Tuesday 24 June 2014

Day 542: Changing the Rules of our Value System

Continuing from the previous blog: Day 541: An Exercise in Self-Honesty
Technology exists which can be incorporated in the Chip to control your Health, meaning that it could actually, through a connection or a measurement of your current Health-status –because if you look at your physical-body: it is a chemical-Construct- so if there are certain chemicals within your Balancing-factors that is out-of-balance, which is then leaving you not in your Optimum Healthy-state: your Chip can signal a central control-room which will then immediately let you know that you require some medical assistance = thus diagnosing a problem long before it occur and preventing the problem - which is the purpose of Health-Care is to prevent problems; not to go to Health-Care once you have a problem.
Therefore the Micro-chip will be extremely effective in assisting you to prevent problems.

If one look at what has happened this last week in Durban with shop-looters storming shops, looting the shops because they have No Food to eat, and then demanding from government an Equal Minimum Wage for All People in the country = this kind of activity will escalate - because as the Economic-situation becomes more and more precarious and causing more and more People to be without Basic-Sustenance and Basic Living-standards = more and more will demand that an answer must be found for those that are disenfranchised by an Economic-System that has never ever actually catered for All Living Beings on Earth –all Humans at the very least.

So – this kind of situation will increase. Obviously at the moment Governments claim that ‘it is not possible to be done’.

We completely disagree = (we say) that it is absolutely possible – because at the end of the day: We as the Human make the ‘rules’ by which we communicate –and Money is a form of Communication, it’s a Value-System – We make the rules of our Value-System.

Our current Value-System is based on: the ‘Law of Attraction’ and on ‘Positive Thinking’ and on some ‘having all’ because they ‘have the opportunity’, they have the benefit of certain Factors in the Physical-reality to be on their side to be ‘successful’ – or they have been trained in a particular form of Skill that is sought-after and that benefits the Control-System, which is similar to virtually having a Micro-chip based on a Media-Control and an Education-Control System - which is already kind of existing.

But there is a Solution to this problem by having an Equal Wage for All – an Equal Minimum Living Wage for All Beings from Birth to Death – which will be very easy to direct with a Micro-chip – to make sure that nobody can abuse another’s Wages, and to allow Everyone to be Sustained in terms of being able to use this Wage only in relation to Food and Shelter and that which is related-to one’s Basic-Need-fulfilment; To have that linked also to a central-Management System using a Micro-chip.

Why would one do that? Because you really can’t trust Humans to actually manage it - because Humans have already proven themselves to be Corrupt. Humanity requires a System that is based in physical-Control to actually prevent Humans from Harming each-other.

Because the Principle of Consideration for Each-other, you know: ‘Loving thy neighbour as thyself’ – those kind of things do not exist; those are Utopian-ideas which even Christianity has proven for 2,000 years cannot work and it will not work.

And we can no longer wait for some Utopian-idea – we need to find a Practical CommonSense-Solution that will actually Benefit All.

So another positive-point for a Micro-chip would be that one would be able to manage an Equal Wage System to benefit All.

- to be continued -

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