profit: it is not an Answer to be Received. And therefore, Science is Valued according to Profit.

Because Life is Not the Answer Given – Life has no Value on Earth. And therefore, Machines, Food, Medicine in Varied Different Ways – are Produced to Kill Life Forms, through the Justification that they are Not Willing to Adhere to the Answer Given. At the Moment, one of the CONS of Consciousness, is Democracy. And Whole Peoples, Whole Nations – are Decimated and Destroyed to Force them to Accept a New Answer, one Aligned to a particular Motive. The People don’t Realise that: it is Possible to Take a Whole Country and to Torture it, using Methods that has been Studied to Produce a Change in the Answer. Then the Country Subjected, to Massive Trauma and Torture, until: the Citizens Change their Answer to be Aligned with the Biggest Bully on the Block. You can watch this happen in front of your Eyes, but you Will Not Question it, you Will Not Rise up and say: “STOP, NO MORE!” You will not use the Means of Democracy of “One Man, One Vote” to Stand together as a Group to bring an End to the Horrendous Methods being used to Subdue any Individuality or Uniqueness. And so, More and More the Evidence is Clear as Christmas once again Show: “The answer is Given, go out and Shop”, and it is Received. And, the Populace Cannot Help themselves, because they have Accepted it as their Reward for being ‘Good’, by sticking to the Answer and Keeping the Answer going – Never Questioning the Answer.

In every Moment one Must be Life – and in that Moment, Give Life as you would like to Receive Life. And make sure, that: on your Way, as you Walk this Life – you Correct Everything that Presents Answers that Do Not Honour All Life in Ways that is Best. That way – we’ll Change the Answer, we’ll be the Answer. And, we’ll Receive what we Give.
But, because we Give a Given Answer – we Receive a Given Answer. And if that Answer is Inequality, Torture, Abuse, Addiction, Reward, Competition, Control, a Lifeless Love, Self Interest – we’ll do everything to Preserve it. Because, the very moment you step out of Line from the Answer Given as Demonstrated by so many Families, where one Child will Rebel against the Answer Given – the Parents will use every means of Torture and Manipulation, mostly Psychological, to Subdue the Errant Child to Step Back and Accept the Answer Given. And so many Children give up, eventually, because the Forces that Force them to Accept the Answer Given – Simply Overwhelms them. And there is No Support.

If you are a True Rebel for Life – Join us at Desteni. We Rebel against the Answer Given, because this Answer is Not What is Best for All Life, and therefore Produce Discord, Disease, Disharmony and Inequality in every Way Possible. And this is Hidden by a Divided, Partitioned, Mind - Seeking Rewards and Self-Interest. But, because the Mind-Technology and the Systemization is Not Understood – one has No Power, because you Believe the only Power Possible is in the Answer Given. 
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