Tuesday 12 August 2014

Day 549: Demons Taught me the Secrets of Jesus - Introduction

*The following series of blogs contains previously unpublished material by Bernard Poolman from 2011*

This is a seemingly strange topic.

But, astoundingly enough, a story about ‘beating the odds, against all odds’.
You’re in a world where there are always odds: the odd thing out, the odds of winning or losing, the odds of life and death; and everything is always on the line. And when the odds turn, things do not always turn out the way you want them - and sometimes they turn out the way you would love it to be.

So, how could Demons teach me the Secrets of Jesus?

After all, the drive of Jesus has been told many times. I grew up with the story of Jesus. And although there are many things in this story that one might not seemingly find easy, some of them were difficult. Like carrying the cross and being crucified. Fearful hearts immediately turn away from such a challenge and rather say, “I don’t need to carry the cross, Jesus carried it for me”.

Coming from a family where the father figure was so intensely embracing the Teachings of Jesus, that by his death, the pastor on the pulpit was saying that ‘if you were not like Les Poolman, you will not get into Heaven.’

That was quite a statement, like passing judgment on a total community.

It caused much subconscious repercussions in the community where people that were friends before and working together, all ended up causing each other harm - never speaking again.

Just with the death of one man, which was living as closely as possible to the Teachings of Jesus.

Only at his gravesite did we learn about many of the things he did where he gave so, that the left hand didn’t know what the right hand was doing. He pushed the points to the ultimate. And yet he couldn’t beat, at a young age, in spite of his dedication, he couldn’t beat cancer in his prayers. It didn’t save his life. So he died early fifties, still with the Bible in his hands, professing the message.

What does that got to do with anything? Yet it was the example, which was a tough one to follow, which was focussed around the Life and Teachings of Jesus.

The next influence that came into my life around this, and that had a profound impact was from my father-in-law, Phillip Niemand. He was the extreme ‘other side’ of the ‘coin’ as being a deep-trance medium. Yet, stating absolutely, that one cannot trust anything that comes from Heaven. Although there are beings that speak through him, “you can’t trust a word they’re saying, it is all a lie” and he would prefer to die because “this world is purely a place of suffering and purely the result of lies and deception”.

So, difficult to marry the two extremes from a certain perspective. Phillip Niemand had different experiences that shaped his life, and part of that, maybe the biggest foundation that brought him to such an understanding of the Heavens were in the Second World War. Where he participated with the partisans, on the side of the Elite forces. He was used for his skill, let’s call it that, or ‘psychic abilities’ . [Yes they used people like that, it is part of the Armed Forces, so to speak. You are not going to get any of the information released by those in the know. It’s not to their advantage. Their advantage is to keep their secrets close to their heart. ]
As part of Military Intelligence, Phillip Niemand played his role.

That is the influences that shaped my endeavours and my search for an understanding of ‘Why the Odds are always against You, in Every Possible Way’. It’s as if you’re in a giant casino and every thought is measured and spinned around, to bring about the opposite effect. The effect that is the greatest odds against you; that the only thing you have that you can play with in this giant casino of life, is your Willpower.

And yet, in your Willpower and you applying it, you will lose everything: your friends, your family – everything will have to be given up because they will simply not be able to understand the game you play, because they’re not playing the game. Unless they play the game, and even then, you’re going to end up dying alone. Because there’s an interesting thing, everything that happens in your life, isn’t happening to you, it’s happening inside you. It happens inside your Mind, and that’s where everybody is trying to come to peace, and trying to come to a way of Life that is the ‘Inner Self’. So called ‘directed’ and ‘at peace’ and ‘in harmony’.

But that didn’t seem to be the answer, because I met many people that are seemingly at peace with themselves, at harmony with themselves – yet that was only so when they were in front of other people. When you get to know them closer, you go and stay with them, you spend some time with them you find out it’s not like that at all. That is why at the Desteni Farm we had people come from all over the world to come and stay with us for as long as up to 3 years, to see for themselves, a very difficult message we have to deliver. Where it comes from, how it works, what is real. And those that manage to stay, those that manage to hear and see, their lives were profoundly changed forever more. In fact, changed without anything that specifically can be pinpointed, so they can’t even write or speak about it and say what happened. They were just in a different environment and just being in a different environment changed them profoundly.

So, looking at all of these seemingly, unrelated points, we are here on a journey of Understanding, Hearing, Sharing...

The Secrets of the Demons….

To be continued

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