Monday 22 December 2014

Day 561: The Ultimate Challenge of All Religion

Continuing from Day 560: Earthing Self

So that by the time I got to the first major attack on myself and my family by Demons, it was after the whole graffiti thing on the wall where they were writing on the walls that they will ‘Kill you and your son’. We had already at that stage established an effective way to deal with it from the perspective of seeing and working with it, so my children could already see it, Cerise specifically. And she was ready, had no fear of any of these Manifestations and were able to speak to all things, whatever form it is. So very effectively she could deal with it. And therefore with her assistance, in the beginning, in terms of bringing them together when we were attacked by over 300 Demons, some of the big boys of the Universe came to the house because I was busy making an impact on the ‘Legions of Demons’, in assisting them. And they would not stand for it.
So they came to me and my house to try and scare me away. There wasn’t really much they could do, they needed my fear, my participation in fear and ignorance to be able to actually control or have a response that they can actually work with to be able to get anywhere.

I instructed Cerise what to do, bring the demons together. She knew how to work with it already. She’d bring the demons and we will put them through my heart, that means I’m in a state, in a calm state of processing, earthing all the energy that the Demon has been utilising and creating its Demon Self. I was busy earthing that back to the Earth and in that way when you earth that energy, the being is released from the control of the energy and also is assisted in realising how they have created their energetic state that made them de-manned – less than a man – making them an energetic being, which is a lesser being where they lose contact with the Physical Universe, which is the actual creative force. They are taken through the point of Realisation and then they are assisted to go to an appropriate space from which they will be guided further, which we will discuss in for instance the books that was presented or transcribed by Hitler through the Portal, explaining how this worked.
Obviously, Hitler being the ultimate Demon, according to Man – and in fact he was the ultimate Demon in the Hereafter, in the Demon Dimension. So question being – would Hitler be able to be Forgiven or Self-Forgiven? Can Hitler be Forgiven? The ultimate challenge of all Religion and all Beliefs and all Faiths.

Is the Forgiveness of God real?

What is Forgiveness really?

So, Cerise then brought these Demons here, most of them went quite quickly the last six-seven of them where rather ‘tough’ ones, they’d been Demons for a very long time. But they all then realised themselves and the whole story after that changed. They never made another attempt like that on me and my family because, they had no way to deal with what it was, they didn’t understand what was happening, but something was happening to their comrades when they try and harm me and my family. We’ll continue this.

Friday 12 December 2014

Day 560: Earthing Self

Continuing from Day 559: Complete Body Awareness

In this thus I developed an effective way to measure any change in energy that is relevant to what I am busy with . Obviously still specifically filtered according to my current focus of Equality – otherwise I would be overrun with an uncountable amount of streams of information and energy which is obviously what no-one notices in this reality, which is that this reality consist out of a massive amount of frequencies and that it is all Interdimensionally visible at all times, and everyone is bombarded with it all the time – yet not aware of it at all, whatsoever.

Fascinating though that there is then this whole idea that you can ‘feel’ something without the context of what it really means. So, very important to understand the functionality and the ways one can utilize the physical to support you in understanding in absolutely focussed points, the movement of real life realisations.

So in the beginning stages, with the Demons, the first point was obviously the meditations, I also realised, before I even got to the Demons, that in fact, the ‘As Above, So Below’ is in fact the physical representation of the physical body. So through the years I’ve practiced myself into it, tested and cross-referenced it extensively and therefore had the trust in terms of it, to actually test out, in the breathing, the full integration of the Universe, the Earth as the Centre as my Heart, because the word ‘Earth’ and ‘Heart’ is the same word – you just shift the letters around. So that I can Earth myself here and deal with the reality we’re busy ‘adjusting’. Obviously there will be much discussions still to come and published in terms of what is really going on, we’re here only dealing with the Demonic Part in Reality and the reality or part it played in Reality.

So, with that complete understanding, physically integrated, tested over many years, over and over in spite of the environment, in spite of what is happening in my reality – I focus completely in a full integration of it as I understood, that was my duty to understand and it was the only way I could actually ‘meet’ or ‘see’ God face to face, was to be equal to God. Image and Likeness! Equality and Oneness!

And therefore I did the necessary work as I’ve indicated many times. On average it will take a person fourteen years of application with cross-referencing extensively so, to the very best, in seven years.
And you would not claim your so called ‘understanding’, unless you’ve done your cross-referencing. And we do not give all the necessary guidelines, because then it’s too easy to copy them instead of actually living the whole point. We are closing the system now, in terms of it all, so that all walk the same process in the Universe and also because we have already placed into context all those that are deliberately deceiving and abusing and that are in fact Demonic Manifestations and we will explain how that operates as well.

So, with first meeting of the Demons, as I was initially saying, I was setting myself up to automate my kinesiology with that, to automate the assistance of Demons. As I walked, I found that a massive amount of people on Earth were Demon Possessed. And not just one – but several. And that there was no way that we were going to sort the problem out in this world, because there were just too many. And therefore I programmed and set-up my physical body, which at this stage was Equal and in representing the Universe, to process and assist the Demons to Self-Forgiveness, through the physical in an automated state. As I walk and get in touch with people, so that at stages my full possessive – that means my physical body it had up to 45% - we measured it – percentages up to 45% Demon Possession as I was processing these beings back to themselves, through Self-Forgiveness. That means assisting them in ways that I will explain in time to come.

