Thursday 19 June 2014

Day 541: An Exercise in Self-Honesty

Okay - so, Today we are going to talk about an interesting phenomena. And this is especially an exercise for people that participate in the ‘Law of Attraction’, people that have a very strong belief in Love and Fairness, in Equality – to establish if your assessment of your positioning within your current Belief-status, your current Principled-status, your Value-System: whether that Value-System is actually supporting you.

In the arena of Sales and ‘Positive Thinking’ and ‘Law of Attraction’, there is a little exercise which works to establish a balancing-point:
Where you draw a line in the middle of a page and on the one side you write all the positive-attributes and on the other side you write all the negative-attributes.

Now for purposes of our exercise we are going to use a very Controversial-point. We’re going to use Micro-chipping. The question is: Is Micro-chipping beneficial = best for Humanity or...and that means is Micro-chipping Good – or is Micro-chipping Evil?

Now in answering this question, you’re going to establish if you’re really pushing yourself in some Self-Honesty; you’re going to establish whether you are a Self-honest person or whether you are actually being Controlled by Information and Fear; thus you’ll establish whether you are actually interested in a Solution for the World that is actually Best for All of Humanity.

Now let’s start with the negatives of the Micro-chip – we will do some negatives and some positives.

A negative is obviously that it is all about Control. Now – Control is a fascinating thing – because Control, if in the hands of a Few for the purposes of power, would seemingly be a bad thing and that seems throughout History that that has happened; And that the Masses, that means the Many, has somehow always fallen-for the Few being in Control and always had an excuse why ‘they could do nothing about it’.

I mean it has been demonstrated the fact that a single man could control a whole Nation – the Germans specifically – and get them all to stand-together on a single Principle. That means that the German race itself has a better Future possible.

Obviously it’s never seen as such a ‘positive’ message that is behind Hitler - but if one really go and have a look at What he was standing for: He was standing for a Better life for his People.

Now – if one extend that to a Better Life for All, then obviously one must...have to consider all the Control-issues.

Imagine yourself being a Parent and your Child has been abducted or hijacked or has disappeared: the amount of Anguish and Fear that you go-through while you do not know where your Child is.
Now with the Micro-chip – where the technology already exist - where the Micro-chip can be picked-up with the Satellite with a particular-Frequency = it will be simplistic to find your Child because your child simply be picked-up on the Scan.

And, although there is still at this stage some Points where they might be able to ‘hide’ and not be picked-up, the Technology is developing to the stage where that will not even be a feasible point: where for instance all the locations where the Chip will not be able to be transmitting = will be able to be Mapped, and one will have a much smaller search-area to go and find the Child.

That will also obviously serve as a control, which prevents the people that prey-on the Children for their purposes of satisfaction of their desires = will be Stopped or will at least, the very minimum, be Prevented from considering it if they realize what the problem is.

Technology exists which can be incorporated in the Chip to control your Health, meaning that it could actually, through a connection or a measurement of your current Health-status –because if you look at your physical-body: it is a chemical-Construct- so if there are certain chemicals within your Balancing-factors that is out-of-balance, which is then leaving you not in your Optimum Healthy-state: your Chip can signal a central control-room which will then immediately let you know that you require some medical assistance = thus diagnosing a problem long before it occur and preventing the problem - which is the purpose of Health-Care is to prevent problems; not to go to Health-Care once you have a problem.

Therefore the Micro-chip will be extremely effective in assisting you to prevent problems.

- To be continued -

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