Wednesday 27 August 2014

Day 552: Is God to Blame for War?

Continuing from: Day 551: Investigating the Image and Likeness of God

By the time I left the police I was in essence leaning more towards the New Age teachings and started investigating that more and more. Having studied the Bible extensively and coming to the conclusions that everything that exists is Divine and is God and that we are here to explore the Image and Likeness of God and to find within ourselves our Godhood, so to speak. And then to embrace that and bring about such conditions here, or be ready when we die to face God, as equal. Although the ideas existed, the practicality of the ‘how to’, wasn’t quite clear and I walked to find out.

At this stage I’ve been married for a while and first child was on her way and I ended up moving to Durban. Having been exposed to the world of Psychic Phenomena at that stage extensively. Especially through my father-in-law and that would be a whole other story because he was part of the group of the University of the Witwatersrand that investigated Psychic Phenomena after the Second World War. Professor Haarhoff and Arthur Bleksley and they extensively investigated the phenomena, although I could find very little of the writings from that era, or the publications of that era.

That’s all things that shaped his life and why he became a Healer and why the Healings he’d be doing was so effective that people would come to his Practice from around the world based on the stories of what happened to others. Yet in spite of his healing powers he had an adverse reaction to anything ‘Light’ or ‘Heavenly’, and regarded that as evil.

But because he was a Healer, he couldn’t switch of his Channel. Because if he’d switch off this Channel, he can’t do the healing. So there was still the healing part linked to the Heavens and it was all linked to Light – which was demonstrated to me very clearly during some of the sessions I’ve had with Entities from around the Universe. Always these Entities confirmed to me one thing: they called God ‘The Great White Light’ and ‘Whose Face No-one can Stand’ and ‘Who No-one has ever seen’ – but as a Light.

So, God was confirmed to me as the only and all power of everything. I never threw the channellings at that stage, or exposed to any form of Demonic Forces, and I couldn’t quite understand with all the things happening, the fact that God was placed so clearly as ‘The Great White Light’ as the Ultimate Force, I couldn’t understand completely why Phillip was so against the Forces of Heaven and I always implored him that he should forgive and forget. Although I would agree that what he had to go through in the Second World War was quite horrific and the decisions he had to make, no-one should be placed in front of such decisions EVER. But War makes men do things that is not necessarily your will that you’re expressing. It’s where you have no choice because if you don’t you’re dead. And that is quite a thing to face having to kill and having to choose between yourself and another. It is no way that one can clearly negate what you will do yourself in such a position or would you just react in fear and kill and protect yourself or would you, like Phillip did, consider your choice and found yourself bound to an impossible choice that profoundly affected your own life. Which is what happened to him.

The result of the choice he had to make, the choice where he had to kill had such an effect on him that after that, he blamed Heaven for such conditions ever to exist. Which is in fact a point to consider. I mean, why does war exist? Both parts in War are praying to God – which one is God listening to? If God is listening at all, that was a question that arose from this all.

to be continued...

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