Saturday 26 July 2014

Day 546: Real Wealth & MicroChip

Continuing from the previous blog: Day 545: MicroChip & Equal-Health System
‘Now – I’m still looking-for some more negative points on the Micro-chip here: Ehm... it seems to be that Control is the main issue and the Fear that’s linked to Control and...All the issues around the Micro-chip is simply Control; There’s no-other point.’ 

Let’s look at Licensing: I mean, to have you ‘licensed’, your ability to for instance drive a car or to manage a point which involves the possible-harm to other people: you know, which is for instance driving a Truck or an Airplane or so on – a license for that is necessary from the perspective: to make sure that your skills are not impaired - Because the Ego tends to demand that one is ‘fine’ when you’re not ‘fine’ –

So that you can have any ‘erratic behaviour’ recognized by the System to immediately have appropriate Help given to a person that is developing a ‘disorder’ that may harm others through a motorcar-accident = will be to the benefit of All.

So the control of those kind of points is absolutely relevant – because the only thing that’ll stand in the way is Ego, because there is nothing-else that can stand in the way of that. Obviously with an Equal-Wage-System and where the decision is made that: All ‘Value’ is based on a system that is based on the Value-of-Life = you do Not have an Economic-System that’s based on Profit: so nobody profits from anything.

You get a Direct-Result on your Labour – you have a System through which you can utilize your Food and your Shelter-module – that is based on an Equal-System for everyone – that is based on the available-Resources, no-one can have more than another – you can have a ‘better house’ through using your Labour to build a better house –but: the whole Profit-System which is what a lot of the ‘Law of Attraction’-things is being based on, to ‘have this...’ to be ‘wealthy’…

Your WEALTH is in your Time which you can spend effectively with things you really-Enjoy = that’s Real Wealth!

The System will provide for such Real-Wealth situations – In terms of your Basic-Services: that will be provided by a Labour-System;

The Ultimate-point for any System: Will it stand the Test of Time?
Our current Money-System = our Profit(-system), our Capitalist-system, our Communist-systems as it used to be: All of these Systems: None of them has actually stood the Test of Time.

Now you’re gonna have some Smart-Asses that’ll actually try and categorize what we are doing. Why don’t you just Stop and Consider: We are looking for an Answer that’s Best for All.

If You do not see that and you do not want to see that – consider your particular-position of Self-Honesty: whether you’re actually interested in any point that is Best for All –which includes You obviously, I mean: a Best-for-All-Solution includes Everyone!

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