Tuesday 5 August 2014

Day 548: CopyRight and MicroChip

Continuing from previous blog: Day 547: The MicroChip & The Mark of the Beast:
‘Religion is your thing for the Afterlife I mean – you’re only gonna find-out in the Afterlife if what you belief was really true or not – isn’t it?
It’s got Nothing to do (with) what’s going on Here on Earth – whatsoever. It does Not Feed you, it does Not provide you with Shelter – there is no such thing.
These things are done through Decisions made by us All as Humans: We decide what’s best for All, we implement it, it works = it’s Best for All.’

Have a Look: You can in the Afterlife ‘stand before God’ –if you believe there is such a thing- and say, you know, explain to him Why you believed what you did.

But, there is no-way you’ll be able to say to him, I mean: “Ah, I wanted just money for me and not for everyone else” – that would be not best for All and – I’m sure if there is a ‘God’ he’ll be rather pissed-off with you not-considering Everyone as Equal within the Context of this Reality.

We are All Equal in the context of this Reality – We All Breathe the Same Air – We All are under the Same Sun, we’re under the Same Moon – We All Eat from the Earth -

Nothing that is existent is original, so ‘Copyright’ in itself will not exist.
But to ‘Copy something ‘Right’’ so that when you make a Product that it lasts - and that it’s not made to only last for a short-while so you can sell-more products = Obviously many things will Change.

But – Everything that exist – have a look: comes from the Earth or (from) something that is Here before You got here.
Your knowledge is Not exclusive. The fact that you ‘find some point’ that actually ‘works together’ = is simply that you Recognized it.
It already existed before you saw it - you only Recognized it – therefore you ‘bring it ‘into being’’, you create a product, you create something that Everybody can benefit-from – you will not become rich because of that - because that simply will not serve All best, that would be Abuse of the Resources that is Here.

All Resources are Already Here before you got Here – you have no ‘Right’-to-it: All Resources Here Belongs to Everyone = that is the Value-of-Life – that is the Support-of-Life; And if a ‘god’ exist: that is what that ‘god’ intended.

That is the point of ‘Dominion’ = Dominion meaning: Whatever you do will have a Domino-Effect on Everything else – so therefore Abuse of our Resources will Stop.

We will have less ‘ranges’ of Products – because these things are done for Profit. We will NOT be working for Profit.
We’ll be working to give a Better-Life for All - a Better-Life where All have Equal Food, Equal Shelter, Equal Education; and can pursue your life in make the best of it – and learn how to LIVE a Dignified-Life – a Life which benefits You and through which you can benefit others – learn what LOVE really means – because that certainly is not-understood in this reality.

I suggest that one consider these points, again, there’s quite a number of positive points around the Micro-chip; The negative points I’m still looking for more, it seems to be ‘control’…
Now the best-way to make sure everyone is protected from each-other and not harming each-other or lose their Chips or be in a disadvantage – is to put the Chip under the skin, which is quite safe, and with having that under the skin one will be able to actually protect your ‘piece of connection’ to the System.
It’s already been tested, there’s already groups or Towns that’s running on Chips, that’s already been tested, it is already confirmed – your Body will be quite fine – I mean it’s also tested through Time in terms of the point where you can put-in Valves into the Heart, artificial Valves, artificial points that’s implanted in the body = that’s already proven that there is these things that DO work - and the Body is quite fine with it.

And it will be best to have implanted - then you won’t lose it and nobody else will be able to steal it – and if anybody does: it will be easy to actually solve the problem; Your Crime-ratios will Decline immensely – Corruption will End –You will have No-more Abuse between people to the extent that it exist now.

One of the things that we obviously will also propose is the End of all Alcohol – because that is one of the single things which is Profit-driven that cause most-Harm in this world where beings tend-to abuse - either in Families or in Public- because of their desire to Suppress their Discomfort and the fact that they are not enjoying their life -

And each one that has been extensively involved with Alcohol will be able to sit-down and actually come to a Self-Honest Realization = they only used Alcohol to Suppress their fears and anxieties and their discontent with their lives where they were unable to actually Express-themselves - because they felt ‘unworthy’ – they tried to ‘build a ‘worth’’ through Alcohol.

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