Wednesday 3 December 2014

Day 559: Complete Body Awareness

Continuing from Day 558: Meditation, Understanding and Self-Realisation.

So, I moved on from there into a more ‘physical’ meditation with the actual breathing and movement of myself within the body. Becoming and practicing my total awareness within the physical body. That was a very painful meditation, but I realised that ‘unless I am actually present in all and every cell of my body – I am not the directive principle of my physicality and I am not directed within this physical world. So I used breathing, moving in and out of the body and had much pain in the process, but if one persists, eventually one manages to instantaneously be in an relaxed physical state with a single breath.

Which was the point, was to identify any hidden emotion, any hidden energy, any hidden point that is in control of any part of the physical.

Obviously I developed through time and much practice ‘coercive relationship’ with the physical to indicate to me wherever something is out of place. It took many years to develop which I then cross-referenced and checked on other people’s bodies . And I had to be able to immediately point out the pain, the point without any help from them and without them even knowing that I’m looking so that they as they ‘observer’ cannot influence what it is I am physically experiencing in my body, it must correspond and I will never share with them initially, that I am also having the pain, I will not explain ‘how’. Because I was testing over many years, it was astoundingly effective. One is here as every point, 100% effective. Indicating that one can actually find the Forgiveness necessary, find the Self-Honest Relationship, the Equality Point – meaning – ‘What was the Equation’ and the ‘Relationship’ that created that point, do the Forgiveness and it’ll release. Not only in the person’s body but also in your own body as well. Proving beyond a doubt – Equality and Oneness within the Physical, Here.

I’ve been working with that extensively.

A simple guideline emerged. Whenever I can feel the pain of another, it is my duty, my responsibility to work with the person. If I don’t, it’s their own and they’re ready to handle it themselves. And until they can determine what is a pain that is theirs or another’s, it is always their pain. It is only once you have dealt with your complete integration, physically, that you can actually start to take responsibility for other people. Before that you will use your mind and you will mind-warp other people.

Thursday 20 November 2014

Day 558: Meditation, Understanding and Self-Realisation

So we continue with What the Demons Taught me About the Message of Jesus, Secrets of Jesus.
Now, let’s look at meditation.

I was extensively involved in meditation and at the end of the day, which is quite important to consider, what I have come to realise through meditation is the difference between ‘understanding something’ and then ‘realising something’.
‘Understanding’ is no different to having a book that you read and you understand what it says. It doesn’t mean that you can in fact make it real and that in fact is part of you. It is only knowledge and therefore at the level of ‘understanding’ it is useless.

At the level of ‘Self-Realisation’, it is yourself. And it is real and repeatable, consistent and trustworthy, here and it is within the context of your starting point. So my starting point being ‘What’s Best for All’, ‘What’s Best for All Life’ and all ‘Forms’ and all ‘Ways’ in the Universe. That starting point thus is the point that must be answered as Equality within Self-Realisation for it to be of any value or meaning to me.

If your starting point is ‘only to ‘Serve the Light’ for instance, then obviously your answer is only going to be in terms of what your starting point is. And that is quite important within the Equality Equation and also within the context of what one’s actual Self-Realisation is.

So in meditation which I participated in extensively over many, many years –I have gone through the guided meditations, I’ve done the circles, I’ve done the – you know the circle is where you develop ‘Psychic Abilities’ – participated in that over many years, many times and watched the development of Channels.

I have participated in guided meditations, I found it very difficult to ‘make up’ what they want you to imagine in the guided meditation. You know, “there’s a stream, and under the stream, go and be quiet, wash yourself”- you know, all of the guided meditations are very suggestive and your mind being extremely fast, it will create with a little bit of effort, after you’ve been to a few sessions of guided meditation, it’ll create exactly what the guidance is simulating. And unless it works for you, you’ll move unto another group until you get a group where suddenly your guided meditation is working for you and you go and dump all your stuff there in your imaginary world where you have your imaginary guide. In some cases one will actually, in the old days, have had communication with a guide. But in most cases and for most, this never happened. And only for the few it did and that was made as if it was very special. While in fact it wasn’t. It was just part of a much greater plan, which we will discuss in some future discussions.

Anyway, so – when I found that this guided meditation thing is just not getting it, because the moment I am imagining it, because my starting point is ‘What is Equal and One’, and what is ‘Image and Likeness’, which is the same thing – whenever I make it up, I immediately know that I am making it up, it is not real and I can change it. So therefore I stayed Here within my meditations and I tended to follow my own, call it, “guidance” in not creating some illusionary colourful picture in my mind as if it is real. To me the physical reality, what I see with my eyes, what I touch with my hands and that which it is made up of, which is the unseen that gives it structure and substance of it – that was reality. To actually have an experience that is in the mind, imaginary, made up, that is requiring my participation intensely and very seldom can one find point where something can enter that is not necessarily within the context of your own consciousness. But – that we will discuss at another stage.

