Tuesday 11 March 2014

Day 536: Specialization : The Debilitation Effect and Pricing – Part 1

in_greed_we_trust Specialization was and is actually a point where the mind starts to specialize, becomes more effective at one point and less effective at another. And this whole point has become our social structure that has caused in fact, instead of everyone becoming better - some to become better at a specific point – and the rest to have become incompetent basically, unable to actually even do the most basic of things in terms of self-sufficiency. So if you teach man how to feed themselves - you can feed a nation -But: if you take away their ability to feed themselves, you enslave a nation.

And more and more humanity has become enslaved to technology -but have a look: was technology a success in the economic realm? It wasn't. It brought some of the greatest monetary disasters imaginable because, technology made it possible for everybody to do something: so anybody could become a computer expert, anyone could do Windows courses and do training and the basic web designs and all of that - so everybody started doing it and everybody was greedy. So they tried to do it from a justification point of view, fascinatingly saying 'I can do it cheaper' and there was hope in to capture the market because they're cheaper -which is greed - but they never consider the practical physical action that needs to be taken in doing all the work. So instead of us developing a lot of people that are very proficient in for instance - computer programming and doing website designs and all kinds of technological things - that total era has fallen through and just a few companies have got highly paid experts.

And, what caused this? The basic greed of everyone that wants to do things cheaper - without actually taking in consideration the actual space-time, the labor that's coming, who must eat - so there's no consideration of the amount of money that must move for everybody involved to have a good, you know, an effective life - and everything is then made cheaper and more 'affordable' apparently, so that more can afford it - but nobody can afford to live. And this is all driven by a peculiar thing of greed and where one use the mind instead of the Physical Reality to work out the price of something.

Specialization, have a look. Those that are highly specialized now - which is a mind specialization where some forms of practical application in some points have become very well paid, their time is worth a lot of money. Those that are doing the actual work - which is the general work that is required to maintain everybody else's life- they don't get any money: they starve, they live on the bread line and they are the slaves to the Elite specialized beings in existence.

And this was deliberately developed once it was seen to cause a massive control situation - but now the Money System’s crashing obviously - that has backlashed and virtually bitten the Elite of this world in the ass - and it'll get much worse. I mean, the Elite better buckle their fucking seatbelts because, there is going to be a very tough time ahead for them and eventually we'll have no Elite in the world -which will be the coolest fucking thing - and then one can start working at a solution - what's best for all.

And for instance I would suggest: when you work out your pricing for products or services - that you work out the space-time labor factor and who needs to be fed by it - before you even put the profit on - your profit is an extra - your actual costing is what makes something work or not.

You'll be surprised if one would for instance dare to explore the point in your shops to expose the actual production cost, the actual labor cost - who's been fed and so on - within a price and one expose it openly who gets what for the item you're buying - people will be more likely to buy stuff, because they know that they are supporting somebody else.

But at the moment you see a price on the shelf - you have no idea what went into it. And you're not even aware that you are in many cases supporting abuse and starvation because some of the beings that are part of that, did not get a proper income to make Equal Living. One of the proposals would be to change the way one price your structures and to make it available that everybody can see who gets what.

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  1. Cuando dejemos de ser consumidores compulsivos, habremos dado un paso para que los que se lucran con esto, se lleven un palmo de narices. Mientras tanto, seguimos en las mismas con los mismos.