Monday 21 July 2014

Day 545: MicroChip & Equal-Health System

Continuing from the previous blog: Day 544: The Invisible Elite & the MicroChip:

‘So the Elite will remain invisible; Their control at this stage is actually: using all the gullible Conspiracy-Theorists and the fearful-Multitude – to spread Rumours as fast as possible and keeping themselves (the conspiracy-theorists) in a mental-jail based just on Rumours, on Conjecture, so they can be ‘special’ – in being ‘the One’ that ‘exposed a great ‘Conspiracy against Humanity’’.
There is no such conspiracy! The conspiracy is fuelled to the benefit of the Few by the Many – because the Many is unable to sit-down and actually Agree on what is Best for All at a single point.’

Food, Shelter and Education.

We suggest what is Best for All is an Minimum Wage from Birth to Life (to Death) for Every human-being. That automatically Serves the Purpose of making-sure that each one has got

Those Basic-points taken care of = will place each-person in a position to actually consider Living differently. Because that will Remove much of the tension and stress that cause Violence in society, it Removes many of the Disease-formed points;

And a Micro-chip will actually allow an Equal-Health-System – because according to the tracking of your behaviour through a System: you’ll be in a position where you can ‘defend your actions’ - because you have Proof of what you’ve done and nobody will be able to falsely-accuse you of anything, because your movements will be known.

And - Having all your movements known: the only beings/the only humans that will not want their movements known to everyone else = are those that are deliberately dishonest! I mean, what is the point of hiding what you’re doing?!

And in an Equal-Wage-System: where you have a Labour-System for your point of ‘benefit of the luxuries’ – I mean, You have all the Power in your Hands in what you do with your life and how you live your life.

If you then want to pursue a Happiness from the perspective of Not-using Labour: you can still do so! There will be groups that can do so - I mean, you have your Food, you have your Shelter, and you can have some Fun; Not all things will cost Money or Credits or Labour - Some things are just FUN.

Now – I’m still looking-for some more negative points on the Micro-chip here: Ehm... it seems to be that Control is the main issue and the Fear that’s linked to Control and...All the issues around the Micro-chip is simply Control; There’s no-other point.

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