Sunday 9 November 2014

Day 557: God's Will versus Free Choice

Continuing from Day 556: Are Demons the Key to Reality?:
"Yes I stopped them, and therefore I proved that self-forgiveness was the tool with self-honesty within which one can affect a real transformation in the physical while here in limited form. And that set the scene to a most astounding experience where the demonic were explored over a long period of time of about a year and a half where I set out to help every demon I can, no matter what unconditionally, to find self-forgiveness."

So after the gifts were given and I practiced them in, I was busy with them and I had regular meetings with the angels and guides from heaven. And through self-forgiveness we decided, me and my ex wife to give the marriage another go and there was another message from God coming through the ex wife from the messenger Chief and said that God is giving me a gift and that would be that the relationship will work, that we get another chance and it will be like absolutely fantastic.

And I could see that because I mean with self-forgiveness you develop quite an intense intimacy and for the first time I could actually embrace with understanding a relationship and truly work at making it work.

So, to my great surprise approximately a year later, my ex wife said she can’t handle it, she wants to move on and she’s met someone else. So I was in absolute shock because we have absolutely discussed the point, we’ve done the self-forgiveness and to me self-forgiveness is an absolute re-birth – obviously it wasn’t so for her.

And I had a discussion with Chief and I wanted to know how could God’s will – because the words used to me was that it was God’s will that we could do our marriage again – how could God’s will not be absolute was my question. There was silence and the answer that came is that she’s got free choice, and I said how could free choice override God’s will? I absolutely could not understand that because to me the obvious was that as long as free choice exists, man exist as ‘’less than, as a demonic force within where they can allow evil to exist and have the choice to choose evil.
But once you have made the choice for God equal and one, or as at that stage I saw it as image and likeness not equal and one, then there is no more choice, that’s the path you walk, that is what I was walking.

The shock was immense. So I realized that my very foundation, my trust in God and God ’s will and in his absolute perfection was shaken. I went on a trip to a Namibia and was in a state of shock where everything inside was dead, there was nothing, I couldn’t find anything. I was breathing, I was a piece of meat, I was speaking, I was doing but there was no feeling whatsoever – I equated that to death, because it’s like something dies. And this experience, this point of free choice, this in essence relationship with God then became one that was no longer one in trust. I was still walking, but understanding that choice could separate man from God. And I would have to walk with that understanding and not be able to have or be in a relationship or experience, such an absolute level of commitment until I have clearly proven to myself that I was in fact walking the image and likeness of God and I was in fact self-fulfilled.

So I started walking within that context, but the change was now absolute. I couldn’t return to my old life, I couldn’t do what I did before. The decisions I made stuck, if I tried to go back I couldn’t. The pain and discomfort was too immense, it was a physical resistance to go back to the old existence.
So I decided to completely submerge myself within finding a solution for this world and placing that first and everything else subject to that, because if that point was satisfied, all would have what is best for all. This was approximately 1995 - fascinating isn’t it? Now nearly 16 years ago.

Wednesday 5 November 2014

Day 556: Are Demons the Key to Reality?

Continuing from: Day 555: Self-Forgiveness & Change:
”So I applied the points and all of these points are relevant to the eventual outcome and the eventual point of meeting Jesus, and the final transcendence, the final facing, the embracing of the demonic in the universe. So bear with me, because all the points lead to one astounding discovery - Something I didn’t expect and I’m sure nobody would’ve expected. Especially the way it happened, it couldn’t have been more unlikely for it to happen in such a way."

That was the fascinating thing about what was happening is that, you could not have thought it up. It was happening due to changes, due to actual universal application of oneself, due to the actual transformation would bring about this change because the transformation must have an effect not only on the mental, the metaphysical or in the hereafter – it must have an effect on the physical world here. While there was all this idea that the physical world was the illusion, but that was certainly being challenged more and more as I was doing the self-forgiveness, because what was revealing was pain. Pain was amazing because pain was a measurement, and if I didn’t do my forgiveness effectively the pain would remain. So pain will come at the point when somebody speaks, I react and there’s a pain. Until I have the actual structural re-alignment design of the forgiveness in place, it wouldn’t change. So I was developing a very clear way of directing myself and having a feedback with the physical body.

That would become extremely important eventually in dealing with the demons and finding out when they were deceiving and how they were deceiving and exactly what was the nature of the deception. Because within the universe, which is a reflection of the human body (which is what we found and I will explain that in detail as we go along in the various presentations to come) it was fascinating that one could possibly align all the possible matrixes in the universe within a human physical body even within one cell, and then you can establish the alignment, the relationship that is existent that created it, its origin, and its end, its cycle, its circle, the circle of life – which was always a system and it always had a beginning and an end and it could start at any point.

