Saturday 2 August 2014

Day 547: The MicroChip & The Mark of the Beast

Continuing from previous blog: Day 546: Real Wealth & MicroChip
‘Now you’re gonna have some Smart-Asses that’ll actually try and categorize what we are doing. Why don’t you just Stop and Consider: We are looking for an Answer that’s Best for All.
If You do not see that and you do not want to see that – consider your particular-position of Self-Honesty: whether you’re actually interested in any point that is Best for All –which includes You obviously, I mean: a Best-for-All-Solution includes Everyone!’

Obviously, your Desires which was based on a time when one was programmed to actually ‘want more than another’ – a time of ‘Competition’ – will no-longer be valid; ‘competition’ will be an Expression: if one want to go and do Sport or Athletics and so on, that becomes an Expression according to your Skill. It’s no-longer one where you’ll gain Profit from your ‘expertise’ or ‘the way you look’ – All of those things are really only used to ‘bamboozle the Multitude’ into all kinds of ‘hopes’ and ‘desires of some Greatness’ which is in the end of the day based-on ‘Success and Money’ - on ‘Wealth’, which is a ludicrous in a System that does not have sufficient for All in the first place, as a Money-System.
Because there isn’t sufficient – as it has been demonstrated many times through the ways our Markets are going Up-and-Down = there is a Problem, and this Problem is not going to be resolved.

We also do not want to wait till we have Multitudes Looting Shops, destroying the Basic-Infrastructure because they are Hungry - and then at the end of the day:
still having to capitulate to a point where you HAVE to introduce an Equal-Wage-System and (where) you HAVE to consider (because your life is threatened by those that has No Food) you have to consider a System which is based in the Value-of-Life, where – it’s no different to what we have now, where it is based-on the Value of your Debt: where we have to create Money through Debt; We can just as well create Money through Making it Equal to the Value of Life. Which then at-least is an Equal-System – because: there’s sufficient Money according to the amount of Living-beings on the Planet.

And according to that one can plan your Labour-points and producing Food and related items, and there will be sufficient people that actually DO CARE.

Those that profess ‘Love’, I mean, that will be your opportunity to really prove that your ‘Love’ is real. Your Labour is gonna be in Service of your fellow-man. You’re gonna actually prove that you do ‘care about your neighbour’ – I mean, all these ‘wonderful points’.

Now – in all of this, obviously, have you noticed? No religion is necessary, which is wonderfulReligion in itself is sentimental in value, and will have-nothing-to-do with the Basic Life-giving Needs that is required for Every human being on Earth.

Religion is simply irrelevant; it is something that is ‘relevant’ for your Afterlife, if you want to follow a particular-Pursuit that will according to your Belief ‘solve your life’ in the Afterlife = that you can do in your own Time, I mean, you will have enough Food, you will have enough Shelter, you’ll be able to do it:

And that is only sentimental, it’s got no bearing whatsoever – no bearing whatsoever on anything that’s going-on in this Physical-World in terms of the Basic-Needs for People in terms of: Food, Shelter and Education.

Then those kind of points (religion) will be completely excluded from any System – because that is the part that will remain personal, although obviously one can debate it if you really want to but: it is irrelevant within the Context of whether the Micro-chip is ‘positive’ or ‘negative’.

The whole point of the Micro-chip being a Number -666- or the ‘Mark of the Beast’ – I mean: Every single human-being in this world is already bearing the Mark of the Beast: if you have a Bank-Account = you have the Mark of the Beast; if you Buy any Product = you are participating in the Mark of the Beast; if you have Money in your Pocket = you have the Mark of the Beast; Anything that you’re doing now: having an Electricity-Account, having a Telephone, having a Cell-Phone, having Water-Accounts = All of that is the Mark of the Beast = You have it already.

So you can just as well now go to a more effective ‘Mark of the Beast’ - being a Micro-chip.
And in that very Chip we will be able to actually find a far more suitable Solution, where one can be able have a System that Control Us – so that we do not harm each-other unnecessary.

This will obviously being a Global-System –that’s what’s so wonderful about the New World Order – because it places everything in place for a Global-System that’s Best for All; where there will be no more be Boundaries, no-longer be controls through Passport-travelling –you’ll be simply Moving and be tracked through your Micro-chip.

You’ll be able to know whether somebody wants to Blow-up your place or not, but there would be no need – because you’re no-longer fighting about religion, everybody’s got Food;
Religion is your thing for the Afterlife I mean – you’re only gonna find-out in the Afterlife if what you belief was really true or not – isn’t it?
It’s got Nothing to do (with) what’s going on Here on Earth – whatsoever. It does Not Feed you, it does Not provide you with Shelter – there is no such thing.

These things are done through Decisions made by us All as Humans: We decide what’s best for All, we implement it, it works = it’s Best for All.

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