Saturday 26 April 2014

Day 540: Astrology – Suffering and Belief – Part 3


Continuing from the previous blog: Day 539: Astrology – Symbolic Possession – Part 2:

Bernard: In that big ‘great divine plan’ is the absolute abdication of your Personal Directive Principle: your integrity – everything you have abdicate the moment you allow in your perceptual reality any form of abuse.
Darryl: That was the one that was pushed that caused me to question a ‘divine plan’ because I couldn't see a reason or justification of suffering as part of the ‘divine plan.’
Bernard: Obviously, I mean...
Darryl: But if you look at the other people who are still following, it looks like, totally acceptable. It took the form of them saying ‘it’s their choice.’ (People who suffer).

god suffering pain evil

Bernard: You’ll find invariably that the person will only question their reality if their money and their livelihood is threatened, and their home is taken away. If those things are stable, the person will not question their beliefs.

Darryl: Well, this is funny. Because everything was going ‘right’ for me. As soon as I put that doubt in my mind, things started to change, like boom! I lost it all.

Bernard: Yes, because you’re now questioning the system. The system is god and therefore automatically that which supports you is taken away so…

What will now happen for beings in this reality is that their livelihood and their security and their homes will be taken away so that they can realize there’s a problem. So the god system will no longer support you just because you’re god – obviously the deeper your belief, the longer It takes before it crash and the bigger the crash – it’s even in the ‘divine books’ that this is what is going to happen.
Darryl: The Job Experience you were talking about.

Bernard: Yes, but also Revelations. Revelations shows particularly that the events on this Earth are going to be extensive. Now that will be the time where believers will be challenged greatly.

Imagine: as great as your obsession and possession, so great will be your challenge.

Darryl: I would say when the rapture does occur or another question, what was that about? Just a belief of ‘hope’ that I won’t have to experience the fuck up ‘cause I will be…

Bernard: Is basically because if you believe you’re not going to suffer - it’s all done in the name of I mean have a look at some of the reasoning behind the belief
systems - I mean ‘at least I don’t have to suffer, Jesus has suffered for me.’

Darryl: That is insanity. Christianity

Bernard: Yes I mean so it’s all fear of suffering. Yet if you look at Revelations is clearly stated that everyone is going to suffer extensively –

Darryl: ‘Oh! except god’s chosen who believed.’

Bernard: Oh, no. if you really look at it, they were also going to suffer extensively. So you’re really like fucked in every way because you have no way out

Darryl: And Satan’s given a thousand years..

Bernard: Yes, I mean take one day of suffering and starvation – and then extend that to a thousand years, you wouldn’t tell me that you still fucking believe in god, come on!

Some Self Honesty is necessary, isn’t it?

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