I mean a circle’s beginning and end is always the same point and it could be any point within the circumference of the circle. So it was fascinating that that played such a fascinating roll in these alignments, therefore your forces in the universe were finite although they were infinite in different ways that they could come about because there were just so many, there was still an end to it. The universe thus had a beginning and an end and therefore it was discernable. Therefore everything was measurable. Therefore one could actually assess everything once you could align and realize the great simplicity that in the small is the big and that in the big is the small, and that it is always a reflection of each other and therefore you could actually establish the actual reality repeatedly. And that was the key through the years that I practiced the gifts and the application of self-forgiveness and the alignment of my physical body to a stage where I could trust every single point no matter what. It took years of practice assessing, placing – I used during that time kinesiology over a period of twelve years utilizing a facilitator, testing out, and obviously the facilitator didn’t know about the other tests I was doing and didn’t know about the physical test and didn’t know how I was doing it, and didn’t know about the visual tests I was using to create cross-referencing alignment systems to test out what is happening and where is it going and how do one take care of it. Within the so called limited illusion that was this reality which was more and more showing itself to not be the illusion, because it was in fact a representation of reality. And what was starting to become clear is that maybe heaven, maybe that which we can’t see, that was maybe the actual illusion.

But let’s see where this takes us. Could it be that the demons held the key to reality in all ways, because the question was ‘what were demons and where were they coming from?’ ‘Why did they exist?’ ‘What was the origin of the demon?’ And it was only once I had really aligned myself and I was satisfied that I was starting to get to a point that I could make a real impact in the world then I start to consider that I am getting ready to take on the demons. And now the question arose ‘Why? Why the demons?’

Look the answer was simple to me because I had an emphatic and absolute trust in God and at that stage was certain that whatever was happening in my life and what I was understanding about self-forgiveness and the physical body and what I was shown was simply a test by God – seeing how the mind cross-referenced, that means that, what I found with the physical alignments once I disengaged the mind was that the left side of the body correspond with the left side of the brain and the right side of the body with the right side of the brain in fact but your mind interpretation system was cross-wired and therefore everything was in reverse. You couldn’t see straight what is here and so everything was like upside down and very difficult to discern. And I saw that the test of forgiveness, the way that God would set up the test would be that one must prove and stand and show in fact that forgiveness work with demons and that if a demon forgive themselves they can find their way back to God. And if one is certain within forgiveness – and at that stage I was very certain because I have tested it over many years within myself in my world – that in fact forgiveness will stand the absolute test and be the way through which evil can become life, because the human that I saw in this world was just as evil in many cases as any demon could ever be. And therefore, if God is all-knowing and all righteous and all of everything then he would’ve left us a way to get back. And that forgiveness from my experience and I have admitted to my life and how I really made a mess of it, I looked at it from the context if I can find my way with forgiveness, any being in the universe can, because I was as evil as they were. I have had within me, the things that I have done that was just the same, there was no difference. And many times they were just in thought but it was the same. The thoughts of rage and anger and harm and deception – it were all the same. Yes I stopped them, and therefore I proved that self-forgiveness was the tool with self-honesty within which one can affect a real transformation in the physical while here in limited form. And that set the scene to a most astounding experience where the demonic were explored over a long period of time of about a year and a half where I set out to help every demon I can, no matter what unconditionally, to find self-forgiveness.

Sunday 19 October 2014

Day 555: Self-Forgiveness & Change

Continuing from Day 554: The Power of Forgiveness:
'And that if you hear the nature of these gifts, it was astounding and it was very clear that forgiveness was proven to me to be one of the ultimate keys, and God recognized it and was speaking not directly to me, but was sending messengers with messages to me which shows that I have in fact in a small way proven the effectiveness and power of forgiveness. Now, each one of these gifts required me to actually apply the gift and test it out and become it, embrace it, become the living words of it so to speak. '

So now I had these gifts and I was having real effects with self-forgiveness. I mean everything I’ve tried up to then from meditation to prayer to; every single thing I tried never had a long lasting result. A result of me changing me. to the effect that I change an experience so effectively that I can clearly go with it and be satisfied that the change is real. And here. self-forgiveness did that.

All I had to be within the self-forgiveness to make it stick – I had to be self-honest, I had to make sure I don’t create a polarity through it and I actually change and stick to my own word, and make sure that the thoughts re-align and if any re-occur to always be indicators where I am not self-honest. So thoughts in essence must be corresponding, aligned exactly the same as what I am living in all situations or otherwise I would question my forgiveness and I would do it again.

And I even started with training course for a period of two years travelling doing self-forgiveness courses, but what was fascinating is people were more interested in me talking about and presenting the self-forgiveness than what they were interested in doing it themselves. So nobody was really interested in changing themselves. And the only ones that could, the only ones that were at the time to consider self-forgiveness were people that were of means.

So after two years it was quite clear that you’re not going to change the world through doing presentations and training courses, travelling around meeting people in person. You’ve got to take the personality out of it completely from the perspective of; you must have no contact with me, because I mean contact with me seems to be quite overwhelming as I developed over time a presence through self-forgiveness that was noticeable. And people regularly remarked of that.

So the best way was to find a way to do it differently, and I focussed then for a while on education – the young generations, because if we could do the young generations, we can secure the future of the world and bring about a better world. And whether it actually will have an effect in our own lives or only happen in the time of our children – that didn’t really matter to me because the point was the outcome had to be certain.

So I applied the points and all of these points are relevant to the eventual outcome and the eventual point of meeting Jesus, and the final transcendence, the final facing, the embracing of the demonic in the universe. So bare with me, because all the points lead to one astounding discovery - Something I didn’t expect and I’m sure nobody would’ve expected. Especially the way it happened, it couldn’t have been more unlikely for it to happen in such a way.

