Saturday 8 February 2014

Day 531: The Real God Creating Disease – Unlocking the Next Level in the Mind – Part 2

Continuing from the previous blog Day 530: The Real God Creating Disease - Sick from a Thought – Part 1:

The One that’s Programmed to be your Mate or the One you’re supposed-to ‘Sleep’-with or have a ‘One-Night-Stand’-with = that’s all Pre-programmed, even your One-Night-Stands: Your Touches, your Words you’re Speaking – Every Single Thing is Pre-programmed-Stimuli, it runs between the Unconscious, the Subconscious and the Conscious.”


In the Subconscious is where you have your ‘Personality-Designs’ – there you have a ‘little-bit’ of Freedom: You can Design Variations of the Design, because at the End of the Day = the Actual-Design of your Personality, will be Controlled by the Unconscious-Mind, through Electrical-Impulsing of the System Stepping-Forth in Moments of – what you would call: ‘Now’ - something happens ‘Now’ – not Here –the ‘Now’ is the ‘Here’ of the Unified Field, is not Really Presence – it’s ‘Pre-Programmed Presence’.

It (the ‘Now’) exists as the Conglomeration of All-Past, All-Future and All-Present, All-Lives ever Lived and All-Lives yet to Live = is All existent in-You, Right-Now: All of that, as- and in-You as the Physical and in and as the Unified Field.

And All of this busy-Moving according to a Programmed Role-out of Stimulus, Electrical-Impulsing, Magnetic-Impulsing – whatever you want to call-it = All of that – Stimulated through the various-Senses that carry the Electrical-Impulses.

Your Thoughts, thus - when you have it and it comes-up – it’ll either, if it’s a Singular-Thought – you’ll find that it’ll normally have a Value of either Impression or a Value of Action or a Value of sudden-Realisation that suddenly you will Feel you ‘Know More’, which means another ‘Part’ of your ‘Knowledge-Base’ that has been Pre-Programmed opens-up and it takes-you into your Next-Experience, which is then: “So, Oh, good, so ‘cool’” – so that you can Believe you’ve come to that Realisation, yourself. For instance: What is it? It’s about ‘Acceptance’. If you look at it in ‘Christianity’ it’s Very, Clearly Shown ‘how it works’ in Christianity, because:
“Jesus must be accepted as your Saviour” – I mean, the Point is there, it comes-up, you start to look at-it, the Stimuli comes-in, you suddenly have an Experience.
The Experience is either driven through ‘Thought’, ‘Visual-Impact’, ‘Perspectives’ – whatever the Program is set to be – they’re not the same for Everyone, Everyone’s is like, Unique -then you open-up to an Experience which you Feel, which is Energy – comes from your Own Program, it’s already Stored the Energy – then, according to that – you accept Jesus as your Saviour, the Whole-thing opens-up the Next Layer – it’s like playing a game on a Playstation - where you go through the Various ‘Levels’ until you have ‘Jackpot’, because the Whole-Design is a, like a ‘Game’, like a ‘Casino’.

But In-it, it had an ‘Intent’: The Intent was to Enslave-you to this kind- and type-of Experiences for Eternity so that you can accept God as more than you.

So that the Whole-Point of ‘The Image and Likeness of God’, the equality-Point – can be Dismissed, and Mismanaged = which is what happened.

Now – when we go to your Subconscious in terms of your Personality-Designs – those, you’ll Find, will depend on your Environment = Always. You’ll be a specific kind of Personality – depending on the Environment you’re in, and at some-Points, there will be Stimulus in your Environment that now indicate you’re finished with this Game – you have to go to another-one, and you’ll Find, suddenly, you can’t Do-something.

For instance: You have a Relationship in-front of you, and you can’t go into-it. You just ‘Can’t’. You just had-Enough, and you just want-Out, and you just ‘Do’-it – you Act in that Moment:
That is then, where you are Specifically-‘Impulsed’ to Change your Environment, and you then go-into the Next-Phase of your Experience.
Obviously, from your-Perspective, you Believe that is Choice = go and have a look Again: It’s Always something that Follows an Impulse. It Follows a Build-up of Energy.

It is Never You, Directing the Situation.
It is Never You – Actually making the Choice.

The Choice is Already-made = in your Pre-Programming. You are simply Following and you can do Nothing about that, because you don’t even know Where to Begin to Look for What the Fuck is Going-On – Okay.

Now – All of This – is ‘Following Relationship-Lines’, ‘Symbols’, ‘Following Resonances’ – it ‘Emits’ a ‘Signal’. You’re like a Fuckin’ Radio-Station that sends-out Signals: You can walk down the street, on the Pavement and somebody walks past-you and you have a Thought in your Mind that you’re looking-at = that Thought Emanates from-you, Stimulating the Person that you don’t know from a ‘Bar of Soap’, walking past-you to Immediately have an ‘Insight’ - another ‘Program’ opens - and that Person in their life Continues = and they Thought they had a Divine-Intervention. While it was just what? An Energy-Impulse that opened the Next Layer of Experience, which was Programmed – and you Walk Into-it =
you Always Walk Into your life. Your life is Always Prepared for-you – have a look: You Never Design your Own-life, and therefore = the Moment you have to Design your-Own life – you’ll Run-Away – you will always look at Where you can ‘Walk Into-it’’, where it’s already done For-you. If you have to do-it, you’ll just Find-yourself Absolutely-unable to Actually Design your life and you will just be Stuck.
Always look at the Points where Everything is there to Support You. I mean – Human-Beings, they are Programmed to Not, Actually, Ever be Aware.

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