Friday 11 April 2014

Day 539: Astrology – Symbolic Possession – Part 2

Continuing from the previous blog: Day 538: Astrology – God’s Divine Plan – Part 1:

So your Structural Resonance is a Biological Structure, it is how your biology is creating reality because you’re in a Biological Ecosystem: the Earth. It’s a living entity. You’re inside it. You’re living of it. You’re feeding of it: that which is the same as the Earth is what is creating your experience on the Earth. Your mental condition is simply keeping you busy while you’re waiting for the Physical to manifest, because that takes time according to the timeline of the Earth. And if you have to wait till those things take place I mean, you’ll be quite bored so how you make sure that a being is not bored?
Darryl: You entertain the

spiritual-art-painting-devotion-686x1024.jpg.pagespeed.ce.zgXDAXtcto Bernard: You entertain the mind. You give them their own personal entertainment system that keeps them occupied moving between various forms of beliefs - that the fact that that is a lie but not real is obvious, but for the being it’s become the ultimate experience, the ‘truth of my being’ this entertainment.

Darryl: So the dimensions were all able to control the human beings through the mind.

Bernard: Through the mind.

Darryl: Through the beliefs…

Bernard: Through beliefs, through symbols. With the symbols implanted into the being, the symbols would resonate and through that resonance, it makes a signature an ‘energetic sign’ which then eventually is accepted by the being in the flesh and the being starts to ‘act-it-out’ until the flesh forms and moves according to that energetic imprint. Now you have made the system ‘real’ – it’s still just an Implant – it’s not an actuality

Darryl: It’s not like the DNA.

Bernard: It’s not the same. You’ll eventually have an influence. The things that really started influencing the DNA and the development of that, was that obviously the emergence of the virus and the bacteria and so on. If you have to have a look that is something that has in time through intervention has ‘evolved’ It’s because, what is a virus? A virus is DNA information carrier, it carries information. It responds to things. It’s like a defense mechanism of the Earth. But it’s also an information carrier module that uses the very ‘substance’ that is the Physical. That’s why the viruses can move anywhere some as depending on what their ‘carrier’ is –Are they only touch-bound? Are they air-borne? Are they water bound? What is the carrier they use to move?

So astrology in essence already with a little bit of Common Sense if one look at it - proves you that you’re Preprogrammed. There is some many of those things that just makes sense – and that happen to you. And astrology exists and consist of Symbols. These symbols are very simplistically based in dimensional timelines and they’re linked into to your ‘state of being' and dependent on your ‘state of being’ events will take place. Which is why these things are not taking place all at the same time for everyone. They are individually based on the energetic points the symbols that come together that form a new symbol. That new symbol becomes your event. Remember, everything in existence are words- words are symbols that are placed together to form an entity – our words are entities – they are not individualized, they are the result of symbols that are placed together.
Darryl: So each letter is a symbol...

Bernard: No, even inside the letter there’s a symbol because you’ve built that letter through time and through your knowledge into a compact executable, a compact symbol - like the letter ‘L’ will mean many things.

Darryl: Right.

Bernard: And those things are taken as a ‘given’ and now you place it into a word - all that you’ve taken as a ‘given’ within the forming of the letter ‘L’ within your consciousness, will now have an effect on your perception and your awareness in your reality. And all of that is happening at your subconscious, unconscious level because you’ve already accepted it, therefore it automatically happens. Which is when somebody believes in something –it’s very difficult to assist them because, they have fundamentally accepted certain symbols as ‘divine’- that means as the reason why they exist.

Darryl: Well, they believe them as a ‘truth’

Bernard: Therefore, unable to consider any form of Common Sense and thus are functionally completely a System only– they stand no chance. The only point there is - if there ever would arise a question based on events that is contradictory to their symbiosis they have with the symbol – you can in a way say that they are, they have been ‘infected’ with a symbol to a degree that makes them ‘possessed’- if you can call that...

Now that possession is similar to a possession of a demon – this is just some different, it’s a ‘symbolic’ possession, make sense?

Darryl: Yeah yeah, I was just writing this morning talking about how I was one of those people who believed in the channeled material until - it took years, like decades to realize what they were saying and what was happening in real time - the Earth situations were totally opposite.

Bernard: It’s not the same thing isn’t it? But I mean they’ve been saying the same thing in the channeled materials and the ‘love message’ for many years many, many years, decades on decades - never having an actual effect while there are many things in this world where you can see that some point is ‘pushed’. Politics is an example, you have an immediate effect with new leadership that happens in terms of some of the basics of the implementation of the policy of the politicians of a new political party. I mean religion and love and all of that is nowhere close to that, in terms of the application of the particular belief of love to be apparently effective and divine – it doesn’t exist at all, it’s all just one done for one single thing, it’s like a form of mental masturbation: ‘I feel better about myself, fuck the rest.’ I mean, ‘because I am right and I have the right to be right – I may mental masturbate myself and I mean you will learn how to do that as well – it is all in the big great divine plan.'

Darryl: Right, right.

Bernard: In that big ‘great divine plan’ is the absolute abdication of your Personal Directive Principle: your integrity – everything you have abdicate the moment you allow in your perceptual reality any form of abuse.

Darryl: That was the one that was pushed that caused me to question a ‘divine plan’ because I couldn't see a reason or justification of suffering as part of the ‘divine plan.’

Bernard: Obviously, I mean...

Darryl: But if you look at the other people who are still following, it looks like, totally acceptable. It took the form of them saying ‘it’s their choice.’ (People who suffer).

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