To be continued...

Wednesday 17 September 2014

Day 554: The Power of Forgiveness

Before I got to the point of testing the education so extensively I first went through the process of divorce. After I did my divorce I discovered an interesting thing - I looked at my own actions within the context of my relationship within my marriage, and realized that if I entertain the thoughts that were in my mind I become an unpredictable person that tend to be the result of energetic feelings. And many of them being feelings that are misunderstood in rage of not being supported in all kinds of experiences and yet I am the one that made most of the mistakes. So I proposed that, to my ex wife, that we sit down and forgive each other and we made a day to do that and to be honest with each other so for the sake of the children we can move on. And one evening we got together and face to face we started the process of self-forgiveness and asking for forgiveness and speaking the forgiveness out aloud with the undertaking and the understanding that we would push ourselves to forgive and not hold that which we were going to hear for the first time against the other, we are here to clean the slate.

Now obviously at this stage, and this is quite important, Phillip Niemand was already dead although my father was still alive. These two factors are quite important at this stage. We then did the forgiveness and it went very emotional and explosive because things were shared that was not shared before and we did the forgiveness and the experience of release was immense - doing this forgiveness aloud. And as the evening progressed - it went on for many many hours of forgiveness - at some stage suddenly something happened that we knew was possible but which didn’t happen yet which was that the gift of Phillip Niemand which was deep trance medium ship, was transferred to my ex wife, and the next moment Phillip Niemand was in the body and he was extremely pissed off with me. He said to me I must save her and I must tell her what I know, and that I know the answer. And I looked at him and said, “I don’t know what you’re talking about. I mean here I am I am busy doing the forgiveness, I am doing my best. But nobody seemed to want to hear what I have to say. ” He was extremely upset, and eventually even I got upset with him because he was so insisting that apparently I know the answer to what was going on in the universe, and I must save her from what she’s buy doing, which was obviously wanting to have a happy life on earth which was her endeavour. And therefore she wanted to take me out of her life because I am a high risk factor. And I should save her from herself and help her and I didn’t know exactly what he meant and it took many years for me to find out. In fact many many years to find out what it was that Phillip Niemand was really saying to me at that stage, because why could I not understand his message was because I was very certain there were no demonic forces. I mean here I was again doing forgiveness; I have not met a single point that was demonic except human beings that became demonic through their emotional conditions due to environmental issues. So people will get angry or get full of rage because of things that happen in their world, because of jealousy, because of fear. But those actions would be demonic and evil and therefore evil to me only existed in the minds of men and not anywhere else. And so, heaven was a place to aspire for – that was my absolute commitment.

At this stage, after the evening of forgiveness, me and my ex wife decided to give the relationship another try, and a process started that I did not expect. In the evenings suddenly a being would take over my ex wife’s body and start speaking to me in a way that, which I obviously understood due to its very nature as a message from God and it was stated as such, that due to the forgiveness we did and my embracing of forgiveness God had a gift for me – and that was the words that was used. And a process started which was presenting these gifts and that these gifts were presented by people on instruction from God, from the heavens, and these beings were in the heavens. And that if you hear the nature of these gifts, it was astounding and it was very clear that forgiveness was proven to me to be one of the ultimate keys, and God recognized it and was speaking not directly to me, but was sending messengers with messages to me which shows that I have in fact in a small way proven the effectiveness and power of forgiveness. Now, each one of these gifts required me to actually apply the gift and test it out and become it, embrace it, become the living words of it so to speak.

Friday 5 September 2014

Day 553: Entering the Education Field

Continuing from Day 552: Is God to Blame for War?

At this stage I entered the education field, specifically initially with mathematics because that was what was available. I was satisfied that mathematics could be taught in a way that could make the human being a better person. Because in applying mathematics they could make decisions in a more calculated way and that from my experience, the human being in essence is good if their environment supports such goodness. There was goodwill in men, and that they only become evil when their environment impulse them to be evil and they are in a survival mode so to speak. Obviously many of these points would be challenged in the years to come, as I watch mankind spiralling into in itself a demonic force that simply wouldn’t give each other a chance unless you adhere to the rules - which I have already learned through my own direct experience - was in fact harmful and deliberate, deceptive and destructive which is the principles of capitalism. Yes, don’t react to that because I will explain in time why.

This was something that was already quite clear at that stage although I did understand that without the money, without a way to generate the income – one will not bring about a better world, and I endeavoured to find ways to empower people especially within the realms of money because then they can explore the potential of their own goodwill. That seemed to be challenged though in time.

But at this stage still very clearly to me God was good and great. I didn’t as such at that stage speak to angels, I was more interested to hear the stories from the people that would talk through the deep trance medium. Quite interesting, there was quite a number of people that would come and try and leave messages to their loved ones on earth. The primary message was that they were alive and that or they would want to be forgiven or that things was different to what it was taught, but nothing was clearly placed, there was always like an interference. There was a gate keeper, a door keeper with the trance that would only allow certain messages and that would be placed to me as being the will of God, that is what God allows – and I never questioned that. I mean, I have accepted God as the ultimate force and as the fathering force, as the origin, as the creator completely at that stage. And we will explore God in my next book which is ‘Meeting God’ where I will explain the experience of that.

