Wednesday 5 March 2014

Day 535: The Physical NOW and Money – Part 2

Continuing from the previous blog, Day 534: The Physical NOW and Money – The Money Religion – Part 1:
”Now you are ‘loving your neighbor as yourself - you have satisfied all the basic spiritual laws and rules in existence. Just with money and changing the rules how Money is used or directed or understood within our Social Structure and our Economic Structure and your Basic Society.
Without one
substance, we can take something that is not real based on laws and so on –which is Money - and we make it real that is has a Real Physical Effect: Best for Everyone. “


Darryl: So how do we transform Self Interest into compassion for Everyone – I mean it’s… right now it’s like typical programming function.

Bernard: Unfortunately we have to focus on the point of explaining this over and over and over again -and focus on the Common Sense and Focus on Assisting beings to realize one thing that: If you deny this point, you’re in essence participating in the harming of other being simply in the name of the way you want to keep control over your money – instead of allowing everyone to have Equal Money - so in essence you become a murderer of the starving. So that in essence should be actually a ‘criminal offense’ – allowing starvation on the planet - which means that every single being on existence now, should be sent to the gallows for what they’ve allowed – isn’t the word ‘gallows’ allowed as well but just with a G? – I mean you’re the God that allowed it with the G - the ‘G-force’, the ‘G spot’ – you’re the G spot, I mean you’re the spot that decided all, you’re the One – not god, not religion, nothing else, you are, you are – you are the ‘G-spot’ – you’re the one that should put in the gallows for what you allow in letting people starve, just because of the way you have placed money within certain rules – and nobody questions this – that is what confirms Pre-programming – The fact that nobody questions this –

Everyone participating as an Activist, an Anarchist or as in a Non-Governmental Organization that the poor apparently alleviate poverty – they are all deceivers – why? They are not considering what a Real Practical Solution is that will Support All Beings in Existence

There are these claims that your Economic System and your Money System apparently are ‘alive’ and you can’t really measure what is going to do and it is like an ‘Energy Force’ – it is not, it is the Energy Force that you’re experiencing is the fear and the greed and the survival needs of people as they deceive each other so that they can have more money – and I mean within that, all your crimes that are money-driven, greed-driven and so on, multitudes of that is all based in the Basic Principle of Need – which is satisfied with Money.

So within this whole context -the whole context of what we’ve allowed in Existence to have a Mental Projected Physical manifestation that we’ve guided by rules to control our Physical Reality, our Physical Experience – I mean that is absolute stupidity.

If we want a better world, we need to first look at what is Actual Physical Reality – what is the Basic Needs of Every One, what is Best for All – that’s really our Oneness.

Are we directing this Oneness within Love? That’s really Love – we cannot go and profess some ‘Higher Experience’ if we can’t even Direct our Basic Physical Reality – that’s the dishonesty of those professing ‘Love’ as a Solution – that is not a Solution unless you have a Physical Actual Solution that Assists those that are Physically suffering in this Reality

Darryl: Yeah so the question is: how can you love someone you’ve wronged? You know?

Bernard: And you’re continuing to ‘wrong’ them, because you’re continuously focusing on those things that will harm those that don’t have- that don’t have the opportunity to have – you will continuously be stuck with the point.

For instance if you take the “Law of Attraction”, you’re “attracting” the “best for All” – but I mean your attraction does not happen automatically, it requires Action. Now what about those that are not in a position to actually apply this Action? – they are the ones that you are disregarding, that you’re harming so you can benefit – you’re not considering their disadvantage.

Darryl: And not only that justify their suffering as "their choice."
Bernard: Yeah I mean absolutely - but nevermind the Polarity that you actually activate when you participate in – let’s just forget about that.

I mean “I stand for Love - I stand for Oneness – I say in the ‘Now’ is the answer!”- but the Now is represented by the Physical Reality - not by your Mental Reality – your Mental Reality is only your now – it is not the now of everyone –the now of everyone is the Physical reality as it exists now –that’s the point that requires direction – that is the point where the true Image and Likeness of every human being is reflected in what is being allowed – that is our Enlightenment , that is the point in the point we will face in the Physical Now-

Who of these” great lovers of life” will stand in the Physical Now? I’d say not one, not one will be able to stand through the Physical Now and say the same thing –there is not one being in Existence. That will not change for Eternity due to the Physical Now. What created the demons in Existence –was the Physical Now - the experiences they had in the Physical caused them to become demons because there was no support in the Physical . Now they’re called ‘mentally weak’ – no. What is it?

The bottom line is: they got to a point which exists in every single being in existence that got to a point where they just could take no more – now imagine us all being driven to that point of ‘taking no more’ just to make a decision what’s best for all in the Physical now –then we’ll have Oneness – not Equality yet –
So I suggest stopping all this deception based on a Mental Projected Oneness, a Mental Projected Now, a Mental Projected Love that does not considering or that do actually look at the points that is relevant to the Physical Now as it is playing out right now

If we have that point sorted out – we will have ‘Heaven on Earth’ - with practical purposes – then we can worry about the mental condition of each one.

But have a look at the tension, the fear, the anxieties, the discontent, the depressions – how many things will be removed if the Physical Now is effectively supported from the perspective ‘love thy neighbor as thyself’ in a Physical reality and have a look: Neighbors don’t love each other –

What is more interesting is maybe the laws should’ve said – ‘Love your brother and your sister and your family as yourself’- that doesn’t exist, that’s where the greatest conflict exist –why? Because everybody knows each other and according to that, they judge each other - and now they hold each other for eternity in that judgment because you did one thing that they regarded as ‘unacceptable’ you must be held ‘accountable’ for eternity – which is why we say Self Forgiveness is going to be necessary from the perspective that one is actually be willing to judge and keep within ‘containment’ or within a Mental Prison those around you just based on some events - instead of looking at the Principle of the Physical Reality and what is required to sort out this point- which is simply Self Honesty, Self Forgiveness and then a Practical Common Sense Solution on how to Direct the Physical Now where it is Best for Everyone and Everyone’s Needs out of it, actually.

Makes Sense?

Darryl: Oh yeah

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  1. I think this is pretty cool. I think this is part of what is right on and cutting edge.. paradigm shifting, which must evidently be surprising to everyone. Since we all start out as infants, we have this innate belief in our own innocence, typically. It is a hard thing to dismiss for a higher cause. Yet, our "innocence" is (seems) the very thing that we fall back to when we wish to condemn the other. How we can dismiss this territorialism and drawing of lines is a mystery in the large scope, unless some comparable truth is placed side by side with the 'money deception'.. and that is the crux, the pearl, is it not? I think recent growths in understanding about Consciousness and sound and connections to patterns in nature might hold the key. By that I mean we survive in a "mind-matter" connection (addiction), and Consciousness should be connected (as in belonging) with aspects of higher nature (realizing our own Fibonacci sequencing, for example, or 432 Hz wavelength attunements.. which is all amazing).. Since it is a 'human fail' I think gratitude is deserved for good souls now or long dead who have borne the heaviest weight of the "long night".