Wednesday 26 February 2014

Day 534: The Physical NOW and Money – The Money Religion – Part 1

holy-money-440x330 Bernard: Ok so what are we looking at?

We’re looking at how the Mental – which is that which can change – is controlling the Physical -- that which cannot change. So in some of this you have to establish what is it that One cannot change.

For instance: you need to eat, to Live - you cannot change that, that’s a Physical Reality. But on a Mental Reality, Money is something that can be changed – you can change the rules of Money because it’s a mental concept that’s just been placed into the Physical. It is not necessary for it to control the Physical - yet it’s fascinating that which can be changed which is Money, has power over that which cannot change – which is the Physical –to the degree that it kills that which is in the Physical, which is Real – while the Money which is that which can change - which is not Real in this Reality - has power over that which is Real which is fucked up. We have to really address this fucking point, it’s like very deceptive

Darryl: It’s like the way it’s become fixed in people’s minds-

Bernard: I mean it’s fixed in the mind, it’s still a Mental Projection, still a Mental condition, it’s still a condition of ‘fixation’ – and what is fixation but control – I mean it’s obsession.

Look at how Money is the thing that has and is busy destroying that which is Real – while Money is Not Real - Money is something we can give any value to - we decide the value. So we can replace the Money with any form of value, any form of rule –but we cannot replace the Physical or we fucking destroy.

Darryl: so what is this thing that Money distorts, it disfigures the human

Bernard: I would say it’s the whole point of the ‘belief’ that money is real and that there’s nothing you can do about changing the fact about how money works. That in itself is that Money is actually a religion – and anyone – which is everyone basically in existence – that walks around with money in their pocket, in essence is deceptive because you’re protecting that money which isn’t real, and you’ll kill for that money which isn’t real - you’ll kill that which is Real which is the Physical.
From where I’m looking, every person on Earth is a murderer just because they're participating in the Money System.

Every person that dies due to a lack of money makes those with money in their pocket a murderer.

Darryl: So we’re all as accessories to the crime

Bernard: All as accessories that is then dishonest- that have been placed before existence and why the shit will be so extensive to be faced – is because the dishonesty is so extensive. And their dishonesty is in very basic points but they are the pillars of our society - they are that which drives all decisions and that which is taken as if it is the gospel – without actually doing anything about considering that it could be the very cause of our problems.

Fuck, if one consider just changing One Point – the Money System in terms of what the Money System represents and the rules that governs it which brings in then the Basic Principle of the Support of Life – you change so many things within the experiences of so many beings and you’re actually announcing Choice – if that is the thing that is important – but not only that, you’re grounding that Choice to everyone, instead of having control over the choices because you have control over the Money - because how can Free Choice exist as long as Money Control exist ?

What is more surprising is: why the Church has not promoted or Religions?
The masters that’s been on this Earth - the spiritual masters - why they not promoted a Practical Physical Solution which is so simplistic in Assisting everyone on Earth, why they only promoted Mental Solutions which is not real. That’s the very reason why Love is not real, because Love that is real will seek a Practical Solution that removes the suffering from the paths of every one – I mean, that I would say is God- if such a thing could ever exist in a fucked up reality like this –
Darryl: but we consider god as something that punishes ‘infinitely’…

Bernard: But that punishment happens in the principle of whether you’re rich or poor’ – take your money away and you’ll feel shit and you’ll say ‘god is punishing you ‘– but the money wasn’t even real in the first place because money only follows the rules you’ve given it - so you’re fucking with yourself.

Darryl: Well yeah I mean, the set up is this, I mean, you have to buy your survival and there doesn’t mean to be a way around that in this technological…

Bernard: the New World Order is offering a solution if one would consider for instance an Equal Money System that is ‘chip-based’ which will be very easy to actually move around a Value System which is an exchange system between people to make sure that everyone is actually Supported and fed and has got a place to stay –

Darryl: so the ‘shift’ is from a Value of Money to a Value of Life.

Bernard: Value of Life – if you change the rules that define the way Money moves and works - I mean then money becomes ‘my-needs’ everyone has needs, those needs are Physical that means if they are not fulfilled, the person will actually have a Physical effect which can be as much as them dying from starvation – that means that ‘my-needs’ are Real – therefore the purpose of Money is to fulfill ‘my- needs’ at a personal level, at an individual level for everyone - so everyone’s got an Equal Choice. That does not mean everyone’s got an Equal Expression or Equal Creativity – it only means everyone is Supported in their Basic Needs with ‘my-needs’ which is Money.

Darryl: well I suppose if everybody took responsibility for the needs of everyone we wouldn’t need money -
Bernard: that would be farfetched because you’re still bound by space-time, you’re not going to be able to take care of everyone’s needs in a space-time reality – we’re all bound by time.

Space-time is a Real Reality and within that, you’re limited in what you can do in every Breath – therefore a conveyer, a method that Supports Life is Valid – from the perspective of Directing the Interaction, the communication, the Inter Support as a Value System – and if that Value System must be Money, the rules of that Money must be such that it Supports Every One Equally – so that Everyone’s got Equal Choice, Equal Freedom, Equal Application, Equal Opportunity – although all of that is not valid from the point of Equality, it’s Valid from the point of Equal Availability – doesn’t mean everybody’s gonna utilize it to an Equal Effectiveness – that is only an Interim Solution because then one can focus on the point of Equality - which is where One take One - everyone in Existence as they’re born generation after generation to the optimum expression in terms of their ability within Communication, Linguistics, Skills – all of the points that is relevant. But now you have an Equal Value System that supports the development of Equality in a Practical Physical Way.

Now you have Really Oneness – because you’re standing within the Money System as a Physical Practical Example of Oneness which supports what you want for everyone else as well. Now you are ‘loving your neighbor as yourself - you have satisfied all the basic spiritual laws and rules in existence. Just with money and changing the rules how Money is used or directed or understood within our Social Structure and our Economic Structure and your Basic Society.

Without one substance, we can take something that is not real based on laws and so on –which is Money - and we make it real that is has a Real Physical Effect: Best for Everyone.

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