Now during this time in working with education, I explored eventually the way or ways to educate or teach reading skills in a way that it becomes available to everyone in the world, because that through my own experience was proven to me to be one of the most important things/skills/abilities a human being should have. But there was no movement in the education system towards developing these skills in any effective way, and in spite of many endeavours and discussions even up to governmental task force level and proving in front of them, the group/assessors, that one can take a seemingly ‘disabled child’, one that has got learning disabilities, and within a short period of time prove to the child that they don’t in fact have the disability, that it is purely a social condition. In spite of all of that, the decision that was made in terms of reading skills in the education was not based on what’s best for the children. It was based on money and who was making money out of the point, and therefore the product we presented was simply sidelined and because we didn’t come up with any way of benefitting the governmental people, that means buying them off, we just simply were not part of the solution.

When it became clear that that would be the way we’ll have to go and I refused to go that way and then approached it differently in terms of really starting to push the point of making it available at home and in school in as many ways as possible, and in the same time developing a force that will be presenting it regularly, realizing one thing, that if your sales force make enough money they will be dedicated to the product. People are not at that stage, I found, were not able to or willing to dedicate their life to just a cause, they are interested in one thing – their own betterment of their life. And if you can offer that, they will believe anything and obviously if what you are showing can be proven and they can demonstrate such things - which was possible with reading – then you obviously have an absolute winner. And then money and how much people has to pay for it becomes irrelevant.

That is how we then approached the point and the underlying fact of why I was doing it, nobody was really interested in. They were not interested in the fact that I am interested in changing the world, making it a better place for all – nobody was interested in that. People were interested in their own betterment which was financial in nature. And if what they are doing was also a feel good thing, I’m doing this to make the world a better place, that’s cool, but they would not stand by that ultimately, which was proven through time - they would only stand by money. And, if possible they will stab you in the back and try and do their own way of making even more money.

Granted I made mistakes in the whole approach in placing not enough emphasis on the nature of man once confronted with money. And therefore I ended up trusting where I shouldn’t have. I should have stuck to the principles of what is best for all and kept that responsibility my own. But I started sharing that responsibility, bringing in other people to also consider and walk in places of responsibility to bring about eventually a world that is a better place for all, but when it came to the point of actually walking it, that didn’t materialize and everything went up in smoke as if overnight it dissipated and disappeared.

Wednesday 27 August 2014

Day 552: Is God to Blame for War?

Continuing from: Day 551: Investigating the Image and Likeness of God

By the time I left the police I was in essence leaning more towards the New Age teachings and started investigating that more and more. Having studied the Bible extensively and coming to the conclusions that everything that exists is Divine and is God and that we are here to explore the Image and Likeness of God and to find within ourselves our Godhood, so to speak. And then to embrace that and bring about such conditions here, or be ready when we die to face God, as equal. Although the ideas existed, the practicality of the ‘how to’, wasn’t quite clear and I walked to find out.

At this stage I’ve been married for a while and first child was on her way and I ended up moving to Durban. Having been exposed to the world of Psychic Phenomena at that stage extensively. Especially through my father-in-law and that would be a whole other story because he was part of the group of the University of the Witwatersrand that investigated Psychic Phenomena after the Second World War. Professor Haarhoff and Arthur Bleksley and they extensively investigated the phenomena, although I could find very little of the writings from that era, or the publications of that era.

That’s all things that shaped his life and why he became a Healer and why the Healings he’d be doing was so effective that people would come to his Practice from around the world based on the stories of what happened to others. Yet in spite of his healing powers he had an adverse reaction to anything ‘Light’ or ‘Heavenly’, and regarded that as evil.

But because he was a Healer, he couldn’t switch of his Channel. Because if he’d switch off this Channel, he can’t do the healing. So there was still the healing part linked to the Heavens and it was all linked to Light – which was demonstrated to me very clearly during some of the sessions I’ve had with Entities from around the Universe. Always these Entities confirmed to me one thing: they called God ‘The Great White Light’ and ‘Whose Face No-one can Stand’ and ‘Who No-one has ever seen’ – but as a Light.

So, God was confirmed to me as the only and all power of everything. I never threw the channellings at that stage, or exposed to any form of Demonic Forces, and I couldn’t quite understand with all the things happening, the fact that God was placed so clearly as ‘The Great White Light’ as the Ultimate Force, I couldn’t understand completely why Phillip was so against the Forces of Heaven and I always implored him that he should forgive and forget. Although I would agree that what he had to go through in the Second World War was quite horrific and the decisions he had to make, no-one should be placed in front of such decisions EVER. But War makes men do things that is not necessarily your will that you’re expressing. It’s where you have no choice because if you don’t you’re dead. And that is quite a thing to face having to kill and having to choose between yourself and another. It is no way that one can clearly negate what you will do yourself in such a position or would you just react in fear and kill and protect yourself or would you, like Phillip did, consider your choice and found yourself bound to an impossible choice that profoundly affected your own life. Which is what happened to him.

