Friday 4 July 2014

Day 544: The Invisible Elite & the MicroChip

Continuing from the previous blog: Day 543: MicroChip & Equal Wage System:
‘In allowing Everyone to be in an Equal position in terms of your Basic Needs, provisions in terms of Food, Shelter and related things like Education, and your Value -System as to that which motivates those that want to work = that will place Everyone in a position that those that do work or do use labour to obtain their items will have items – those that don’t will still have Food, so that nobody will suffer needlessly – and you will have a Free-Choice whether you labour or not.
So Free-Choice is taken care of and within that your Choice is balanced = best for All – using a Micro-chip.’

With a Micro-chip – it’ll be possible to actually manage a System like this, where one take-out all control that could ever be in the hands of the Few = by having an Administrative-body that is then elected by All –through using technology.

With a simple Rule: that nobody may be ‘in-office’ longer than a year so your Council or your Administrative-body that oversee the management of the Basic Wage-System serving All People Equally as Life and your basic Labour-System = will be changing Yearly, and will be a Basic-Service for the Best for All.

We don’t even need Agreement by all people on Earth to do this – because, I mean, our leaders as they are now: already have all power – they can actually implement a System like this with great Ease;

All it will cost them is obviously giving-up their power. And in that: bringing forth an Equal-position. So either they will have to co-operate, or we will have to become the new Leaders of the world; put-in new politicians that will ACTUALLY implement a System that’s Best for All.
Very simple point because from a Desteni perspective: We will pursue this point vigorously.

Now I’m looking for negative-points about the Chip. The main point about the Chip is that you’re gonna be controlled and you’re gonna be somehow ‘in-a-jail’. Now – that is a Fallacy – because: to control all the people on Earth and having them in a point where they are rushed-off to be terminated and executed and so on – that won’t happen because:
Your Elite if you look at it in the world is ‘invisible’ – they cannot become visible because they are too small-a-group and are then in Real danger.
Their only safety is in the fact that they are invisible. They will remain invisible, they will never become exposed - because their exposure will immediately place them at grave risk.

There is not a single-force in this world that can protect them, if they are known at this stage to humanity who they are / there are just too many beings that’s willing to actually do something about it.

So the Elite will remain invisible; Their control at this stage is actually: using all the gullible Conspiracy-Theorists and the fearful-Multitude – to spread Rumours as fast as possible and keeping themself (the conspiracy-theorists) in a mental-jail based just on Rumours, on Conjecture, so they can be ‘special’ – in being ‘the One’ that ‘exposed a great ‘Conspiracy against Humanity’’.

There is no such conspiracy! The conspiracy is fuelled to the benefit of the Few by the Many – because the Many is unable to sit-down and actually Agree on what is Best for All at a single point.

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