Saturday 28 June 2014

Day 543: MicroChip & Equal Wage System

Continuing from the previous blog: Day 542: Changing the Rules of our Value System:
Because the Principle of Consideration for Each-other, you know: ‘Loving thy neighbour as thyself’ – those kind of things do not exist; those are Utopian-ideas which even Christianity has proven for 2,000 years cannot work and it will not work.
And we can no longer wait for some Utopian-idea – we need to find a Practical CommonSense-Solution that will actually Benefit All.
So another positive-point for a Micro-chip would be that one would be able to manage an Equal Wage System to benefit All.”
Now you’ll say “But now, what is gonna motivate you to produce food and to build roads and other Basic-services?”

For that one will have to introduce a Labour-System: a Labour-Credit-System on which one earn Equal Credits per Time Worked across-the-board no matter what your Skill – which means: that brings-in a total-form of Equality.

So whether you’re a doctor or a grave-digger – you get an Equal Labour Credit-point for the labour you do according to the Time that it takes and your Value-System for the more -- call it ‘Luxury-items’ in the world - like cars and televisions and technology and all those kind of things – is then based-on a Labour-System: If you don’t work, you don’t get; You will have Food and Shelter, but you don’t have all the other ‘luxuries’ that are available.

Obviously with a Chip it’s very nice: if somebody steals, it will be easy to track them and therefore to Prevent all Crime – a Chip will be one of the best ways to ‘protect one’s property’ from your ‘fellow devious humans’.
We have a world in which these things are now extensively out-of-control, and our police-forces cannot sustain a solution.

While with a Micro-chip you’ll need a very small (human-)force to actually maintain ‘law and order’ - because many more people will remain within the bounds of their lives – because their Basic minimum Needs are met in terms of Food and Shelter, their children are being Educated, they are not hungry, they can pursue more principles of Expression and Happiness and all that goes with that – and have a life that is more based on Experiencing-Themselves in the Time they’ve been given on this Earth.

With a Labour-System: one will be able to Equalize everyone into a Credit-System that will allow all the people that really want some more ‘luxury experiences’ or experiences related to entertainment to gain those, through simply doing labour – whether the labour is producing food or whether the labour is producing a television or the labour is being a lawyer or the labour being a doctor or whether the labour planning what happens to the sewage of the town, Town-planning, or basic Water-planning – whatever it is, you’ll do your labour according to what you enjoy and where you feel you could serve your fellow man effectively;
And for those Labour-Units you’ll be able to then obtain ‘valued-added-items’ from the perspective of entertainment and the perspective of ‘having Fun’ in this reality.

In allowing Everyone to be in an Equal position in terms of your Basic Needs, provisions in terms of Food, Shelter and related things like Education, and your Value -System as to that which motivates those that want to work = that will place Everyone in a position that those that do work or do use labour to obtain their items will have items – those that don’t will still have Food, so that nobody will suffer needlessly – and you will have a Free-Choice whether you labour or not.

So Free-Choice is taken care of and within that your Choice is balanced = best for All – using a Micro-chip.

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