The result of the choice he had to make, the choice where he had to kill had such an effect on him that after that, he blamed Heaven for such conditions ever to exist. Which is in fact a point to consider. I mean, why does war exist? Both parts in War are praying to God – which one is God listening to? If God is listening at all, that was a question that arose from this all.

to be continued...

Wednesday 20 August 2014

Day 551: Investigating the Image and Likeness of God

 Continuing from Day 550: Demons don't Exist

So we continue.

My parents were very concerned because I was not willing to accept the Devil or Satan or Demons. And to me God was everything, that was the point I was living, finding out practically what it means to be the Image and Likeness of God.

But at the same time I was exposed to the forces of this world, which includes seeking of pleasure and happiness. This would entail partying hard and exploring sexuality - both of which I did extensively in the endeavour of understanding ‘Why does that feel good’, and ‘What is wrong with it if it feels good’. Isn’t that the whole story of the pursuit of happiness and then if that is what makes you happy, how can what makes you happy, be wrong?

That is a contradiction to the whole idea of being placed here and to explore life within the context of the Image and Likeness of God.

I was quite naive though.

And progressively I found more and more people that would be quite aggressive towards my approach. They did not like the idea of ‘embracing life’ and finding out ‘what’ and ‘how’ happiness truly works. What is the worst that can happen? You are here embracing life. Obviously the worst that could happen is that you could lose everything, everything taken away.
Which is what happened.

So in this endeavour, first points after I studied law was going to the police and even there, the pastoral officers would take me into their offices and discuss, trying to prove to me that Demons and Satan and the Devil exist and they would use the Bible to show that ‘it is written there, therefore it must exist’.

I disagree.

Because obviously the Bible was not written by God, anyone can see that.
And obviously, God being perfect, the origin of all things – God would not create something evil. It must have a different answer.

But according to the Bible there was no different answer, the answer was that according to the Bible and to the people that studied the Bible, the answer was that God created evil as well. Not that it is impossible but, it was improbable because absolute perfection, greatness... hardly the road to evil.
So, by the time I finished with the police and went on to giving myself direction in life, finding a way in which we could change the world forever more to be what God intended. I was very much clearly convinced; in spite of what I saw in the police which was murders and violence and all kinds of things. I saw that more than just an outflow, more just an outflow from the social condition and the lack of resources, the lack of money that caused most of the conditions that I have witnessed in the police. People simply did many of the things out of desperation.

So that wasn’t in their nature, it was just the nature of their situation rather than their own nature. And if they would have had the opportunity and have seen that to have all the resources necessary, they will profoundly change.

The question was ‘Why don’t they have all the resources’, and I was never satisfied with any of the explanations given to me or explaining to me that they have to work and make a profit in business and all kinds of things. Because none of the things really made sense. Having grown up in a business, having worked in it and then later on starting my own businesses, it was very clear that the profit motive was nothing else but making a decision about how much money you want to make, adding it onto the product and then presenting it to the buyer and they either buy it or they don’t. And then you present it to the buyer in such a way that they have no option but to buy it. Or they have no option but to question – they’d have to accept the price.
And then in that way you make money.

We really experimented with that in pricing goods from the very low to the very high. And strange enough, the higher the price, the more valuable it is seen to be accepted by the purchaser and we experimented with extremes situations. Which we became clear, if one, it’s like a predisposition that the human has. They like to pay a lot for things they feel is valuable and therefore all you have to do is to make sure that what happens is that they end up feeling that what they’re buying is valuable. If that feeling exists, they will pay the price because they are satisfying their feeling of value. Fascinating! Highly Effective! Incredible!

Was it actually applied in our Capitalistic System? Unfortunately not.
Because that would have already made the world quite a different place because a lot more money would have moved, a lot less suffering would have occurred. But maybe on the other side with the odds turning against everyone and the world becoming one giant casino where there’s only a few punters making the big bucks while most end up losing everything, that’s maybe the only way we will a better world. We will see.

to be continued

Saturday 16 August 2014

Day 550: Demons don't Exist

Continuing from Day 549: Demons Taught me the Secrets of Jesus - Introduction 
Demons Taught me the Secrets of Jesus - Introduction - See more at:

- See more at:
Day 549: Demons Taught me the Secrets of Jesus - Introduction - See more at:
Day 549: Demons Taught me the Secrets of Jesus - Introduction - See more at:
Day 549: Demons Taught me the Secrets of Jesus - Introduction - See more at:

Now, I never believed that demons existed. To me, in spite of many that tried to prove it to me, going as far as using the Bible as to prove that apparently Demons existed, I simply could not understand that being possible.

Because to me, everything existing was of God. God, the Father, was everything. I didn’t necessarily consider Jesus as God’s Equal. I more considered God as the Equal, as the Answer, as the Way; and that all come from God.

Thus by virtue of its origin, Perfect, and therefore I was embracing the principle of the Image and Likeness of God, within which I understood the way that Jesus walked, must have been similar. And that what Jesus presented, was the Principle of Forgiveness.

Now, initially I entered a world that was strange.

First studying at the Potchefstroom University, studying initially Engineering and then Law. And then in that single year finding out that in spite of my prolific ability to read, I was in fact not reading, I was in fact taking in information without understanding it. And therefore, in spite of reading, I was not processing the information. I did a course at the University which changed my life forever. Where I developed the ability to process information, something I’ve never had. And I became quite convinced, that if the World could read and process information, we would have a New World. Yet, it wasn’t forthcoming.

