Friday 28 March 2014

Day 538: Astrology – God’s Divine Plan – Part 1

shutterstock_83116369 So Astrology

Ass-Trollogy as you troll along... ah sorry ….

Astrological- as the truth is logical. Astrology.

It is the reason of the system or the way that it was designed so that you will end up ‘believing’ that your experiences are real because events are happening to you that are just ‘too good to be true’, they’re all linked to some ‘greater plan’.

Now it’s fascinating because these things are all linked to symbols that move in dimensional timelines. These dimensional timelines are linked to your thought patterns, your words you speak and the people in your life. According to the ‘state of your being’ you’ll have an energetic imprint – which is like a dimension. When you reach a certain energetic imprint, which is a certain state of being and certain dimension – it ‘activates’ the symbol, the symbol locks into the lock-ins of the Unified Field and you have an event that takes place and you say ‘wow! God works in mysterious ways!’ But god is nothing without a system that is based on energy that links in according to its dimensional timelines and energetic imprints and when these symbols lock-in you have a ‘Voila! Miracle.'

Now you’ve got to really look at all the ‘ology’s’ like astrology, biology..

Biology is the robot that exists as the flesh which runs on a system that moves things from one point to another called the heart ‘the center of love.' I mean, it moves your dick into a pussy. I mean that’s the point of it: having control over another being through the word ‘love.’ But the biology is a point of an ‘ology’ like the astrology, that the biology has got the two points that moves the positive and the negative. You know... the blood is with oxygen and without oxygen for instance - this is a crude example. But the ‘ology’s’ are the things that you’re gonna really look at because that’s your logic – your ologies.

Darryl: Now, ‘ology’ is latin for ‘the love of something.’

Bernard: Yes, but you have to look at how it is used within the System. It is used within it as an ‘unquestionable truth’ which is what love is used – love is used as a definition, or a reason to place in on the board the unquestionable point that you may not question this point. I mean, so astrology must be true! Biology: ‘this is how it is, divine – god created it’- it’s a System! it is built up just like the car engineered from the old Ford T’s, you know from long time ago to the cars you have today. Why was it not the car in the beginning like it is now? Because through time and experiences, it was upgraded through ‘new systems’. The same happened to the human being. Your basic biology’s never changed. The System on which you’re running: that has changed, that is all the mental experience and interdimensional experience, because the Mental is Interdimensional. That is how you could be controlled.

The Physical - there is very little that Interdimensions can do about it, because it takes time for the Physical to take on the behavior pattern. Now have a look, it’s not that the Physical is changing - it’s the behavior pattern.

You have certain things that do ‘change’ which is genetically based for instance, that the children looks like their parents or the grandparents - but even that is not always like that. But you can trace back your genetic lines, but that’s the biological information thread that manifest - not mental information thread.

So your Structural Resonance is a Biological Structure, it is how your biology is creating reality because you’re in a Biological Ecosystem: the Earth. It’s a living entity. You’re inside it. You’re living of it. You’re feeding of it: that which is the same as the Earth is what is creating your experience on the Earth. Your mental condition is simply keeping you busy while you’re waiting for the Physical to manifest, because that takes time according to the timeline of the Earth. And if you have to wait till those things take place I mean, you’ll be quite bored so how you make sure that a being is not bored?

Darryl: You entertain the mind.

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