So, having that in the so called ‘back of my mind’, I walked the journey to find out ‘Why is it, that in spite of the examples of we had and despite the message of God, the world is in fact nowhere close to the Teaching of Jesus or God and there seems to be no progression happening in fact. We’re going backwards very fast. And this going backwards is certainly, causing a lot of harm to a lot of people.’
At the time, although I was embracing animals and bugs and plants and so on from young, and they were always very much part of my life – my primary focus was not on that, but on the Human Being.
And me not accepting that Demons existed and I have not been able to find any proof that Demons existed. To me the only point is Demon that exited was that the person itself was creating it.

Tuesday 12 August 2014

Day 549: Demons Taught me the Secrets of Jesus - Introduction

*The following series of blogs contains previously unpublished material by Bernard Poolman from 2011*

This is a seemingly strange topic.

But, astoundingly enough, a story about ‘beating the odds, against all odds’.
You’re in a world where there are always odds: the odd thing out, the odds of winning or losing, the odds of life and death; and everything is always on the line. And when the odds turn, things do not always turn out the way you want them - and sometimes they turn out the way you would love it to be.

So, how could Demons teach me the Secrets of Jesus?

After all, the drive of Jesus has been told many times. I grew up with the story of Jesus. And although there are many things in this story that one might not seemingly find easy, some of them were difficult. Like carrying the cross and being crucified. Fearful hearts immediately turn away from such a challenge and rather say, “I don’t need to carry the cross, Jesus carried it for me”.

Coming from a family where the father figure was so intensely embracing the Teachings of Jesus, that by his death, the pastor on the pulpit was saying that ‘if you were not like Les Poolman, you will not get into Heaven.’

That was quite a statement, like passing judgment on a total community.

It caused much subconscious repercussions in the community where people that were friends before and working together, all ended up causing each other harm - never speaking again.

Just with the death of one man, which was living as closely as possible to the Teachings of Jesus.

Only at his gravesite did we learn about many of the things he did where he gave so, that the left hand didn’t know what the right hand was doing. He pushed the points to the ultimate. And yet he couldn’t beat, at a young age, in spite of his dedication, he couldn’t beat cancer in his prayers. It didn’t save his life. So he died early fifties, still with the Bible in his hands, professing the message.

What does that got to do with anything? Yet it was the example, which was a tough one to follow, which was focussed around the Life and Teachings of Jesus.

The next influence that came into my life around this, and that had a profound impact was from my father-in-law, Phillip Niemand. He was the extreme ‘other side’ of the ‘coin’ as being a deep-trance medium. Yet, stating absolutely, that one cannot trust anything that comes from Heaven. Although there are beings that speak through him, “you can’t trust a word they’re saying, it is all a lie” and he would prefer to die because “this world is purely a place of suffering and purely the result of lies and deception”.

So, difficult to marry the two extremes from a certain perspective. Phillip Niemand had different experiences that shaped his life, and part of that, maybe the biggest foundation that brought him to such an understanding of the Heavens were in the Second World War. Where he participated with the partisans, on the side of the Elite forces. He was used for his skill, let’s call it that, or ‘psychic abilities’ . [Yes they used people like that, it is part of the Armed Forces, so to speak. You are not going to get any of the information released by those in the know. It’s not to their advantage. Their advantage is to keep their secrets close to their heart. ]
As part of Military Intelligence, Phillip Niemand played his role.

That is the influences that shaped my endeavours and my search for an understanding of ‘Why the Odds are always against You, in Every Possible Way’. It’s as if you’re in a giant casino and every thought is measured and spinned around, to bring about the opposite effect. The effect that is the greatest odds against you; that the only thing you have that you can play with in this giant casino of life, is your Willpower.

And yet, in your Willpower and you applying it, you will lose everything: your friends, your family – everything will have to be given up because they will simply not be able to understand the game you play, because they’re not playing the game. Unless they play the game, and even then, you’re going to end up dying alone. Because there’s an interesting thing, everything that happens in your life, isn’t happening to you, it’s happening inside you. It happens inside your Mind, and that’s where everybody is trying to come to peace, and trying to come to a way of Life that is the ‘Inner Self’. So called ‘directed’ and ‘at peace’ and ‘in harmony’.

But that didn’t seem to be the answer, because I met many people that are seemingly at peace with themselves, at harmony with themselves – yet that was only so when they were in front of other people. When you get to know them closer, you go and stay with them, you spend some time with them you find out it’s not like that at all. That is why at the Desteni Farm we had people come from all over the world to come and stay with us for as long as up to 3 years, to see for themselves, a very difficult message we have to deliver. Where it comes from, how it works, what is real. And those that manage to stay, those that manage to hear and see, their lives were profoundly changed forever more. In fact, changed without anything that specifically can be pinpointed, so they can’t even write or speak about it and say what happened. They were just in a different environment and just being in a different environment changed them profoundly.

So, looking at all of these seemingly, unrelated points, we are here on a journey of Understanding, Hearing, Sharing...

The Secrets of the Demons….

To be continued